NOOK for Android Updated to Version 2.2 with New Features


nook_android-300x59NOOK is getting another update for Android, this time to version 2.2 of the software that has already seen several new APKs dished out over the past couple of months. The latest version of the app for accessing the Barnes & Noble eBookstore and its over one million titles adds in QuickActions to provide pop-up menus for certain items such as eBook selections in the library with common tasks such as “Details,” “LendMe,” “More By,” and “Buy Now.”

The reader has become more customizable and several options have been added to improve the overall experience, including more line spacing and margin options, the ability to turn text justification on and off, and an improved settings screen. The option is also present to hide the status bar during reading. Typical bug fixes and performance enhancements are also present.

Download the app by snapping the QR code below:


[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Thought this was about the nook e book reader getting updated to froyo. How disappointing

  2. I see this on my Droid, can’t “flash” the QR. Please provide the link too. Thanks!

  3. Grrrr, what if im reading this with my phone. i thought this is an blog about android PHONES…

    Can i see any link to the market? Everywhere the same, slowly all the blogs could understand this little detail…

  4. Heh, yeah. I think you should make the QR code graphics as links as well. That way anyone surfing the site on their phone can tap the QR code rather than go into Quantum Mode and have the phone take a picture of itself. :P

  5. I tried several ereaders on my droid. Laputa seems to be the most user friendly. The fact that you have to log into the nook app is annoying. I would have preferred that to be an option if you want to use the store or sync with the “nook”. Laputa doesn’t make it terribly easy to import personal epub files, but it is there.

  6. I wish the app would sync up to my nook like the website says its going to do…

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