The Droid X Runs a Custom ROM, See for Yourself


When cries went out over a locked bootloader and a new-fangled eFuse, many thought we might never see a custom ROM on the Motorola Droid X. The development community, however, took it less a sign of what they wouldn’t be able to achieve and more as a challenge. And that challenge has been fully answered as we now get our first look at the Droid X running a custom ROM.

The ROM in question is the Android 2.2 Sapphire AOSP ROM, and you can see it doing its thang in the below video. There is no instruction set just yet, and if we had to guess we’d say the whole process might be just a bit more involved than your everyday root and ROM. But just like the Droid X went from root to custom recovery software to a custom ROM now getting installed, we are sure full instructions of a simplified process with a stable ROM will be seen very soon.

[via Android Central]

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  1. All the people who said they would pass on the X and D2 simply because of a locked bootloader should STFU from here on out.

  2. XDA to the rescue, take that Motorola.

  3. This is a “custom ROM”, not a real custom ROM. You can change everything, except the kernel. Which means you can change the UI, change the installed apps – but this doesn’t solve the problem when Motorola abandons the device, as you will be stuck with the latest version Motorola released. If they won’t release 3.0 for Droid X, then you won’t have 3.0 for Droid X, as this “custom ROM” is just a update without kernel change.

  4. and it looks like they do some dirty stuff because it’s taking very long to boot the aosp rom! should be much faster on this hardware…

  5. @jo that wasn’t a long boot at all!

  6. @GFY you’re an absolute moron lol. The DX is STILL not as appealing as an EVO or a DROID because as already stated, the only part that matters STILL cannot be changed. While my DROID continues to roll with the punches the DX will reach end of “custom” life long before.

  7. Moto still needs to get 2.2 out for us ASAP. I personally don’t want hacked and modded ROM’s, although I do think it’s great that people take the time to do it.

  8. This is not really very big news. Once they got 2.2 on the X, this was soon to come. I’ll start getting excited again if someone figures out how to work around the signed boot loader to apply a custom kernel… one that isn’t Motorola-signed.
    Unfortunately, I’m not very hopeful that this will ever happen based on what has happened with the Milestone.

  9. Thanks but if I wanted to fight my phone manufacturer tooth and nail for the right to apply custom software I would just get an iPhone 4…GalaxyS phones are still the most hackable and mod friendly high-end devices out there and all their bits are opensource opensource.samsung.com

  10. GFY: Just because it may be possible to install custom ROMS on the DX doesn’t mean that our money isn’t better spent supporting manufacturers that are actually doing it right and not trying to cripple the firmware.

  11. @kennon-guess you missed the parts of the samsung source code that was released in binary or want included as parts belonged to the carrier. Galaxy S phones aren’t much better than current moto phones. I’m very disappointed in motorola. But, I had an SGS for almost four weeks and the DX is a much better device in most respects.

    Bottom line – HTC phones are currently the best to mod. But, I’m super happy we now have custom roms for the DX -even if they don’t have custom kernels.

    Thanks, Birdman!

  12. @Rob. What a twat, you find phones “appealing” because you long gave up on women as its apparent the customization of a phone is so much more important keep on trucking with your awesome unlocked phone while you sit home alone with all the porn you can watch on your Droid….Dbag

  13. @Rob you sound like a tool. Check me out I can totally customize my phone I’m the coolest. You find phones “appealing” cause you probably had to long give up on women seeing as how important phone customization is to you. Keep on rolling with the punches while you sit at home alone watching porn on your unlocked Droid

  14. @rob what a tool find phones appealing cause you had to give up on women. Keep on rolling with the pubches while you sit at home alone with your unlocked phone

  15. @shaneaus I get soo piss when people like u try to convince someone what phone is better then the other. I got the samsung vibrant.. which mean I dont need someone writing to me that the droid x is better.. our phone do the SAME shit but on different models. Just enjoy your fucking phone and shut the fuck up!

  16. O yeah that ugly ass phone can suck my vibrant nuts.. but I wish it well. Lol

  17. @GFY Lol!! Thanks for the good laugh..what are you? 16 TOPS? I’m married with 2 children AND two very happily unlocked phones. Get off my sack because you suckered into a DX and paid into a company that might as well start manufacturing the iPhone. Sit down, son.

  18. Common guys, at least make an attempt to be civil. You’re only hurting Phandroid when you flame and troll (not to mention any chance of being taken seriously).
    We all love Phandroid, so please stop the petty bickering and try to keep the comments constructive.

  19. Wow,

    Was gonna join for info and input, but it feels too much like a flashback to middle school…

    @Rob… Rock on buddy, these kids don’t realize that once you get out from behind your keyboard you need to show the world a little respect…

  20. this is NOT a custom ROM. Kernel remains untouchable… thanks to pranks from motorola. My next phone will be another Android prolly, but sure as hell will not be a motorola.

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