Angry Birds Lite Beta Now in the Market


It’s Friday, and just as promised, Angry Birds Lite has made its way into the Android market in beta form. As I sit here typing this, I can’t actually download and play the game as my phone’s charging port is a bit borked. Once I get back from Best Buy with a brand new EVO, however, I’ll be sure to take the long-awaited and much-anticipated game for a spin (and I may even throw it on video, for your pleasure). In the meantime, go try it out for yourself by searching for “Angry Birds” in the market!

[Update]: It appears some of you on Froyo-based ROMs might not be able to see the app in the market. As I’ve been able to confirm from three different sources (including my friend Andrew at Androinica), it’s not showing up for anyone running CyanogenMod6 (EVO, Sprint Hero, and the Nexus One). It is, however, showing up for 2.1 devices and for Nexus Ones running the official Android 2.2 build. Hopefully it’s just a small roadbump that’ll be resolved shortly.

If you can’t find it, be sure to leave a comment with your device, whether or not you have a custom ROM installed on it, and – if so – which ROM that is so we can pinpoint the issue.



[Thanks, Mike!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not available on Sprint Hero running CM6…anyone got an apk?

  2. QR doesn’t work

  3. doesn’t show up in the market for me…

  4. not on HTC wildfire

  5. Doesn’t show up for me, either. Captivate

  6. Crashes on Evo

  7. so im guessing 2.1 only would of been nice if you had stated this so i didn’t 1 get my hopes up and 2 waste my time looking for it.. stupid sony se x10 yet another reason to hate this phone….

  8. Just received the email for this, but I can’t find it in the market!

    – Samsung Vibrant

  9. Works great on Droid 1. If you go to their twitter, it says if it doesn’t work (Especially EVO Users) restart your device or try opening it a few more times.

  10. post apk please?

  11. Plus, I have the bugless beast rom on my Droid 1 and it is there.

  12. Same here. Not showing up on Cyanogen mod Froyo Hero ROM. Anyone with the apk? Send to [email protected] Thanks.

  13. Sorry, can not find it.

    Model: LG GT540
    resolution: 320×480
    android version: 1.6
    no custom rom

  14. stock vibrant… not finding the game

  15. Q code doesn’t work.
    Not available on the market.
    HTC Incredible Cyanogenmod 6.0.1

  16. CM6 Evo, not finding it :/

  17. Eris running KaosFroyo v.32…can’t find the app :(

  18. also stock Vibrant, …not there

  19. Opens and then crashes on HTC Incredible on Froyo.

  20. Apparently it is available for phones running Froyo :(

  21. bleh.. crashes at loading screen on dinc

  22. Stock Vibrant rooted. Not there.

  23. CM6 on G1, not showing up.

  24. Can’t find it on Droid Eris v2.1

  25. Stock vibrant…..not working

  26. Stock Captivate, not showing in the market.

  27. Stock Captivate…not there

  28. Not showing up in Market with Sprint Hero w/ official 2.1 update. Also tried scanning barcode and says no item could be found in the Market.

  29. CM6 on Sprint Hero, not available :(

  30. stock vibrant….does not appear

  31. I have stock Samsung Vibrant and it does NOT appear in the market…

  32. Can’t find it on my stock Vibrant.

  33. Isn’t on the market place for HTC Wildfire

  34. So why has this game gotten so much attention?

  35. I found it just find with my nexus running cyanogen mod 6

  36. CM6 on mt3g – Not there. Humph!

  37. What is it?

  38. nexus 1 cm6 downloaded installed and played

  39. CM5.0.8 on G1 not showing up

  40. Stock Captivate – fail…

  41. Not found in marketplace on a rooted Hero with Fresh loaded.

  42. Crashes on my Dinc after splash screen too.

  43. crashes on loading..droid 2.2

  44. HTC Hero running FroydVillain (1.4.4) and cannot see the app on the market.

  45. Shows up and runs fine on my Droid running BB v0.4. Friends with stock Aria’s cannot find it in market and the QR doesn’t work either.

