Aug 30th, 2010

Microsoft’s today announced the official availability of the Bing app for Android. The app – which is free to download – will only show up in your Android market if you’re using a Verizon phone so don’t get too mad if you can’t find it (that would also tip us off to the fact that you didn’t actually read the article carefully).


It brings with it voice-enabled (and text-enabled, naturally) search as well as maps for those that just can’t seem to fit on the Google bandwagon. I give Microsoft credit, though: that image search sure is a lot prettier and sounds a lot more intuitive than what we’re used to seeing with Google (even after the mobile overhaul). There’s a lot more to be had, but I can’t give any impressions as I can’t try the app out for myself. If you’re on Verizon and fancy Microsoft’s Bing over Google, be sure to give us your thoughts below!

[Bing via Androinica]

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