Sprint Compares the Epic 4G and EVO 4G [Video]


They both start with the letter ‘E,’ are two syllables, and have ‘4G’ tacked on the end, but Sprint wants you to know that while similarly named you will be getting two different devices when choosing between the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G. They even made up a nice little video to showcase how the handsets differ. I’ll give you a hint: the Epic 4G has a hardware keyboard. But that’s not all. We know you’d much rather have a release date for the Epic, but check out the video for the full 4G comparison.

[via Android Community]

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  1. You are seriously stupid if you pick the Evo

  2. Epic, no real decision here.

  3. super amoled + hummingbird + slide out qwerty + may too many more +’s to tack on will have to beat the evo anyday

  4. you know, this is honestly going to be very helpful to consumers who are still on the fence about either getting the EVO or waiting for the EPIC. Come on Sprint! Release a Release date and give me what i truly desire!

  5. I’m not just comparing epic vs evo but also every other phone out there, including the other SGS models.
    This is the one with everything.

  6. “First and only super amoled screen provided by sprint”
    lol…. the only thing Sprint is providing is a $10 bs data fee

  7. my verizon 30 day trial period is ticking down, and i’m hoping i’ll be able to bail out of my incredible (with its terrible call quality — oh, this is my replacement incredible because the first had terrible quality too) and jump to sprint for this epic phone.

  8. Nah, less bulk, kickstand, bigger screen, and Cyanogen roms make the Evo the choice for me. I checked out the captivate at AT&T, and the screen was severely underwhelming, grainy looking too. It was strange.

  9. Pfft they forgot to mention one of the key features of the Epic, 16gb of built in space plus a microsd card slot.

  10. I dont get how people here can state with such confidence that everybody is supposed to pick the epic over the EVO.

    I for one dont! Why the heck would you want such a thick phone with a QWERTY keyboard? Who uses that anymore? Yeah the SUPER AMOLED is good.

    Also, I think it will come with the Samsung Android UI which is a huge disappointer when compared to the HTC Sense UI. Even though I’d want the stock Android UI, that option is unavailable with both phones.

    Heres my .02!

  11. @wello, why would you say that? What are your reasons for not picking the Evo? It is one hell of a device!!!

  12. Both are excellent phones. Evo has a larger screen and is thinner. Epic obviously has a QWERTY if you prefer and the Evo doesn’t if you don’t want it. Evo was out last June so I got it but I would probably be fine with Epic once a rooted ROM comes out and gets rid of their shitty interface.

    And as far as the dingus at post #6 and his complaint about the $10 data fee: It’s still cheaper than AT&T or Verizon and it allows you to access any of their city-wide Wimax hotspots as well as gives you truly uncapped 3G and 4G data where all the others are phasing out their unlimited and uncapped plans. Makes it a lot nicer to install Wifi Tether and not worry about going over.

  13. @ Slick – YOU WILL APPRECIATE THE KEYBOARD and SUPERAMOLED when playing PSX4Droid uuumm uum um

  14. It is a tough decision for many people. I for one HATE keyboards, yet for many its a must. I wanted a large screen and the .3 inch difference is big to me. When you compare super amoled to lcd, yes the picture is better on super amoled, but honestly no one who buys the evo sits at home and hates how their screen looks. It really is beautiful. I thought this video was horrible, it was more of an epic ad than a comparison. I made my decision and I wouldnt want any other phone out there. My advice for people on the fence is to get the epic if you need a keyboard, otherwise its a no brainer for the evo

  15. Droid x beats them both!

  16. @15

    No way! Locked bootloader. End of converdation. Also, extremely expensive plans, Ill pass

  17. Hi guy sup

  18. The only real decision to make is whether or not you want a keyboard.

  19. All these people make fun of keyboards then they complain once they realize that most Flash games require a keyboard! Get a keyboard and you’ll be prepared for anything.

  20. @ari-free, that’s not an issue for me. i have yet to use my phone for gaming. not that i haven’t ever played games on it, i’ve just never needed a keyboard. i strongly prefer no physical keyboard, and by strongly prefer, i mean it’s practicaly a deal breaker. unfortunately, i dont like the size of the EVO, so either way im stuck with something i dont want. a slideout keyboard, or a big-screen TV.