  46. Stock Captivate, nowhere to be seen…
    I sent an email to the developers to see if there is an issue from their end, or maybe on the market end…

  47. Works flawlessly on Desire!

  48. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 stock2.1, cannot find in market
    Sony X10 1.6, cannot find in market
    Htc Hero running 2.2 Cronos Froyo, cannot find in market

    Only finding this 1 shitapp called Angry Pissed Birds :P

  49. Rooted Captivate: Not there either normally or airplane mode+WiFi.

  50. Samsung Vibrant
    Running Eugene Vibrant6
    NOT in Market as well!!

  51. Stock Vibrant… not finding the game

  52. Crashing stock EVO. And yes, I’ve restarted both phone and app multiple times.

  53. CM6 RC1 mytouch not showing up

  54. Not there. CM6 Eris :(

  55. if you cant find it ie CM6 use appbrain have it install on cm6 on my hero.

  56. I dont understand how they can make millions of dollars off of this game but not “afford” to buy most android devices to test it. (Incredible, EVO) that so many people are having crashes on.


  57. Everytime I try to install it on my Droid X with Android 2. 2, it says install unsuccessful.

  58. Comes up okay on my HD2 running Shubcraft

  59. use appbrain its there installs runs fine on 2.2 CM6

  60. Running great on Desire.

    Brad: You know what a beta test is, right?

  61. It DOES show up for (official) Froyo-toting HTC Desire, and works great.

  62. N1 running stock 2.2.
    Really enjoying this. Can’t wait for the full version.

  63. CM 6 on Droid 1, found it in the market!

  64. Not showing up on htc incredible running cm6

  65. No dice on HTC Incredible running Cyanogenmod 6.0.1.

  66. not showing up on samsung galaxy s (uk) running stock 2.1, qr isn’t pulling it up either

  67. Cant find in the market on Samsung Galaxy S running 2.1. Also scanned the code with goggles, and says it cannot be found…

  68. Not showing up for me either,

    Have a Motorolla Dext with MOTOBLUR,
    Android 1.5

  69. Samsung Acclaim running stock 2.1 can’t find it…

  70. Not in the market on HTC Legend running 2.1 :-(

  71. I see Angry Birds Lite available in the Market using my FRG22D DROID1. The application is fairly large at 11.1MB.

  72. Galaxy S (UK) – No custom ROM – Not showing on Market.

  73. It shows up fine for me on my N1 with CM6

  74. not seeing it in the market. samsung moment / sprint / 2.1

  75. Shows up on my Desire 2.1 and works a treat!

  76. cant find it on the market, but i went on the app brain website and downloaded it. they sent the app to my phone, and it installed, but then force closes whenever i open it.

  77. rooted stock rom – Vibrant
    can’t QR code fails & search of the market fails.

  78. not showing up on moment running RF 1.8.22

  79. Stock 2.1 vibrant, rooted, not showing in market

  80. you can find it at appbrain. but not allow to download……

  81. Vibrant, Not there! Emailed them and let them know.

  82. I have a vibrant Galaxy S on T-mo, 2.1, I don’t see it in market.

  83. HTC Droid Eris 2.2 Froyo – Not found in market

  84. Not found on Samsung Captivate.

  85. If you restart your phone and open the game several times it will eventually open up. Once it does get past the loading screen works and looks fantastic on stock Evo 2.2.

  86. Crashes on loading screen. Stock Incredible with Froyo OTA

  87. Running official 2.2 on a Nexus One, installed and played the game, works flawlessly — no noticeable difference from the iPhone version. Very happy to finally see some quality games coming to Android devices.

  88. Cliq with 2.1 leak no showing up.

  89. Stock Captivate (ATT) no dice (12:05pm EDT)

  90. not showing up on Cellular South Hero, stock 2.1

  91. Evo here, shows the loading screen then crashes. I want my angry birds!

  92. Doesn’t show up in Market app, but does show up in AppBrain market app. However, selecting it in AppBrain just tells me that it couldn’t be found (weird). Samsung Captivate.

  93. Unable to see it on the market with my EVO cm6 rom.
    Found this link on twitter. Gratz to who ever uploaded it.

  94. Stock Vibrant.
    No Go in Market.

  95. doesn’t show up on incredible running cm6 6.0.2

  96. CM6 HTC evo , not showing up in Market

  97. Rooted Cliq running 2.1, not there!

  98. Can’t search for it or use the QR code or install via appbrain on a AT&T Captivate.

  99. APK

    For you all to enjoy! I dont normally do this, but since this game is so enjoyable:

  100. Bugless Beast JH2 Captivate.

    Tried emulating several providers while searching market.

    Does not show up.

