Aug 17th, 2010

vimeo-logoAs mobile becomes an increasing source of information for people on the go, it becomes an increasing point of focus for information providers. We just saw jQuery announce a tightly knit mobile strategy and now we’re seeing the same with the online video sharing hub known as VIMEO.

I quickly searched VIMEO for “phandroid” and found this Android App review by one of our readers, Chad:

In a press release issued today, VIMEO announced they’ll launch a universal player that will use HTML 5 to automatically detect your device and display their video at optimal settings for that particular device. They’ll also embed a “Watch Later” feature into all their players that seems like a simple, but pretty darn good idea.

YouTube is still king of the mountain when it comes to video, but a handful of boutique video providers with competitive offering and quality services have quickly grown to become realistic challengers. VIMEO is one of them and their Universal Player shows a sense of forward thinking (HTML 5, mobile support, all devices) that tells me this company isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

At Phandroid, we use YouTube to upload our videos for sharing, but many tech-related sites have chosen VIMEO. I personally prefer YouTube because everyone is familiar with it, there is a level of reliability and comfort, and it’s worked great thus far so why switch? That’s the cue for all you VIMEO lovers to chime in!