  21. Ahh, her mouth is yellow.

  22. What about being able to type something without some big honking keyboard popping up and taking up most of the screen?

  23. It’s really simple… If you want a keyboard – Epic, if you don’t – EVO. IMO, I don’t know why you would need a keyboard. Swype easily blows it way. Also, the EVO having a bigger screen is more important to me than the performance boost of the Epic. Nothing out today for android is pushing the snapdragon to the limit anyway. Plus Sense is the icing on the cake for Android.

  24. Slide out keyboards make me feel like Im using a Gameboy all day. Can’t get no girls number with a gameboy. I’m too grown for that. Evo wins on phone design and UI alone

    Also cosign with Slick at #10

  25. swype: useless for games and numbers and still takes up most of the screen. The extra .3″ advantage is gone

  26. Physical keyboard? KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  27. I had the Evo returned it because of the amazing hardware specs on the galaxy line…unfortunately, great hardware with a bad os and bad software makes it a bad phone, returned the phone and am back with the Evo enjoying sense and the big screen, all in a smaller package : – )

  28. It seems that the spot really has a preference for the EPIC 4G. Even the font size is larger at the beginning! BTW, Epic will be able to do HDMI as well with USB, Sprint!

  29. Needs a hot spokesmodel… Just saying…

  30. While I would be happy with either, I chose to buy the EVO on launch day and I would still pick the EVO today. I would rather have the thin sexiness instead of the thicker phone… and I would rather have the larger screen over the AMOLED.

    If I were into gaming on my phone then sure, the Epic would win hands down… but I’m not. I already have a PS3 that I rarely play.

    As I said before, I think anyone would be happy with either. Both are a big win for Spint and Android any way you look at it.

  31. @Spencer, i must have the worst taste ever the droid x with that big hump on the back that looks like egore from the Frankenstein scary movie, ha ha ha, i take either evo or epic any day of the week.

  32. @Slick
    About the UI, just get Launcherpro free from the market, problem solved

  33. Anyone notice at ~1:37 the TV is also Samsung? And of course everyone’s TV supports DLNA!

    This does feel like Epic is better because its newer than the Evo and not like there are there are trade off to both.

    Sprint would be better to compare other carriers phones in this way rather than trashing their own product.

  34. Guys, the Xperia X10 is better than both of these phones. Get that instead. It by Sony so you know it good.

  35. Our family will have both. Two Evos and one Epic. Personally I prefer the Evo, but the Epic is still a nice phone.

  36. When the vibrant came out I played with it for over an hour and really enjoyed the touch wiz 3.0. I love android and open source. So I can’t say anything nexative it is very customizable unlike iphone. Nothing beats a physical keyboard. Good for paswords, web adresses, seeing whole screen, better for holding the phone, swype is good for a quick one liner. You evo fans are jealous thata truly better phone is out and it is only .06 inches thicker. It is also less wide. Much better screen and if it has the sound like the vibrant rockin. I played with the evo a few days ago and was not impressed I like the vibrant much better. But, epic will be much better then them all.

  37. People should just know what they are getting into. I see so many forum posts by evo owners who didn’t think they cared about performance or a keyboard until PSX4Droid showed up.
    I like the idea of using this phone as a pocket laptop. I want to be able to edit Office docs and spreadsheets without having to carry a laptop at all times.

  38. seems like an enviable problem for Sprint to have. Two totally awesome phones??? Hmmm?

  39. The EVO 4G seriously has an awesome camera… My HERO took shit photos and the EVO takes marvelous photo’s. Seriously!

  40. Is it just my screen or did she eat some yellow candy before filming? :D

    I have the T-mo Vibrant and after root :) it has everything except the front facing camera and slide keyboard. The phone is still awesome. :) And T-mo claimed there is no WiFi Hotspot capability ;) Go XDA Go…
    Although 4.3″ is a nice size screen, I definitely prefer 4″ Super AMOLED.

