Koush’s Bootstrap Recovery Works for Droid 2, As Well


When the Motorola Droid X got all of the attention a couple of weeks ago when Koush was the first to provide a faux recovery for which to flash custom ROMs (and perform other functions), many Motorola Droid 2 owners hoped for something similar. It just so happens that the two devices – which are very similar internally and software wise (save for the Droid 2 having Froyo opposed to the X’s current Eclair) – share nearly the same exact boot up processes allowing Koushik Dutta to adapt his Recovery Bootstrap to the Droid 2 with ease.


The .apk file for the Droid 2 can be had here, or you can buy it for $2 in the Android market if you would like to support his efforts. The fact that it’s a .apk file should see you coasting smoothly, but just remember that you do need to be rooted to do this. Instructions on how to do that can be found right here.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. What it do?

  2. Installed over the market to support the valiant efforts by Koush. Simple on click process works great. Now just need some Vanilla Froyo to flash onto this beast…

  3. THERE ARE NO CUSTOM ROMS, STOP REPORTING THAT THERE ARE. There are only custom userlands, the kernels must come signed from Motorola.

  4. I saw a kernal signed by motorola in the toilet as I was checking my stock portfolio on the throne this morning…

  5. Calm down there killer Steve. This is about the bootstrap. Not the rom. Sheesh.

  6. From the article: “…to flash custom ROMs (and perform other functions)…”.

    They’re not goddamned custom ROMs!

  7. Is the download website link working for anyone else? It isn’t working for me and it doesn’t seem to be working on any other websites erither.

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