Aug 17th, 2010

UK retailer Argos has started listing the Philips GoGear Connect with one very surprising spec: it runs Android 2.1. The GoGear Connect is a PMP that comes in both 8GB and 16GB configurations. Alongside the camera, GPSS, expandable memory (32GB using microSD) and an FM radio tuner, it comes equipped with a 3.2-inch display for which to display all of those cools apps from the Android market on.

philips gogear connect 16gb

The device is currently listed at £199.99 for the 16GB version and  £179.99 for the 8GB offering. Philips hopes to compete with Samsung’s YePP PMP – a Galaxy S without the phone features – that we expect to come out soon (nothing has been confirmed just yet) but I’m not too confident that anyone will pass that up for what Philips is offering. Still, it’s nice to gain a new family member each and every day.

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