Froyo Headed to T-Mobile UK HTC Desire “Next Month”


As they say, it never hurts to ask. And when it comes to Android updates sometimes you even get a response. Such is the case with the latest back and forth between T-Mobile UK support and customers questioning when the HTC Desire would receive its Android 2.2 update. With Vodafone promising Froyo for their Desire handsets starting Monday, it is no wonder TMo UK would want to get in reassurance to their customers that an update is headed their way shortly as well. Of course, they are giving a loose time table of “next month.”


The bright side is next month could mean as little as 1 to 2 weeks, but it could mean way at the tail end of September. Best not to fret over that. Day by day, my friends. You’ll get your Froyo soon enough.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. It would be nice if tmobile USA would do the same thing for the mt3g.

  2. That’s great. Let’s hope they keep their word that it is FROYO, not some bloatware like Vodafone did (thankfully they backed down and promises FROYO)…..

    I’ll be patient…..er, COME ON T-MOBILE, Make it available on 1st September!!! LOL

  3. I’m with Orange in the UK, so i’ve got the double whammy of:

    1) being on the last network to get Froyo on the Desire
    2) because they’re going to put all their useless shit all over it

    Good work, guys. Don’t forgot to load it up with non-free maps, shit games, and useless chat apps which cost me money and memory, and cannot be removed. That’s how you add value to your customers.

  4. Hmm wait another month and install the bloatware or get the non-branded ROM now…

  5. @srlnclt
    If by the same you mean “vaguely promise a time frame for update to Froyo”.. they did.. I Was expecting end of July, but now September is coming up fast.. but that’s ok, as long as they do it correctly and make the phone better and not worse then I can wait.

  6. I have a Mot Droid(1) upgraded to 2.2 last week. Although there are some improvements in the software (I can now alphabetize my contacts by last name!) I would have to say that the phone is MUCH more sluggish than before. When I go to my home screen, I need to wait for icons to appear (it used to be immediate). It is nice to have 5 screens but going from screen to screen is more sluggish. The touch screen is not as responsive as it was with 2.1. I suspect there will need to be another update to correct these issues.

  7. Downloaded Froyo this morning. A bit of a palaver as it needs at least 25MB onboard memory to install. Had to temporarily uninstall some apps to allow it to happen. Iplayer working just fine and some new apps still to look at – app sharing and wifi hotspot to name but two.

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