Verizon Droid 2 Walkthrough Video


Hey guys! It’s Derek! And he is super excited to show you all the Motorola Droid 2! In this walkthrough video! The guy seems a bit high-strung, but the phone is looking as good as it ever did. Check out the video below for Verizon’s walkthrough of their latest to join the outstanding line of Droid phones offered at Big Red.

[via Android Community]

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  1. what version of swype was that? it looks like the multitouch keyboard on the droid x. is it just a skin for swype?

  2. Probably just a skin. But the person swyping was really slow, giving it a bad impression.

  3. damn motoblur. completely ruins this phone. what the hell were they thinking? I thought this phone was supposed to be built for those who want vanilla android. I could go get a droid x if I wanted the stupid “social networking enhancements”. really? I’m too stupid to look up my facebook and email accounts on my own? I’m so depressed.

  4. JUST delete the widgets on HOME if you don’t like Motoblur…

    If you did’nt already know,there are more than a million fans of BLUR as I read somewhere…

    If you are into Social n/wing you’ll like it..but if not it can be deleted :)


  5. Dammit, i wish Verizon plans weren’t so expensive, or I’d be all over that phone. I guess my Evo will have to do…

  6. It does not run motoblur, if you go to motorolas site it shows all the phones running blur and this is not one of them…

  7. @droidgeek – if only turning motoblur off would allow timely and consistent OS updates. The original droid was nowhere near as fast with the updates as the N1 but at least droid owners know they’re going to get an update relatively quickly after google releases one. the droid 2 comes with Froyo and will likely get 3.0 but how long will that take? and who’s to say it will get updated after that?

  8. boy, that guy can’t use swype very well. he’s slow! lol

  9. After I stopped laughing when they said you can download VZ Navigator (who would do that?!) I noticed that what they were actually showing on the screen at the time is Google Navigation.

    Flash is important because “85% of the top 100 web sites utilize flash.” Really? I had no idea that the browsing experience on my Droid was so lacking.

    “Better tactile differentiation” on the keyboard? ANY tactile differentiation would be an improvement of the Droid.

    “Comes preloaded with TONS of awesome apps.” Read: that 8GB of internal storage we mentioned earlier… is largely occupied by a bunch of crapps you don’t want and will never use.

    Oh well… maybe my mood will soon.

  10. I am currently a blackberry user and while NOT tied to a bb enterprise work server I am dependent to the tethered Outlook syncing of contacts, calendar, tasks and memo.

    If I move to the Droid 2, what are the best options for syncing Outlook these features? And do those syncing options really work or will they cause me pain.

  11. It’s funny how slow he was using swype.

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