  101. Not in the Market on my Droid Eris (non-rooted, 2.1).

  102. Not showing on G1 (neither with android 1.6 or 2.1).

  103. Got it on N1 running froyo

  104. Somebody that can get it post the APK so we can all try.

  105. Cannot find on G1 running 1.6

  106. Please post a mirrror of the apk. Mediafire seem to be overloaded or file not available or something

  107. Not showing up on son x10mini 1.6

  108. Droid Inc. 2.2 playing it right now

  109. nevermind, its started downloading now :)

  110. Stock Samsung Moment, not showing up in market

  111. Stock Vibrant.

    Does not appear in market, BUT I downloaded the APK from the mediafire link

    and it works great!!!! Stock Vibrant 2.1

    Thank you DUSTY!!!

  112. Not showing up- sony x10mini

  113. does not show in app market- Samsung Captivate

  114. can’t find it on the legend either. :(

  115. was able to play once now cant get past the loading screen. Droid INC 2.2 rebooted app and phone twice

  116. Works and looks great on Droid X 2.1 Very addictive!!!

  117. Rooted Samsung Captivate.
    Doesn’t show up in market.
    Downloading from mediafire now.

  118. Not shown in Market. Samsung Moment running noobnl’s Radioactive FroYo 1.8.22.

  119. I see it on N1 running CM6, but it crashes during install. Might be related to it being downloaded on hospital wi-fi so I’ll have to try again when I get home.

  120. runs smoothly on my Dx and looks great too. Love it.

  121. Works great on Droid X, fun game too.

  122. not in market on cliq-ROM barely blurred-Android 2.1

  123. Not on motorola backflip

  124. I have the apk from the link someone posted (wont show up in marketplace on Acer Liquid E on Rogers network in Canada) and when I go to install it it tells me “Angry Birds can’t be viewed free up some space on your phone and try again”. I have 43.46MB free on the phone as I type this.

    Phone is running android 2.1 (Eclair) on Acer Liquid E.

  125. AT&T N1 running CM6 on Rogers– it’s showing up for me and working fine.

  126. Samsung Moment 2.1-update 1 doesn’t show up in the market..when scanning it doesn’t find anything either..

  127. How big is it? I downloaded the APK and tried to install it, but my phone (31 MB free) said it’s out of space.

  128. CyanogenMod users are starting to piss me off, most of the negative comments of people not being able to run the game are them, it’s not the devs f*ckin fault for not verifying on a custom firmware and you should be aware that such mod might cause problems, CyanogenMod might be hurting the market with this and making the fragmentation much worse scaring the devs away

  129. Mine was 12mb

  130. Works for Captivate if you have Appbrain Fast Installer on your phone, then go to on your PC, and select ‘Install’, and your phone will correctly download and install it.
    I still can’t find it in the Market or via the Appbrain app (‘The requested item could not be found’), but the fast install works, and I can’t wait for the full version. Only bug so far is that each time you start it, it force closes, but start it again and it works great.

  131. Not showing for Mytouch with CM5.

  132. @Maj, agreed, I’ve also gotten bug reports in the past from custom ROM users, I think this is one of the drawbacks of custom ROMS, they aren’t reliably similar in behavior to a stock OS with many apps.


  133. I have a Evo and it works for me. crashed the first 2 times opened, but now it works fine.

    Really fun game!

  134. HTC Aria – not in market

  135. Not working on Magic 32A running CM6

  136. Cant find it, stock Vibrant


  138. Found it but not working on Incredible with 2.2

  139. Can’t find it in the Android Market. Sprint: Samsung Moment 2.1 Eclair

  140. I got it to work on the eris – rooted 2.2 Nonsensikal 5.4 Blue.

    Couldn’t find it in the market, but downloaded using the link provided and installed. Played up to level 3, so it apprears to be working fine.

  141. Works perfectly on my Incredible running 2.2.

  142. Droid

    I was able to download it off of market but when game play starts it crashes, just exits game back to ADW Launcher. I tried 3 times.

  143. Not showing for me either. HTC Magic 32A running CM6.0

  144. …works like a charm on rooted, 2.1 Milestone. Yaaaa for the Milestone!!

  145. sprint hero, running standard 2.1, no dice. cant find it.

  146. Not showing for HTC Hero. Running latest version of Android available through Sprint.

  147. Doesn’t work on my Incredible with Froyo. Froze at splash screen on first load, so I hit home to get out, then restarted. Now it shows the splash screen for 2 seconds then closes.

