HTC Desire’s Froyo Upgrade for O2 Went Live, Then Pulled Due to Issues


According to reports by TechRadar, O2 UK had officially begun pushing out the upgrade to Android 2.2 for some of their customers earlier this morning. O2 confirmed that the upgrade is ready for consumption, but they had to halt the process of pushing it out after they received reports of some users having problems with installation. The issues O2’s been tipped off to include the device freezing on the O2 boot up screen after installation as well as browser stability issues (for those who were able to get the upgrade installed just fine).


Have you been one of the unlucky few to be faced with any of the above issues?

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  1. It´s the same in Germany. First reports indicated that users with the new SLCD-displays had the problems. But later it seemd like it is a general problem.

  2. let me guess, those with problems have a carrier bastardized rom, and those with vanilla desires have no problems at all….that should tell them something, why waste the time and effort.

  3. how about some 2.2 for USCC? PLEASE?

  4. wtf, O2, the carrier who were a month late to the Desire party getting their Froyo out before Orange? Sigh.

  5. I downloaded the RUU upgrade when it was leaked and I’ve had no problems whatsoever.

  6. The O2 specific RUU that is. Seriously, that one works fine, glad I went for it now.

  7. Now it seems like it could have been the new SLCD-displays again. There are speculations that O2 forgot to integrate the driver for the new display.

  8. hey iMagineThis1 should be late september or early october if not by the end of the year for the USCC desire :)

  9. I grabbed the unbranded ROM when it was out and it was fine (got my handset from O2 before the SLCDs started rolling) and it was pretty much fine. Enough to convince me that the Desire still doesn’t have nearly enough ROM for a decent number of applications, anyway! JuiceDefender users also take note — there’s a problem with HTC phones running Froyo so this delay might be a good thing for your battery life.

  10. Yawn…give me HSPA+!!

  11. I upgraded yesterday morning and had no problems during or after the installation process.

  12. @ the fake butt pickle Mensahwatts are you that much of a fake dummy that you have to use my name?¿

  13. Hey, I have a friend with a Desire from USCC – I have an EVO from Sprint. I have quite a few update options for firmware, PRL, etc. I don’t see that in her Desire, am I not looking in the right place?

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