Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 Updated to Android 1.6


It can be easy to get lost in the parade of reports of more recent Android handsets getting upgraded to Android 2.1 or 2.2, but let’s not forget that there are still some devices out there still on 1.5. It’s no Froyo, but O2 Germany’s Samsung Galaxy users (yes, the old Galaxy that we used to actually be excited about back when we were longing for more devices) have finally been stepped up to Android 1.6 (donut). There are some people who don’t care about the latest and greatest version of Android – a lot of people, in fact – so a lot of those Galaxy owners have a lot to look forward to coming from 1.5.


Not only do they get a new Android market and a power control widget, they’ll also be able to take advantage of Google’s speech to text engine (though actual speech to text functionality isn’t built in) and will get access to apps that simply couldn’t run on Android 1.5 (latest Maps, Goggles, and whatever else they can find in the market).

Users can grab the update using Samsung’s PC Studio software as it’s not being offered over-the-air.

[O2 via The Unwired]

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  1. #fail

  2. Such a fail – not only Samsung is as much failure as it can get with this phone, but that ‘news’ is few months outdated – as far as I remember, there was an official release back in March and the leak was one month before that. You’d better write a news about GAOSP (which is Cyan6/Froyo for Galaxy) since it’s probably going to be stable in few weeks (based on current development rate).

  3. I wanted that phone so bad. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger though.

    I think if a manufacturer is going to EOL a device they should release the drivers and source for said device so the mod community can at least have something to work on. It would be a small token but a huge step in keeping older hardware up to date.

  4. If you were in such a situation, how could you NOT root and ROM your phone? lol

  5. Meh, what’s the point? I’m guessing most of the people still using that phone have already rooted it and are running a cooked Froyo ROM anyway.

  6. The update for 1.6 is already out for a 6 months or something like that? And @brad ofcouse do we run froyo ;)

  7. Update new version.

  8. Wow! Glad I didn’t go with a Galaxy S device…

  9. @Rob…i’m not sure what you mean. this isn’t a galaxy S device. this is the galaxy, which was released back in december of last year. the galaxy S phones are all on 2.1.

  10. @rudy I think he may be refering to the fact that Samsung are terrible at updating thier phones. I wouldn’t put them past leaving Galaxy S users in the same situation once a new model comes along.

  11. Mine is still on 1.5, i am not sure how to update the phone… its really annoying, in the pc studio it say’s that the device is not supported so i cant update it… anyone know’s what to do?

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