Samsung Fascinate’s TV Spot Gets Down and Dirty


We skipped the cookie cutter promotional video that we’ve seen for the other Samsung Galaxy S phones to wait for the actual TV spot for the Samsung Fascinate. Sprint’s Epic 4G spot reminded us of something out of the Halo universe, but Verizon’s Fascinate is all about the action with an explosive vehicle chase. Go ahead and watch it. You know you want to.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Verizon’s marketing message:
    Our badass phones are badass.

  2. I see they continue with their action series of ads. Not that I’m complaining. I loved the scifi ad for the droid x.

  3. The Sequel should be, “This is not a phone for an iTard”

  4. thought i’d point out that this is the only galaxy s commercial that only says galaxy s. it never mentions the name fascinate. the captivate, vibrant, and epic 4g all say their carrier branded names in their tv spots (i.e. the samsumg vibrant by tmobile, a samsung galaxy s phone). this one not so much. i found that very odd.

  5. I don’t find it odd at all. VZW has been sharing pillows with Moto on the Droid line for so long, this is kind of an afterthought phone to them. When the Moto Stingray (or whatever they’re gonna call it… Can you say Droid Pad, or Stormtrooper 10?) comes out, you’ll see Verizon all over it. Then with the Galaxy Tab comes out, it’ll be another snoozer, which is why there are G-Tabs with GSM bands coming. Samsung can’t count on Verizon to really push their stuff because of the special relationship Big Red has with the Big M.

  6. by not marketing their own name pushing samsung is exactly what they are doing. it’s the droid x by motorola, not the motorola droid x. in this add it’s samsung galaxy s period. samsung is taking center stage this way so your theory doesn’t hold water.

  7. did anyone see the epic 4g commercial? Was that a Halo movie clip?

  8. Sprint is missing the boat with their ads, although the ads for the Epic were better than the others, probably because Samsung does the production for the ads. If Sprint were to market the way Vzw does, they wouldn’t be the number 2 CDMA carrier.

  9. Just so everybody knows (and in case you’re living under a rock, which apparently a lot of you are), Verizon didn’t make this ad. This like all the other 3 ads, was done by Samsung, and not the carrier. Seriously, how do people not get that?

  10. @MVTom…false …your incorrect because no matter how you slice the pie Verizon will always be over Sprint because of the better coverage….ain’t noway around that buddy…no matter how you advertise

  11. @Presto117 you are absolutely correct, this is Samsung’s marketing at work.

  12. I work at a Verizon store and we just got the demo Fascinate in and I have to say I am very impressed. Very nice form factor, very light, screen is awesome and it’s a very fast and responsive phone. I think it’s going to be a huge hit.

  13. Galaxy is being built as a brand. We’ll have to wait and see if it takes off. I am glad I got one. Nobody can call me an iTard ever again.

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