Clockwork Recovery Gets Booted onto the Droid X



The Motorola Droid X draws one step closer to custom ROM support. Not long after Birdman tweeted (see what I did there?) the successful push of a custom recovery image onto the X, Mr. Koush let loose an image of his Clockwork Recovery booted up on the handset. While it sounds more like the cast of characters from some zany Saturday morning cartoon dubbed The eFuse Warriors: Attack of the Locked Bootloader, don’t think the cracking and hacking of a device some thought might not see such developments is part of some fictional tale.

With just a little bit more work Droid X owners should be seeing the same benefits available to most other Android owners who choose to root and load custom software onto their devices.

[via Droid-Life]

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  2. Nice Job!!!! That was the major reason for not liking the X!!!! I bought my copy of ClockworkMod to fund this great App. How can I donate more to this great DEV.

    I’m actually recovering my Captivate as I type this.

  3. I think I just came a little

  4. I think the developer is great. But I personally prefer RA just a bit more. Don’t flame me everything is just a bit snappier I’ve noticed. Even if it isn’t the look of the interface is just better to me.

  5. Nothing good can come of this…

  6. @Tad: a lot good can come of this. CM6 is great.

  7. I’m very impatiently waiting for CM6 for my Captivate!

  8. @tad please explain…? Are u a moto rep that believes in absolute control, in protecting us from ourselves? Or, are u just paranoid? Knowing that the next “next generation of moto android” will be triple efused and military grade encrypted? Cuz, then, we will all just buy htc. But for now, we can enjoy the hell out of our not so locked down X! Good job devs! Keep it up

  9. Knowing that the next “next generation of moto android” will be triple efused and military grade encrypted?

    That will help increase android adoption in the enterprise.

  10. steve: it didn’t help the milestone

  11. ari-free: now that I read some more I agree. it seems they just got Clockwork to boot on it after the normal recovery and have not been able to boot from it. So worthless.

  12. Well I hope in next days they put a custom rom in that beast….

  13. You mean with a lot more work… Don’t hold your breath yet folks. Keep up the good work Birdman, koush, and merry friends

  14. Bad ass have faith in hackers! But sad u need a hacker to get that functionality out of ur device u bought.

  15. @JAG : you have a typo, instead of days you should have months/years.

  16. I think you’re worng dude, years does not fit here.

  17. What is the difference between this and what the Milestone has?

  18. What’s fun about watching this is before they get too far with the Droid X, another, newer and cooler phone will come out and they get to start all over again. Hamsters on an exercise wheel.

  19. Not entirely true.

    Several new phones have come out since the Liquid/Droid/Nexus but their development communities are still very song. Not everybody can afford to move on from their $200-$600 phone because something better has come out. In fact, because of root, older devices remain relevant longer than they would without (and a phone with the specs the X has, it should be relevant for a while. Example: Snapdragon processor has been out for over a year and is still one of the higher regarded processors out there)

  20. What is this? What is the big deal. Ive had android since Jan but dont understand what this is. could some also help me understand what rooted is?

  21. It is like the equivalent of jailbreaking. It gives you administrative access (known as superuser access, if you are familiar with Linux) to the phone. Ability to remove system apps (carrier/manufacturer bloatware), apply scripts for bugfixes, overclock the CPU, add themes, pretty much change anything you want.

    Droid X had been rooted last week but now a custom recovery image has been loaded onto it. This can allow you to create backups, apply update.zip files (themes, custom kernels) and potentially install custom ROMs (like ports of firmwares such as HTC Sense, FroYo, CyanogenMod/other homebrew mods) but whether or not custom ROMs are possible on this device is unknown since Motorola has locked the bootloader (like they did on Milestone which has root/recovery but no custom ROMs).

  22. Booting Clockwork and loading ROM’s are two completely different things. The recovery environment has always been available so this just adds a different recovery environment. I would be suprised if they ever get the bootloader unlocked so they can run unsigned code. They will most likely just have to find a way to spoof the code so the phone thinks it is signed. But like we found out with the 360 that usually requires hardware modification.

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