Sony Gearing Up For an Android eReader?


I love job postings. They say oh so little, yet at the same time, reveal oh so much. Today’s job posting (which is nearly a month old) has Sony looking for a senior software engineer to join their digital reader team. Job requirements? You’d better have some experience with that Android SDK! While they also desire experience in other programming languages and platforms, the fact that Android is the only mobile one screams loud to the possibility that they could be bringing us an Android powered eReader, ala Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Senior Staff Software Engineer (Android) – Digital Reader Business Division at Sony Electronics

Location: San Jose, US-CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Type: Full-time
Experience: Mid-Senior level
Functions: Engineering
Industries: Consumer Goods
Posted: July 15, 2010
Employer Job ID: 21445

Job Description

As a part of Sony Electronics’ engineering team you can ensure that what we produce is just as extraordinary as the ideas that inspire us. While we run on fearless creativity and innovation, our engineers make certain that everything we do is of the highest quality. Every day, they work with advanced technologies, including some that most people never even thought possible. Some may call it magic; we call it a commitment to innovation, quality, and style and design.

Sony’s Digital Reading Business Division (DRBD) currently has an opening for a Senior Staff Software Engineer in our San Jose, CA office. As a Sr Staff level Software Engineer, you work with Sony’s highly talented application software engineering team developing application software for digital reading devices and other consumer electronic devices. Responsibilities include developing application software for digital reading and other consumer electronic devices; working closely with Product Planners to understand the feature requirements; implementing features according to the product requirement documents; designing product architecture; working with test engineers on bug fixes and resolving issues; writing unit test codes, instrument your code for measurements, actively participating in code review, and performing “pre-flight” testing. Additional duties assigned as necessary.

* Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field; or 10 years related experience required
* Programming experience with Google Android SDK, Microsoft Windows, and/or Apple Mac OS X
* Programming experience with C/C++/C#/Objective-C and/or Java
* Familiarity with standard software development tools including: Eclipse, Apple Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, and others
* Superb communication skills (both written and verbal)
* Experience working within software development lifecycle
* Love of solving challenging problems
* Product sensibilities – enthusiast with regard to digital media, devices, and related products
* Experience with packaged application software product

Experience with cross-compilation environments like Qt
Experience supporting a consumer electronics device platform
Linguistic skill in Japanese is a definite plus


First they took the helm with Google TV, then their Ericsson division has the desire to push Android gaming forward, and now they want to jump into the tablet and eReader pool. What’s next from Sony as they continue to show Android all the love it deserves?

[via The Digital Readers]

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  1. I think all the e-readers will switch to android eventually.

  2. True, eventually all touch screen, portable devices will run Android, with the exception of the 3% made by Apple.

  3. hell yeah sony.. You’re making me think the ps4 will have Android OS more and more everyday..

  4. imagine that: googletv built into the ps4

  5. I wonder if Android Google TV.. can be install on the PS3… Now That would be nice!!! Google TV on your PS3..

  6. This is silly. They’re probably just building an app and already have someone in house doing the iphone version (they’re the only ones left without apps, right?). What’s the benefit of switching to android in the e-reader market? The nook doesn’t stand out because of android, it just helped them bring it to market quicker. Sony has been in the market since day one and still can’t turn out a good product. Android can’t help them here.

    @ari-free: kindle will never switch to android

    @Tom: 97%? of all portable touch screens? Really?

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