  148. For those of you running android 2.2 on the HTC Evo, try moving the game from the SD card to phone. I found that this fixes the force close problem at the title screen. Hope this works for everyone else.

  149. Can’t find it on my galaxy s

  150. works great on Droid X

  151. Cant find on market with my stock Vibrant

  152. D/l’ed APK from XDA (link posted earlier) on Rooted Stock Vibrant – this game is sweet – only issue: phone rebooted while trying to exit the game.

  153. Not showing up in the marketplace.
    -Stock Captivate.

  154. Does not show up in the Market on EVO CM6 but someone from Giz posted the apk. Email it to your gmail account and install right from your inbox.

  155. LG Ally. not found.

  156. Thanks to the people who posted the apk. It works on my CM6 Eris. It runs perfectly, no crashes.

  157. Not in market via QR code or manual search — Vibrant

  158. Cannot find in Mktplace. Motorola Cliq XT.

  159. No-go on myTouch 1.2 with Cyanogen 6 ROM.

  160. MyTouch 3G Slide – rooted
    Not in market, but I did install the apk from a site and the game is tailor-made for bigger resolutions so it is very hard to play on the Slide. I’d imagine it will be the same for other devices with the same screen size (G1, MyTouch, Moment, Intercept, Hero, Eris, etc…)

  161. Shows up on Market for HTC Desire running official Froyo but wont install. Installation exits with “uknown error -18”

  162. Samsung Vibrant, stock 2.1, can’t see it in the market

  163. downloaded the apk using the links people posted in the comments. Works great! Super quick, smooth, no lag, no FC.

    Running on Sprint Hero with Cyanogen 6.0 RC1.

    Runs great!

  164. Sapphire 1.1 Droid, seeing it just fine.

  165. I don’t think it runs on those crap stock ROM’s that the manufactures like to put out..

    Game runs great on EVO running CM6 and its pretty addicting. My first time playing it!

  166. Downloaded the apk with Samsung Moment 2.1..the res is alot larger then the screen and it tends to lock up when showing how the game works or when showing how to use new birds..

  167. It’s not available on my Samsung Captivate either (running rooted 2.1)

  168. @Andrew, I noticed too that it didn’t quite fit on my screen. I didn’t have too much trouble playing, but it didn’t load a lot of the scenery either, so all the platforms were just white.

  169. Droid X and Angry Birds..bliss. Works flawlessly.

  170. cant see it on the samsung moment

  171. Running CyanogenMod6 on the droid and it’s showing up just fine.

  172. no luck finding it with samsung vibrant.. 2.1

  173. Eris running plain old 2.1 and I can’t see it in the Marketplace.

  174. Not showing up on the market for me either. any suggestions welcome

  175. Mediafire is fucked.. can someone mirror?

  176. I got an error message saying there was a problem parsing the package when I sent it to myself over Gmail

  177. No clue with search or QR code with LG Ally. Did not install custom ROM.

  178. not finding it on samsung galaxy s.

  179. Running Froyostone Desire build on my HD2 and it showed up for me.

  180. Working on the myTouch 3g after an AppBrain Fast Web Install… However it is clearly formatted for a larger screen size.

  181. Working Just fine CM6 – Nexus

  182. Cant see it on a Stock Vibrant.

  183. I can see it and installed it and am playing it on my HD2 running froyostone (google it, also unmount your SD card)

  184. Tmobile myTouch 3G CM6 – not found in market.

  185. Not in market for me. Stock rom on Sprint Hero, 2.1 upgrade

  186. Not showing up in the Android Market with T-Mobile (G2-Touch) Hero with official 2.1 update. Netherlands.

  187. Can’t download it on Samsung Vibrant. 2.1 stock rom, but it is rooted.

  188. downloaded this .apk

    and it works perfect on my non rooted 2.1 uk htc hero :-)

    cheers to who ever posted the link

  189. Can’t find it in the market…. HTC Evo running CM6

  190. No show on the Samsung Moment, Android 2.1, Sprint

  191. I got the email but can’t find it on sprint htc hero

  192. Works great on my Moto Droid running standard 2.2. Found easily in Market.

  193. Had to reboot phone multiple times to get it to install but it has finally managed to install (with over 50MB free on phone internal).

    Games looks gorgeous on my Acer (hi res screen) plays well although first time I ran it the game force closed, 2nd run was perfect.

    Very strange to have the install problem though.

