Issues With Exchange on the Droid X? Motorola’s Giving You TouchDown For Free


Motorola’s turning this negative Exchange issue on the Droid X into a positive (for you consumers, anyhow, until FroYo is ready for the device) by offering complimentary licenses for the TouchDown Exchange app available in the Android market. Many users have heralded TouchDown as the most well-rounded Exchange ActiveSync experience for Android – a majority of commenters in the market swears by it alongside any other solution to date.


How can you get in on the fun? Follow the instructions below (sensitive information obviously needed to verify you have a Droid X).

To request a Touchdown license from Motorola, please send an e-mail to [email protected], and include the following information.

Your email address
Your name (for validation purposes)
Your Droid X cell number (for validation purposes)
Your Droid X DEC and HEX MEID numbers – dial *#06# to find them.
Please indicate what your issue is – for example: “I don’t get notifications when my Exchange email arrives.”

Once these items have been verified, a Touchdown license will be sent to you at the email address you provide. (Supplies permitting.) Our goal is to respond within 24 hours. I’m sorry, but refunds are not available for owners who have already purchased Touchdown.

Don’t own a Droid X? You’ll still have to purchase the app yourself, but it’s now gotten a permanent price drop to $20 – down $10 from the price it was introduced at. If there were any time to pull the trigger on buying this app, I’d say it’s now.

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  1. Good promotion for touchdown. Maybe they’ll bundle it (oh no! I said a bad word!) in the future since it will always be better than the default.

  2. I use touchdown just because it works. I’ve never got any other copy to work because the clients don’t like my personal certs. I don’t choose the signing authority, it’s who my company uses so I guess touchdown it will be.

  3. Why do they acknowledge Exchange issues with Droid X, but fail to acknowledge the scathing issues with the original Droid? The Exchange experience out of the box for the Droid (et al.) is absurd. E.g., periodic need to completely wipe data and re-configure in response to relentless force-close.

  4. @pjc upgrade to 2.2, it fixes all that.

  5. I’ve used Touchdown on my droid since I got it and have, literally, never had a single issue. Plus, the functionality has continued to improve with every update.

    A rock solid app and, if you are on Exchange, a steal at even the full price.

  6. Would you say that their exchange support is complete? Because I would like them to expand into supporting Outlook

  7. I bought Touchdown a few weeks ago for the Droid x – I guess I missed out on the free MOTO credit. That stinks. Well, the Droid X is $150 at walmart now, so I guess I paid $50 more to get mine on launch day. That stinks, too. Pretty soon Verizon will be giving them away! When will it all stop?

  8. I had an original Droid and now a Droid X. I’ve always synced without incident to Exchange 2007. What exactly is the issue? The only issue I have which isn’t really an issue is that messages don’t seem to be AS instant as other phones. I have PUSH turned on, but there could be a 5 minute delay. Nothing earth shattering. My address book syncs no issue, and GAL syncing works perfectly (albeit wasn’t available without a separate app on my original Droid). So what’s the issue exactly that others are experiencing?

  9. Are you sure touchdown is on sale…its been that price for the past week…..

  10. My Droid X will not connect to my Exchange 2003 server. I get a message of “Unable to connect to server”. Touchdown works flawlessly for me (in trial mode) and my CEO (paid version). The Droid X is definitely bugged when it comes to Exchange 2003 connectivity. It was nice to see this article. I submitted my request and will hopefully see a license come my way.

  11. @Compuguy That is indeed a sale price. We’re not sure how long the sale lasts, but NitroDesk has told us it’ll be jumping back up to the normal $29.99 after some time.

  12. For the record, $19.99 is the normal price for Touchdown. We’ve had it that way for quite a while now, but since I have a Land Rover, feel free to pay us more if you must. :-)

    We’re very glad that we were able to help our friends at Motorola with this, they really do build exceptional devices.
    Give them a little bit of a break on this. Stuff happens, things slip through and make it to the public that shouldn’t. an issue was discovered, they found a solution (Touchdown,) and they are giving to the affected folks at no charge.
    How and can anyone find fault with that?

