Froyo Running on Viliv S5 Tablet


We can check off the Viliv S5 tablet from the list of devices awaiting a Froyo port. The Intel-based tablet has received a fairly functional version of Android 2.2 for the x86 device. A major setback for getting a fully up-to-speed version of Android on the S5 is the inclusion of proprietary Intel drivers that have not been released to the public. Sources say the only reason this port has come so far is thanks to an Intel insider helping out on the project. Check it out below:

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Looks like alpha software. Also looks more like an MID to me than a tablet.

  2. Is that touch screen capacitive? I noticed they use a pen/stylus. This thing looks killer if it’s rooted and you can upgrade it to 2.2.

  3. I would imagine Intel are desperate for tablet makers to use Intel chips over ARM… I am sure the “Intel insider” is under strict instructions to help as much as he can!!!

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