Google TV Devices Coming This Month, Says Intel


We’ve heard the stories about Google TV coming in the fall (hell, Google themselves gave us a window when they announced it back at Google I/O), but Intel’s ready to drill that Fall window down into a month: September. According to their Paul Otellini, the launch of Google TV (devices) is sleeping right under our noses and we should expect that beast to wake up sometime this month.

Google TV Home

This doesn’t mean we’re close to being able to go out and buy a box for our existing setups: he could very well be referring to Sony and one of their Bravia models that will come with Google TV preinstalled. This would put that off the radar of a lot of folks not looking for a new TV, but nothing is confirmed on who will bring what to the table this month. What do you guys hope it will be? (The Logitech Revue is also a confirmed Autumn device, if you haven’t heard.)

[WSJ via Electronista]

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  1. Keep Posting, Liked A Lot & Thumbs Up For The Post!

  2. I hope its a set-top box (like the Logitech Revue). I’m planning on getting one (pending price points). But I’m definitely not in the market for a new TV right now…and I imagine that is the case for most Americans during this recession.

  3. logitech revue looks interesting – as long as it can be used with a proxy so i can watch (i’m an expat and i need my f1 fix!)

  4. I like the Revue, but i hope they add rca in/out jacks as my parents dont have a fancy new tv with HDMI. I would love to buy them the Revue since they watch alot of netflix movies but without rca jacks it would be a waste of money.

  5. I am hoping for the box. I want this BAAAAADLY GOTTA HAVE IT:)

  6. I want the Revue or a sony box (if they are making one). Not ready to replace my current hdtv yet.

  7. sony may rush it out to give them some exclusiveness for a bit but Google is ramping it up to compete with apple tv before the market is saturated with those. definitely couldnt afford a new bravia but i’d pre-order a set top box.

  8. Any chance Sony will reverse the update that killed alternate OS on the PS3 and add Android\Google Tv that way?

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