Galaxy S Power Pack Provides 8.5 Hours of Extra Talk Time



In case that Super AMOLED display is draining the juice from your Galaxy S just a bit too quick for your liking, Samsung has introduced a new accessory that will keep you talking for an extra 8.5 hours or garner you 500 hours of additional standby time. The enhanced battery case isn’t just a new battery for your Galaxy S, but rather an entire new backing that will add some pretty decent heft to the slim and light weight phone. Not only will the thickness of the phone increase but the case also looks to add some new additions to the bezel, including a bulky bump out at the top.

If you absolutely need the additional time grabbing one of these and keeping it charged as a spare seems like a no-brainer. Leaving it on the phone 100 percent of the time, however, seems like a sacrilege. That is the price you will pay for using your phone so voraciously that the battery it shipped with just won’t do.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Looks a little tacky but I see the appeal!

  2. From the position of that bump, it may be an external battery that plugs itself into the existing USB port to provide an extra boost. In that case, one can hope for a Minty Boost or some other project.

    I’m still waiting for Seidio to come out with a 3000 mAh battery with a new back cover, but who knows if that will happen.

  3. Does this work with the captivate?

  4. Seems like it would be easier to carry a spare battery.

  5. It would be nice if some how they could integrate a led flash for the vibrant.
    I think I need to patent that LOL.

  6. Who to say they won’t come out with a led or front facing camera as a add on

  7. Or you can just get two spare batteries and a spare charger off ebay for ten bucks shipped. They may not be genuine samsung batteries, but I’ve been using them for over a week now with no problems. I’d rather carry a spare battery or two in pocket instead of that case.

  8. ha ha it will only fit the vibrant. my SGS case fits perfectly on my Vibrant

  9. @Jason: I think…I will only work on the I9000 and T-959 since it retained the original structure and design of the I9000.

  10. Me gusta, para cuando algo similar para Nexus One?

  11. Fer,

    that would be an awesome idea to integrate it with a flash.

  12. Perhaps phone manufacturers should put a little more time and effort into designing DECENT BATTERIES!

  13. Maybe….a link?

  14. Where can I order it ?

  15. thanks fot it

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