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Looking for a bit more quality gaming to waste your time and Android battery life? Namco has you covered, as they have released their popular mobile game Crush the Castle for Android. The medieval destruction that has earned the game 1.5 million downloads on the iOS platform sees players firing away from their trebuchet at enemy strongholds. The being, of course, to crush the castle in question. The game will cost $0.99 from the Android Market, but that shouldn’t deter you from checking it out. Follow this link to grab it in the market or head over to AndroidApplications for more info and the QR.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. *that* game got 1.5 million downloads?

  2. @ari-free – I was thinking along the same lines. Maybe I need to see it in action but it doesn’t look to be squat compared to some of the Camel Games physics games. It further leads me to believe that people are making money on the iOS platform simply because the users over there are downloading any and everything.

  3. why invest time and $$$ on great 3D graphics when you can just make a simple game like this and make over a million dollars from it?

  4. Not to mention this looks like the exact same game mechanics as Angry Birds.


  5. Well imagine what the 3D games make since they are often $5 and up. I think its great that theres a market for more simple games too for the little guy that doesn’t have the time and resources to build 3D. But I DO want to see a ton of great 3D too. This game however just at first glance doesn’t look all that great in the graphics department so I don’t really get the 1.5 million downloads. I thought the iOS folk were all about so called quality.

  6. @Brad I honestly don’t get why folk go nuts over Angry Birds either. Its like you can have all these games with the same game play mechanics but everybody will be unhappy until a certain particular game is available. It doesn’t have to be any better…might be worse….as long as they have THAT particular game.

  7. Im wondering if the 1.5 million downloads are actually for it’s free version on iTunes….although so many users worldwide of iPhone I suppose it’s not impossible.

    Android sure seems like a drop in the bucket money wise so far. I mean, I’ve made quite a bit of money on my apps already, into the tens of thousands over the course of the last year and a half, but nowhere near the numbers that these guys in the app store seem to push…


  8. It’s a cool game but Blow Up is better in my opinion.

  9. Pretty fun but had to remove straight away as the file is massive! Shame

  10. I don’t care how many games ios has, all I need is speed x3d, I could play it all day!!!

  11. Awesome. I was just wishing for this today…although with flash on its way, you could just play it for free online…

  12. If anyone hasn’t seen and/or played the game, it’s at:

    It’s well done and I really enjoyed playing it, but I found it only had limited re-playability.

  13. This just once again demonstrates primitiveness of iOS users.

  14. this just in….Sony Playstation Android phone.
    hmm GOW for Android vs Stickracer 12 for iPhone. Decisions…decisions…

  15. @Brad 2 – I still get the feeling that iOS users download any and everything with no regard to the money they pay whether they end up liking the app or not. Wasn’t there a survey finding that iOS users only kept like 1% of the apps they downloaded after the first day? Android has the return period so not as much money will be made on passers by. I’m finally getting around to my start in the market and I’m trying to focus on making sure you want or need the apps for more than 48 hours.

  16. There is a better game like this, called “Tractus” or “Tractus demo”, available on the Market.

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