  194. Pretty good game actually, I found it pretty good.


  195. I download it and it works for me running cm 6 on nexus one

  196. angry Birds not showing up on my samsung vibrint…

  197. No problem on stock Nexus One.

    Great game, actually looks better on this phone then on my 3GS.

  198. not working for tmobile vibrant

  199. Does not show up in Android market. HTC Hero for Cox Comm. Running 1.5. Not rooted, no special ROM’s.

  200. Running a Vibrant stock 2.1.
    Tried to install through appbrain – says “not found”
    Tried the market – file not found
    Tried the QR code – file not found
    Tried to load the apk from the links provided – said “unable to parse”.
    Rebooted, tried all of the above again – same result..
    So…no go I guess.

  201. downloaded from link on mediafire (link above) and it works fantastic on my stock samsung vibrant… pretty cool game!

  202. I tried reinstalling, moving to phone, restarting and opening multiple times and it still wont work on my stock htc evo 2.2

  203. Coming from a 2.2 EVO… I have found the game will crash ever time unless I “long press” on the center of the screen once the “R” appears and the Angry Birds loading screen does what it does… you should be able to get into the game if you do this! G/L

  204. I just kept moving my fingers on the screen and it worked.

  205. Update…. Press on the Red bird as he comes up, don’t press on the “R” and continue to hold it doesn’t work…. only press on the Red Bird…

  206. droid 2.2 with sapphire 1.1.0

    shows up in market, plays with no problems. fun game too

  207. HTC Incredible with CM6.

    Not found by searching app store or with QR code.

    Installed through, works fine.

  208. I have used to apk, and it simply will not install on CM6. Looks we will have to wait until Cyanogenmod figures it out.

  209. Nexus One, CM6 (2.2 Froyo). Downloads and plays perfectly.

  210. I didn’t find it in the market on my rooted stock Vibrant.

    @Mitch @Dusty Thanks for the apk. Angry Birds works once I reboot my phone after installing.

  211. I have a HTC HERO through COX Comm. and i as well do not see it in the market even when searching for it.

  212. CM6 Nexus One AT&T it is in the market. My productivity has gone downhill all day :)

  213. @Mike … Thanks a lot, that worked for me. Works fine now running Cyanogen 6 on Mytouch 1.2.

  214. Nexus one with CM6 : Showing up and downloading and playing perfectly.
    HTC Magic with CM6 : not showing up
    Galaxy S with stock Eclair : not showing up

    All of them on french mobile operator

  215. Got it! Working fine so far! Lots of fun. Nexus One, non-rooted, Froyo goodness, AT&T! Downloaded via QRC!

  216. Can’t find it, CM6 on HTC Legend.

  217. @Grant— “unable to parse” means you need to remove the %20% that is in the name of the file. Just rename the whole file to angrybirdbeta.apk and you’ll be able to install it.

  218. “Running a Vibrant stock 2.1.
    Tried to install through appbrain – says “not found”
    Tried the market – file not found
    Tried the QR code – file not found
    Tried to load the apk from the links provided – said “unable to parse”.
    Rebooted, tried all of the above again – same result..
    So…no go I guess.”

    I did all the same with my stock 2.1 Vibrant and no dice.

  219. keeps crashing on evo.

  220. No go for me with Cliq.

  221. Can’t find in market either..

    HTC Hero

  222. Not showing up in the market for me.
    HTC Hero on Sprint
    Rooted running Darchstar-2.7

  223. Works perfectly on my HTC Desire with official Froyo.
    Is that really beta version? So far, no any issues detected (could manage up to 4th level though, will work harder as well:)

  224. running on stock Incredible 2.2 with finger trick,stuck on level 8

  225. Cant find it on Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 (480*320 screen) with Samdroidmod.

  226. I have a Hero with Sprint, downloaded the .apk, but when I try to install it, it tells me, “Angry Birds cannot be installed on this phone.” Why is it doing that? :(

  227. Not working on Incredible 2.2. Shuts down after title screen.

  228. Does not show up on Samsung Captivate (no modifications),

  229. HTC Aria, Android 2.1

    It’s not in the marketplace, and all links or barcodes lead to a “not found” notice. Man I’d really love to play it, I hope they get this resolved soon…my wife has it on her iPhone and won’t let me play it!

  230. @reddragon72 Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn’t work. The exact message is “There is a problem parsing the package”.

