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Ah, Target, you provide a near-WalMart-like selection at reasonable prices without the social stigma of And now you are giving us an Android app? That’s just too kind. The new Target app for Android provides users with the ability to look up items and check stock at their local stores, then get directions right down to the aisle to retrieve your goods. You can also view your weekly ad for deals at the store and get the low down on clearance items. For now a third area of the app covers college essentials for this back to school time of year.

The app also includes a barcode scanner for looking up the price of an item, though it does not feature the same sort of price comparison functionality of other barcode apps. Fair enough, this one stays pretty focused on Target. It might not have the most uses in the world, but if you frequently find yourself shopping among their aisles of red, it might be worth checking out. Snap the QR below.


[via Android and Me]

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  1. I like Target

  2. I would like to request that all qr codes from this point forward double as hyperlinks. For those of us reading on our phone it would make life much simpler.

  3. When you choose to “share” a deal, it doesn’t key-in to Android’s built-in “share” menu, unlike virtually every other app. Weird.

  4. Avoid this app they are a discriminatory company

  5. Great for me! I like Target, but it’s kind of a long drive from my house. Now I can check if they have something in stock before hucking myself all the way over there.

  6. This is cool! I was just using the mobile site the other night and it worked ok but wiill definately check this out right now.

  7. I’m with therob hyperlinks please

  8. It is kind of hilarious that a news site for android doesn’t have its its main page optimized for mobile phones.

    +3 on the URL’s to pretty much everything.

  9. Targets prices aren’t reasonable if you’re going to compare them to Walmart lol. You pay to avoid the PeopleofWalmart lol. It is still better than department stores and sometimes I actually find better stuff there.

  10. Really like the idea of finding out which isle something is in. This kind of thing would be great for supermarkets. Put in your shopping list, and the app tells you where everything is and automatically gives you any coupons so the cashier can scan your phone.

  11. I like Target the store.

    I hate Target the company ever since they decided to throw their money at elections:

    Hopefully they’ll quit trying to buy politicians and then I can start shopping their again…


  12. @TheRob

    Hear, hear! I will then be able to get rid of the elaborate setup of mirrors I have that allows me to scan the QR code. ;-)

  13. Haha, not hitting this page from my phone right now, but totally agree on linking the QR codes.

  14. @Richard and @John: Blow me! Whoever the CEO donated to has zero to do with the products and pricing available at the store, or how nice that store is. I don’t mix my politics and my commerce, and I can’t stand whiny little snots, all puffed-up on their moral superiority, who do!

  15. Yeah, what JaylanPHNX said!!

    @john & @Richard – Keep your worthless left-leaning opinions to yourself. Target doesn’t need your measly $$. TROLLS!

  16. We pronounce it “Tar-shjay” :)

  17. Nice, there is a Target just around the corner. This will come in handy near xmas..etc.

  18. This is cool. My Christmas shopping just got a lot easier.

  19. I like Target, but Amazon is much better and they have an app too!

  20. @Eddie and Jaylan True you don’t mix commerce with politics, but look at the ppl who do. If you have to make a statement against the CEO of Target, then a boycott or picketing is warranted.

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