Finally, a Clear Shot of the Galaxy Tab on Video; Goes A Bit More In-Depth


You might be getting sick of these “in-the-wild” stories by now, but this one deserved its own: we’ve finally gotten clear footage of the tablet being worked out in depth. Korean outlet Digital Times is the first to give us a quick look at many of the Galaxy Tab’s features, including keyboard play, web browsing, video playback, and more.

With that, they’ve been able to confirm all of the specs that have been thrown out before: Android 2.2, 3G-enabled, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi (up to N), a front-facing camera, GPS, an SD card slot, plus more. SKT will be the first carrier in Korea to carry the device as the SHW-M180S, but that’s all we can confirm right now as far as availability goes.

We’re expecting to see and hear a lot more once the device finally makes its official grand debut in Berlin, Germany this September 2nd. [note]: It wasn’t said if the version pictured is a prototype.

[via Samsung Hub]

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  1. ok,i know it sounds like a stupid question, but the whole 3G enabled is just for data right? also, now that carriers are starting to roll out their 4G coverage, albeit somewhat slowly, wouldnt it make more sense to make them 4G capable?

  2. I hope there’s a wifi only version. I can always just wireless tether to the tablet if I need to.

  3. this video player fucking sucks. cant even watch the vid it starts and stops!! ever hear of you tube?

  4. @Alex, the TAB has both protocals: “WiFi (up to N)”, and 3G. I’m sure it’ll be able to use some of the HSPA+ bandwith as like the Galaxy S T-959 phone. Please carry this T-Mobile!!

  5. After watching this video(it was painful… agree with you, FS…), it really looks like this tab will be perfect for students. It is just the right size. I can see it being a very useful tool. For someone like me, who is not a student, I think I’d need a larger size.. 10″ or so.

  6. Engadget jas a faster loading video up.

    I’m sold on this thing. While the iPad is nice and huge, it’s by no means a “hand held” device. The SG Tab on the other hand seem like the maximum size of a hand held device. If this sucker is the same as my Vibrant but almost double the screen size then I will most definently be buying one.

  7. AT&T has the iPad
    VZW is working on something with Moto
    TMO SHOULD carry this thing
    Sprint can kick rocks

    I will buy a non 3G version and just use wifi or Tether to my phone.

  8. I wonder if it has the same hobbled WiFi-N as the Galaxy S phones. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, the Galaxy S radio doesn’t support the 5GHz band.

  9. Why wouldn’t you want 3G? Even a 4G USB modem costs peanuts at full retail. Built in 3G likely costs Samsung less then making two models would.

    10 inch isn’t portable. It’s too small if you aren’t traveling with it.

    I’m hoping this isn’t too big. Bigger then an average smartphone. But not something that needs a it’s own luggage.

    If Vodofone UK is showing this on it’s price lists then doesn’t that mean Verizon will also?

  10. What Sprint calls 4G isn’t 4G at all. It’s 3.5G at best. Sprint’s “4G” is slower than T-Mobile’s 3G. There’s certain requirements for 4G, and Sprint’s doesn’t meet them. It’s marketing smoke and mirrors, don’t buy into it.

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