  231. On the mexican motorola dext rooted with 2.1 doesnt work :(

  232. not found in market
    lg ally, verizon

  233. Why the hell are you guys posting problems here? Send it to the developers so they can fix it.

  234. Stock LG Ally – Did not appear on marketplace, but was able to run without issue from APK posted earlier.

  235. It’s quite good. Not currently suited to the Hero size screen though :P

  236. Stock T-Mobile Vibrant – Not in the Market for me…What the????

  237. Can’t find it, with a Motorola Cliq running Adlx 2.0

  238. oh.. Adlx is an eclair Motoblur rom.

  239. wORKing With Droid 1 CyanogenMod 6 :)

  240. Can’t find it on my Vibrant running 2.1

  241. can’t find it on the samsung vibrant

  242. Acer Liquid E running 2.1 stock = no joy
    Tried searching on the market and using the barcode.

  243. Inc owners, it works, but does appear to crash the first few times it tries to load. After that, it works fine. Played it off and on all day. One of my favorites on the N900 now on the Inc :)

  244. Nope. Droid Eris 2.1 Stock.

  245. Not available on Samsung Vibrant, no custom Rom.

  246. Force close on Incredible 2.2. :(

  247. Can’t find it on Motorola Backflip, searched and scanned the barcode. Got nothin’.

  248. Very addicting… sporadically works with the EVO… can’t wait for the fix!

  249. I’ve found that as soon as the initial screen comes on, if you hold your finger on the screen with the EVO it allows the game to load properly. I’m sure this is a minor fix and will be good to go in no time.

  250. Stock Vibrant, rooted no trace of the game on the market. This is a train wreck but i guess they’ll fix soon……hopefully.

  251. Not working on official 2.1update, Samsung Moment Sprint. :/

  252. works with sony x10, i have used the link that Mitch gave…

  253. It showed up in the market for my Droid X running Froyo, and it runs perfectly, however, it isn’t showing up on my Samsung Captivate running Eclair.

  254. If you hold your finger on the screen while its loading it won’t force close.

  255. Reboots EVO on start-up. Froyo 2.2, non-rooted. Deleted

  256. HD2 with froyo 2.2 after download it says installation unsuccesful :(

  257. installs on incredible but doesnt open.

  258. does NOT work on my stock HTC Desire (netherlands)

  259. doesn’t show up on UK Hero running stock 2.1 (Orange)

  260. cant find it, stock htc leg end

  261. CM6 on N1 and it shows just fine on the market

  262. nope. motorola cliq

  263. Not showing up on market on stock Mytouch 3g, Android 1.6.

  264. not showing up on a GSM Hero running villainrom 12

  265. stock My Touch Slide 3G and it doesn’t show up in the market

  266. can’t find in market HTC Magic

  267. Works well on my stock 2.2 Dinc. Not showing up in market on stock 2.1 Ally

  268. It doesn’t show up in the market on samsung captivate on AT&T.

  269. Not there
    HTC Legend 2.1 Stock

  270. Stock Samsung Galaxy S, can’t find it in market.

  271. Crashes on the HTC Incredible. No force close, it just dumps to my home screen without an error. I see the 2 splash screens, then nothin.

  272. Running great on My Epic 4G!!! I love this GaMe!!!

  273. Nit showing up on samsung captivate.
    Rooted with no custom rom.

  274. Where is that damn 2.1 update for MT3G??

  275. Not found on my mytouch slide, version 2.1

  276. Can’t find it on Cliq Adlxmod 2.0 (Eclair)

  277. Tried manual search, nothing found.
    Tried QR on webpage, nothing found.
    Dont really need it, just mildly curious if it will
    run on this device. Wont buy it or use it long.

    T-Mobile MT3G
    Android Ver. 2.2
    Kernel Ver. 2.6.34-5-cyanogenmod
    shade@toxygene #2
    Mod Ver.
    Build # FRF91

  278. Showed up in the market for Droid 2. Works great!

  279. I don’t know if any of you are aware of this, but if you have AppBrain, search for it on there and use the Fast Web Installer to automatically push it to your device. Worked for me..

  280. @DK are you illiterate? the article specifically requests for those of us having issues to post them, including the device type and os version. don’t be a jackass.

  281. Everyone talks down on the Milestone…guess what? Mine has worked flawlessly. Oh, and Angry Birds has worked like a gem too.

