StumbleUpon Stumbles Upon the Android Market


Like StumbleUpon? Then you might want to check out their Android app that’s been sitting in the Android market since yesterday. For those that don’t know what StumbleUpon is, it learns your browsing habits (by thumb-upping or thumb-downing a page you like or dislike) and will serve you up random web pages until your fingers fall off (you can also just browse within a specific category, if you want). If you visit technology sites a lot, it might just throw you over to a random technology-related site (such as a blog or fan page). It got its start in the browser world, naturally, but their Android app should help you continue your random browsing life on the go.

Read on for the full press details.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ — StumbleUpon, a discovery engine, today announced the debut of its free application for iPhone and Android-powered mobile devices, allowing users to discover and share cool content from the Web using their mobile phones.

“Following the success of our iPad app, we’re excited to extend the stumbling experience to iPhone and Android device users, letting people explore the best of the web at any time no matter where they are,” said Garrett Camp, founder and CEO. “Downloading the app is easy and once logged-in, users can discover great online content that’s tailored to their preferences.”

The new StumbleUpon app is optimized for the mobile discovery experience and uses the same personalized recommendation technology users would encounter using their personal computer or iPad. Through their mobile phone, users can ‘thumb-up’ or ‘thumb-down’ sites they like or dislike, and preferences are saved for their next session when they open the app.

Users can narrow their stumbling to a particular category, such as Photography or Science, or browse through pages in no particular category. They can also view content on best-in-breed content sites, flipping through lush photography on Flickr or funny videos on YouTube.

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  1. Well, the bad news is that it looks like Motorola CLIQ users have yet another app they can’t find or use, due to the un-upgraded 1.5 OS.

    So annoyed. Looking forward to the G2. Hope it’s the phone I originally wished the CLIQ was.

  2. While I’m a huge SU fan, I have to say that I’m somewhat disappointed with this app. It’s just a port of the iOS app.

  3. What’s wrong with that, Dan?

  4. Sweet so glad its on android finally. I getting it as soon as I get my phone back from getting fixed

  5. Welp.. buggy as hell. My Droid keeps rebooting and I keep getting error messages like “No more stumbles..” Booo..

  6. uninstalled

  7. I don’t understand.. I’ve had the StumbleUpon app on my Cliq since last winter. How is this new, and why does it not work on Cliq if I’ve used it this long on daily basis with no problems?

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