  41. I really liked the DLNA feature. That would be awesome. I still love my EVO, and it’s features. And FROYO has made the EVO even better.

  42. It says at the beginning that it is a Samsung Epic commercial, so it favors that phone. I think the keyboard makes the difference. If you want one, you like the Epic, if you don’t, you like the Evo. Since we don’t have 4G in Southern California and you can’t find an Evo at any retailer anyway, both are just a dream. Have to just be happy with my Hero until Sprint gets it’s act together and gets some inventory out here.

  43. This is a silly discussion.

    The iPhone is the best phone. Because it has the wifis.

  44. @ari-free
    I have experienced no issues at all with Psx4Droid on my CM6 Evo. Everything runs smoothly and a Wiimote works better than any hardware keyboard or virtual keypad.

  45. @Xperia10

    Sony is also known for making crap and the Xperia10 is one of them.

  46. She is ugly, they couldve picked somebody cuter, Not sure on either one of these. Want more EVO UI is now played out on my Hero, Had to pull it out with Cyanogen CM6 EPIC UI is even worse! Frankly I want a better UI and a Sexy Phone these two clunkers are not the Bell of the Ball. Might jump ship to AT&T for XPeria X10 or Captivate both very Solid and Sexy, Not worried about bloatware or locks as i will root and remove anyways…..sigh

  47. @ Xperia10, you are funny, ha ha ha.

  48. My hands on the Epic cause it have a higher resolution and better screen than the EVO.

  49. No way I’d pick the Epic until Samsung fixes the Galaxy GPS. I returned my Captivate and switched to the EVO. I’m happy as can be now.

  50. Anyone else notice a speech-to-text button on that Swype keyboard…

    I want!

  51. The big negative for me is that it’s a Samsung. The Samsung “custom apps” are horridly buggy. My HTC evo has basically run smooth sense I picked it up, my wife Moment (she likes the keyboard)constantly has the mail program lockup for random unknown reasons.

    HTC has at least been good enough to work with sprint in regular, speedy Froyo updates including a fix for those who jumped the gun and downloaded a buggy build too early.

    Samsung still sells Moments but wont even bother with 2.2 update.

    Sometimes you have to look past the initial offering and at who’s providing the offer.

  52. Epic available 8-31 :) They are mailing out an opportunity to reserve yours tomorrow if you signed up at their Epic page for updates! I’m glad for you fellow Galaxy S-ers, though I wish I could have the Epic on AT&T hehe

  53. So the phone is priced at $249.99! After $100 mail in rebate, so this means your paying $350?!
    And then $100 you get back?

  54. No sliding QWERTY = no moving parts = no “Oreo cookie” effect after 2 months use.

  55. Its like the hero vs moment battle all over again lol

  56. @ dudelove if the iphone is better then what are you doing on a Android site reading about Android phones?..?

  57. Epic 249 with contract. Don’t believe me waiting for offical news to drop. Also sprint is selling a battery. Battery. Charge up to one hour of charge.

  58. Also release date is august 31. Just remember this posting when i’m right. Unfortunately coming from a sprint insider. Bwahahaha.

  59. Also* not unfortunately

  60. I was in the physical keyboard camp too, my last two smart phones having one (6700 and original TouchPro). Took a leap and got the Evo. Now I am totally converted! No need for the extra bulk of a physical keyboard, and I can type just as fast on the virtual keyboard after a week of use.

    I have used the Galaxy a fair amount by borrowing from friends. Screen is great, but the only time the Evo’s screen looks anything short of amazing is when side by side with a Galaxy. And the extra screen size on the evo MAKES the difference when browsing in landscape. Those .3 inches really does change the browsing experience!

  61. The iphone comment is a joke. I got it :)Youtube the video… I need an iphone 4.

  62. Is it just me or does Sprint has the WORST marketing team that ever existed. First the bad Evo commercials and then this Epic Ad..I mean “Comparison Video”. This is not done correctly at all. Both phones are exclusive to you so why would you shoot yourself in the foot and bash the Evo. “Well the Evo has this but the Epic has something even better” That’s something you say when comparing yourself to a competitor not yourself. Didn’t feel the need to mention Evo with Froyo, a 8MP camera and the difference in UI. Someone needs to get fired for this.