  282. Thanks Mitch. The .apk worked on HTC Hero w/ Android 2.1
    Gameplay seems fine thus far as well.

  283. not available on my touch 3g :-(

  284. Crashes on EVO with Froyo, non rooted.

  285. Not showing up for Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) running 2.1.

  286. Stock Samsung Vibrant, not showing up on the market

  287. Not showing up for me either. G1, Cyanogen 6.0.0-stable

  288. Nothing on Acer Liquid running 2.1 in UK

  289. I can see it in the Market but won’t install on my Desire 2.2.
    I tried the apk file too.
    It gives me ‘Installation unseccessful’ every time.

  290. oh nice, just found the solution to the problem…
    i disabled the sd card. unmount the sd card from the settings.
    it did install perfectly.
    thank God

  291. It wasn’t showing up in the market on my Samsung Vibrant (unrooted)–however, that .apk link from xda works like a CHARM.

  292. Had to install .apk manuel on vibrant, work great but I hope the full game shows up in market when released.

  293. Can’t find it in the Market. Samsung Moment 2.1 Eclair on Sprint.

  294. Not available in Samsung Galaxy S 2.1 (Stock-Movistar Spain)

  295. Cant find it in marked. SE Xperia X10, no custom Rom

  296. Not working on my HD2.

    HTC HD2 running [BUILD][31.08.2010][mattc Leo + Froyo w/Sense 1.7][Kernel: mattc #4]
    Based on the official HTC Desire Froyo update.

  297. Not found on CyanogenMod6 Android 2.2 HTC Magic 32A VirginMobile Australia

  298. Why can’t I find the game in the market on my Captivate? I don’t want to bother with rooting my phone etc for the game

  299. Got the APK installed on my CM6.0-ified G1. Got it to run once, now force closes constantly. I did notice that the game seems to be designed for a higher resolution that the G1 has, as parts seems to hang off the edge of the screen, including the button you’re supposed to tab to get past the intro screen for each level.

  300. Stock Captivate, cannot find it in the market.

  301. CM6 Hero GSM not shown on market.

  302. Samsung moment can’t find it in the market.

  303. Angry birds is not showing up on my Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.1

  304. didnt show up in the market for the moment 2.1 either

  305. Does work nicely on HTC Desire with OS2.2 (Netherlands)

  306. tried installing from appbrain. force closes. -samsung galaxy s, rooted, with CL180 lagfix

  307. Angry birds is not showing up on my Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.1

  308. I’m running CyanogenMod6 on my HTC incredible and I can’t see angry birds in the marketplace at all. I hope they can resolve it soon, I can’t wait to mess around with this game.

  309. I have the Droid Eris with Android 2.1 and cannot find it in the Market??? Unfortunately a friend with the Droid (original, not X) showed it to my kids and they want it!!!

  310. It’s not showing up for me on my 2.1 build HTC Eris either.

  311. can someone upload the apk to another website (e.g. hotfile) thanks :D


  312. Doesn’t show up on LG Ally – Stock

  313. I found it in the market on the DInc froyo

  314. not showing up on motorola dext rooted with 2.1 :(

  315. ths article filled me with glee, come to find it doesn’t show up for htc hero. now I am sad.

  316. LOVE THIS GAME!!! Works perfect on Moto Droid 1 with Froyo

  317. Can’t see it in the market :(
    Google ION running CM6

  318. Downloaded on HTC Evo, and it does not work… I want this game!

  319. Not on market for HTC Droid INC. running stock 2.1

  320. Angry birds is not showing up on my samsung captivate(galaxy s)(sgh-i897)

  321. Sorry about all the issues most of you seem to be experiencing. I downloaded it and am loving it. Droid X

  322. Yo still not on my beast samsung galaxy s VIBRENT …………..wtff lol f fix that plz

  323. CM6 Froyo Liberty (formerly Aria) – not showing up.

  324. Nope nothing showing up, even scanned the code nothing. Samsung vibrant stock

  325. Plays fine on Moto Droid rooted 2.2 no ROM o/c 1.0GHz

  326. Does not show up in Market. QR code for market link does not work. Samsung Captivate, Not rooted. 2.1.

  327. Stock UK Samsung Galaxy S.
    Does NOT show up on Market. Link from AppBrain not found.

  328. Stock UK Samsung Galaxy S.

    Can’t see on market or from the QR code above.

  329. Did someone make it work for LG Ally? –

    Mine is 2.1 version I think (Firmware??) Not sure how to get the Android OS version..

    Help? I really want this game, haha!

