PSA: That TweetDeck Leak is Old News, Get the Official Beta Tomorrow



Earlier today a leaked build of the TweetDeck beta leaked to much jubilation around the internets. But the folks over at TweetDeck are saying hold your horses, that version isn’t the build we will be seeing tomorrow when the official public beta launches. I know, I know. Waiting is such a hard thing to do but if you have it in you, you may just want to see how long you can hold out. It’s only 24 hours or less, so we suspect it won’t be too hard. Really, do whatever you see fit. You’ll be grabbing the public beta tomorrow anyway.

[via TweetDeck, thanks to Graham for sending this our way!]

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  1. Any idea if is going to be for froyo only?

  2. I don’t have froyo on my dinc. Check back this time tomorrow and I will let you know. Friday at the latest.

  3. Would think it is just 2.1+ to make it Froyo only wouldn’t leave many phones that could have it…

  4. @fer, the beta is now official. Check it out at Glad to help.

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