    I have the Evo and love it.

  63. @David T – Ummm I dont know what you’re doing wrong with a physical keyboard, but with the exception of Swype, I ABSOLUTELY type 2-3x faster with a physical keyboard than a touch keyboard :) Of course, Swype is reallllly close, if not maybe faster, to a physical keyboard speed – but the accuracy and saying exactly what I want to say starts to become a problem – but with minor teaching the dictionary + changing a few words, Swype is easily just as fast – But touch screen tapping? Never in a million years!

  64. Swype is useless for numbers. How can anything predict numbers?

  65. This is just me but I would take power over a bigger but not better screen. The evo is a nice phone but it isn’t touching the power of the galaxy s lineup.. sorry but its a FACT! But the evo is a great phone and even better with cm6. And as far as the touchwiz go. You can easy get launcher pro from the market. I haven’t use touchwiz since first day of having my vibrant. But it’s notification bar is like no others. So in the end would I pick a bigger screen over better software? HELL TO THE NO!

  66. evo has it beat on the operating system side. plus it has 8megapixel and a kickstand. i would rather have an evo. but wouldnt mind having an epic as well

  67. Super Amoled=+1
    Smaller screen size=-1
    launching with Eclair=-2 (Evo with Froyo=+1)
    a glorified Samsung Moment design, unoriginal=-1

    yes i’d love the Epic (for the screen clarity alone), but the Evo has got it beat as far as i’m concerned.

  68. You can trash the EVO all you want to, I’m not giving it back. Screen size plus hardware and throw in unlimited. And for real the the touch screen is all I need. I am so good on the phone debate for at least a year. And guess what, I feel like I am winning. Nice to read other peeps opinions, keep em comin.

  69. Dam! What to do!??????

  70. software add-ons Evo wins with sense
    Samsung Epic – TouchWiz… Are you serious, local calendar is the default (no way to change) and you can’t link the location to the MAP like standard Android. Samsung you are supposed to add not take away features.
    Hardware – Samsung, Better screen, speed, Battery.

    Have my Hero running 2.2. Good for now. Would like to upgrade, but Sprint doesn’t have anything thats smaller than the EVO or Epic worth getting. Maybe the i1 but it only has Android 1.5 (Are you kidding Motorola?)

    Man I wish there was a CDMA Nexus. Patiently Waiting.

  71. Evo

    8mp camera=+1

    10 devices over wifi=+2 (I don’t have that many devices)

    1.3 front facing camera=+2

    HTC Sense=+1 (I played with heroes I don’t know what makes it so great or better than the touchwiz)

    Froyo=+1(the epic going to get it so really)

    Bigger screen=+3 (for me this really hurts that .3 of an inch)

    1 GB Rom=+1 (I could care less I own a computer)

    Dual flash=+1 (cool)

    FM radio=+1

    HDMI mini=+1 (it’s cool I have heard that it will support dlna in time)

    30 fps=-2 (it’s livable but not for me)

    Battery life=-3 (I would like to have the option of not charging my phone for at least 2 days and still use it like crazy)

    6 oz=-1 (it is heavier so it’s heavier. I really don’t care that much, I used to put the first Nintendo DS in my pocket)

    Internal micro SD slot=-2 (that just makes it hard I really did not like that, even my old black berry bold 9000 had it on the outside made it easy)

    physical keyboard=+4 (don’t hate on the keyboard for me it all about options so many I cant even list them and I don’t have to use the keyboard ever and it will just turn into a smaller eve without htc sense)

    5mp camera=+1 (still takes HD pics and ill survive)

    vga front facing camera=+1 (still has a front facing camera may not be better than the 1.3 and ill survive)