  330. It’s not showing up on my T-Mobile G1 running CM6 Stable on AT&T.

  331. stock vibrant is a no go causing sadness…

  332. Can not find on my stock HTC aria (at&t, android 2.1). However, I used the exact same SIM card and was able to download on a Dell Streak (at&t, adroid 1.6).

  333. Not showing up for HTC Hero running 2.1 (update1) on Three UK

  334. Not showing in my HTC Magic running SuperFroyo 6.0 > 6.1
    Does not show up in Market.QR code for market link does not work
    Installed apk….show splash screens and close. No force close, it just dumps to my home screen without an error. I try it in internal memory and apps2sd ( sd memory ) and same problem.

    Thanks for your work.

  335. Works on the HTC Legend, however the screensize is wrong therefore some of the buttons are not visible. It is possible to navigate though because parts of the buttons work. However i must say this is one great game!

  336. no workie. g1 rooted running froyo 2.2
    could not find in market
    manual search in market for “angry birds” also turns up nothing.
    installed the apk manually, got to run once, but now just autocloses once the angry birds screen appears

  337. Will not even install on EVO. Failed installation after over a dozen tries. Useless.

  338. It is not showing up on my HTC Legend

  339. I have the Verizon LG Ally, which is an android. No luck. I search for angry birds, nothing. I scanned the barcode, nothing. Is there something wrong? This phone is brand new, I just purchased it like a month ago.

  340. Not showing up for me.
    HTC Magic Froyo 2.2, Cyanmod 6.0

  341. I’m using stock Mytouch 3G and could not find it on the market but got it for the link someone post before. Its running smoothing albeit a bit slow.

  342. App not showing up in the market: HTC Aria

  343. cannot find on cliq xt either, runnin stock android 1.5

  344. is not showing up on my market for myTouch 3G…:(

  345. Not showing up for me – HTC G2 Touch (Hero) T-Mobile UK running Elelinux 1.8 (Froyo) custom ROM

  346. I have the Samsung behold 2… and i cannot seem to get the app… I even tried to scan the QR code directly and get it tht way… is there any non-market solution?

  347. For all those who want to download this and cannot find it in market…
    Visit get access to and download every app you find online.
    This post talks about how you can download apps that are not available for your country and how to download apps that are not available for your Android OS version.

  348. T-mobile Mytouch. Will not show up.

  349. Not available on samsung galaxy s!

  350. It shows on market but when I ant. To download it it disapears mytouch

  351. Not on Sony ericsson xperia x8 !! even the downloaded one with the apk doesnt work

  352. Not showing up for my HTC Desire, 2.1

  353. Can’t find for Samsung SGH I897

  354. says there is not a compatible version for mytouch 3g when i send the link from getjar to my phone, and if i just go to the market and search it it just doesnt show up. i also tried the barcode on here but it sent my phone to the mark and said no results found. —–mytouch 3g (no 2.2 os update… yet…..)

  355. I have an LG Ally and can’t find the game in the market anymore. I installed it before for the phone but had to replace the phone do to a technical problem. Please advise when it will be in the market again for download. Thanks!

  356. I have LG Ally not showing up in market but friends with same phone and system have downloaded. Not fair how do I get the game?

  357. cant find on Mytouch 3g.

  358. have hd2 clarity 2.2 lunix on phone its a nexus one it downloads but will not install and when u download from computer it doesnt show up on sd card

  359. I got a sansung and I can not get angry birds and the getjar is not supported by my phone unless I root my phone. If I pay that much for a phone I am not going to take a chance in bricking it for an app. I am sure this will not be the only app not supported by samsung. Knowing this I would recommend if you are getting a smart phone do not get anything samsung makes. If you do you will miss a lot of advantages that come with having that type of phone.

  360. not showing up on the sanyo zio

  361. not showing up for Cliq XT stock Android 1.5

  362. not showing for htc hero running 2.1


  364. Not showing in my market running Andriod 2.1 for HTC Hero

  365. why cant i get Angry Birds to install on my cruz reader, no matter what i do it will not install it keeps telling me not enough space no matter how many apps i uninstall

    1. I’m have the exact prob. with my cruz, hope someone has the answer

  366. I have a tmobile my touch 3g and it is not in the market nor does scanning the bar code work

  367. my cliq does not have angry birds in android market

  368. Running KaosFroyo on my Rooted Android HTC Eris (perfectly I might add) and can only find angry bird seasons. Same goes on my un-rooted Comet from Tmobile running stock 2.2 Froyo.

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