Android Users Click Ads 80% More Often Compared to iOS, Says Study


Hey advertisers, you might want to listen to one of the leading servers in the mobile ad industry: Android users click ads a lot more frequently than iOS users. According to Chitika’s latest numbers round-up, 80% more Android users click the ads they’re presented with than users on iPhones. The hard numbers can be seen in the picture that follows.


The data is based on a sample of over 1,300,000 impressions through their network – not necessarily the amount of impressions, though Chitika wasn’t clear on this in their brief report. The gap between the iPad and Android isn’t as staggering, but it’s still notable (and most likely varies based on other factors).

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Probably because many android phones have smaller screens and or less accurate touch screens and the iphone which makes it easier to accidentally press the advertisements. Personally I hate the ad based revenue model for apps with no paid version as many adroid apps do. But with google in control of android and google being an advertising company, I’m sure they are promoting the ad based model. Honestly you will hardly ever get premium games or apps with only ads.

  2. maybe it’s because android ads are intrusive and put at the bottom of every single screen, often next to things that you have to use?

    I’d blame accidental clicks on that

  3. I’ve clicked on many ads accidentally on my android and I’m sure most people in that 1.187% have as well.

    Looking at these numbers, it makes me wonder why ruining a users phone experience is worth the few percent in ad revenue it actually generates (again, most being accidental).

  4. Dan: Probably because they’d rather get some revenue for the content or application they’re supplying you with rather than not get anything?

  5. I guess im in the minority that purposefully clicks the ads. I figure if I can take 10-15sec of my time to support the developers of an app I like and use then more and more developers will move over to Android and develop apps I like and use.

    If you click it they will come.

  6. I’ve done more accidental clicks on my Samsung Galaxy S than I have done accidental and intentional clicks on my old iPod Touch 1G. Placing ads at the bottom is a really stupid place.

  7. Ad supported apps wouldn’t be as necessary if people would actually buy apps. If people want more full version apps without ads, maybe the should consider buying an app every once in a while.

    Being a developer on this platform is pretty frustrating if you’re just relying on people paying for your product.

  8. @7.Larrythebarry

    If you offer product worth paying for people will pay for it.

    However, I am glad that there are more free apps on android regardless of them being ad supported.

  9. I’ve been on Android for almost 2 years and I’ve only clicked an add maybe 3 or 4 times.

  10. Maybe because Google ads are more relevant.

  11. @8. 2FR35H

    Some people will pay for it, but it’s hardly enough to make a living even when you have one of the top games on Android. Ad support is currently the only way to get any kind of consistent, livable wages from sales alone.

    I do, however, agree that it’s incredibly important to make a pay version available for every app that doesn’t have any ads in it.

  12. Maybe it’s cuz we have a back button. Not so easy to return to what you are doing if you click an ad in ios.

  13. Yet making money from application ads is still ridiculously hard :(

  14. I don’t click on the ads and I don’t pay for my apps. Thats wh I picked android.

  15. I only click ads when I miss what I was aiming at.

  16. The ads make me hate the android .. i always click on them by accident, they take up 5% of my screen.. i wish i never got the android because of it. How can I get rid of them??? If there is no way- I will get rid of this phone. It makes me nuts and pisses me off. I bought so many apps, the ads could come from anywhere!! no way to tell.

  17. It’s proven that a paid app that generates $1000 per month on iPhone will generate $1.00 per month on Android. Android user’s are cheap and will not pay for apps, if I developed an app that has the same features as Quicken, I would barely be able to sell 5 copies a day at $1.00, while you would pay $70.00 for the desktop version. Why would I put the time in to develop the app for you then? You get what you ask for – ads – so get over it.

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