    5 devices on wifi=+1 (the most devices a phone can supply on wifi I need is two it only me right now)

    touchwiz=0 (better that nothing an ill survive can’t miss what u never had)

    no froyo=0 (it’s going to get froyo no problem)

    super amoled=+3 (it super amoled what more can I say)

    flash=+1 (no other galaxy s phone has flash, yo I go out at night I have friends when I’m not typing or doing home work)

    DLNA=+1 (use you phone as a TV remote control and streaming media with TV’s that support dlna)

    battery life=+2 (I can’t promise anything but it will be better than the evo’s)

    Bluetooth 3.0=+2 (I don’t know exactly what this means but I know its good)

    external micro sd slot=+2 (this only gets point because the evo didn’t have it, time is money)

    it’s lighter=+1 (it is)

    GPU=+1 (makes it great for gamming)

    it’s wider because of the keyboard=-1 (yo I don’t care I used to walk everywhere with the first Nintendo ds in my pocket )

    (I don’t care about the looks of any of the phones why there both cool phone u will catch more eyes with the evo because it’s huge epically if u have a case on it)

    let’s add the points
    EVO has 16 positives and 9 negatives= 7 points total
    Epic has 20 positives and 1 negative= 19 point but this is only because we don’t really know the negatives yet

  72. the epic 4g comes with internal storage 16 so i was wrong on that part

  73. You cant even find an Evo !!! Epic with a keyboard blows the Evo away…..

  74. @28

    How exactly will usb with a 480mbps data transfer rate be able to pass the nearly 13gbps transfer rate of hdmi?

    Now the DLNA thing is pretty rockin, I like that a bunch.I believe the Epic is wireless N compliant so streaming would be a better Idea for those who have Draft N routers. But what if you dont, or have no media streamer like a ps3 or whatever. Kinda hard to pass HD content without hdmi,especially while at a friend or family members house, which is where I think it would be used the most. I def wouldnt be using my phone/evo or epic as my HD media player at home. Also is the Evo not wireless N?, THought it was, and the Epic does not have 16 gb of internal storage plus sd…it has 1gb internal. There both nice Phones,but other than the screen, I feel the epic is an ugly way too thick phone. Im goin Evo

  75. I have the Evo and i say its way better then the Epic

  76. Come on.. Those who got the Evo did their research well before picking it up. Going into this year I knew what two phones I wanted most, the Evo or the Galaxy S pro which is the Epic. After comparing it I knew I wanted the Evo because of the UI, HDMI out, and the kickstand. The Epic was a very close second because I love the Super Amo and the DLNA feature. I just don’t believe streaming is better than a hard connection. Both phone rock and you’d be lucky to have either. Just feel bad for all the Isuck 4 people, have fun with ur one button, can’t stand it.

  77. I have the evo I’m just so curious bout the epic what does the epic has that the evo don’t besides the keyboard..

  78. The fat ugly chick that was eating yellow smurfs before she filmed this awful epic commerical failed to mention that the Evo has a better camera on front and rear (sorry, but a 8mp camera is going to take better pics and videos than a 5mp) I rather have the better more functional camera… unless your ok with the so called best phone out there, taking second rate pics and video to the Evo. Yes the epic has a cool amoled screen, but once again my led flat screen t.v. at home has it beat, so who cares ( obviously, many of you going for the epic should try investing in a t.v. instead of watching all your movies and shows on your phone… sad people really sad). With the price difference, your really paying for the 16gb card you get with the epic, while I’ll just order one off of ebay for a lot cheaper and still come out ahead with a better camera smartphone. As for texting, really… is it that serious? I’ll just continue to use my speech to text and won’t have to worry about sliding my finger across the screen. I’m sorry people, but when it comes down to it, all we’re talking about is a phone. It really isn’t that serious


  80. I happen to own the Epic and like most of you I compared them both. I like that the Epic is a little smaller. I still want to carry a smart phone but not one that could be mistaken for a mini computer. I appreciate the keyboard while I practice on the onscreen one. The quality of the pictures and video are excellent and yes I do own several big screen tv’s. I did not know that it didn’t have the hdmi port but I think the dlna is way cooler and I am just a novice so I am surprised everyday by something else that I learn. I think that both phones are great and that you just have to decide for yourself.

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