  13. Wow Moto great job on shafting Cliq users once again. Droid X doesn’t get an update a few weeks after launching and their owners get a 30 buck app for free. Cliq users wait 7 months and get ” We are opitmizing the user experience”…

  14. Right on, Nick. Where is the update for those of us who were dumb enough to actually believe that Motorola and T-Mobile would keep their promises and upgrade the Cliq to 2.1?

    We are now downgraded to 2nd class citizens, waiting for the release of their new phone, undoubtedly hoping we’ll pay the ransom to escape from Cliq hell.

    No wonder T-Mobile lost 93,000 customers last year. I’ll be one more when my contract is finished.

  15. I find it funny that Motorola spent $500 million to buy Good (IE: Goodlink) and they cant get it into there phones.

    I used touchdown on my droid and it is the best exchange app

    Great Job on something at least

  16. Moto sold Good in Feb of 2009. (along with all the IP)

    Obviously i’m biased, but i simply can’t understand why an enterprise would want to use something like Good. Adding infrastructure overhead in this economy is just silly.

    Connecting your employees to their work email shouldn’t be a jobs program for a BES/Good administrator.

  17. I sent the email but, Motorola is dening that they are giving out free Liscenses…..

  18. Jason – someone there must have not gotten the memo.
    They’re not giving out a free license for Touchdown for every DroidX users, just ones with very specific issues.

    you did mail [email protected], yes?

  19. Well, I have the original Droid with update 2.2 FRG01B and Active Sync has stopped! So this should be extended to anyone who updates to this latest/greatest version also.

  20. @ Steve,
    No, 2.2 does not fix Exchange issues on Droid. If it did I wouldn’t have tickets open with VZW and Moto.

  21. Apparantly 2.2 Froyo on a Droid and Exchange 2010 are also DOA…..

  22. so…is touchdown a monthly cost or a one time fee?


  23. Man, I thought this DRIOD saga is the Iphone killer.

    Keep going to Verizon and keep getting ripped off!!!

    I have one simple question. Why are these DRIODS so popular but yet have so many problems and you need to buy an app for every dam thing you want to do on the phone?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?

    Iphone rules!!!!

  24. iPhone user, really….. this is what you do with your time? I have has no issue with Exchange and my EVO at all but I have a client with two Droid 2 devices and it seems that they too have been left out in the cold. We were pointed in the direction on Touchdown as a solution and the person who had initially called was not told it was only a 30 day trial. Has Motorola found a solution yet or are we, who are not getting a free liscense now forced to add to the cost?

  25. Just got the DX. the company i work for all use blackberrys. we use MS Exchange 2003. took my DX to verizon store, found set up easy. for email server drop the https:// and/exchange off email server name, bam, email working. not sure if this works for everyone but, im STOKED! 2 days with the droid and lovin it.

  26. I have deployed every possible handheld/Exchange scenario as I do this for my small business clients. Treo, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and now Android. I’ve used RoadSync, Good, various editions of BES, and Exchange all the way up to 2010.

    I purchased a Droid X for my personal use and took advantage of the Motorola offer. I think Touchdown is the best handheld Exchange client I’ve used. My last handheld was the Touch Pro 2 running Windows Mobile 6.5. It’s easy to implement, especially if you use hosted exchange with Autodiscover. I was able to configure tasks so it matched my GTD method and I’ve finally got HTML email without annoying multiple clicks to see the graphics. I’m not sure I would have checked out Touchdown if Motorola/Nitrodesk hadn’t created this offer so in my case they will be selling many licenses as I can’t see why Android users on Exchange wouldn’t gladly pay $20 for the best Exchange client I’ve used on a handheld.

  27. I recently upgraded to Droid 2 (note just came on the market) and I cannot send or reply to my work emails and any internal emails defualt to December 31, 1969. Based on my research this glitch has been known for over a year. If Droid X users can get a free Touchdown license, then all Droid users should be given the same opportunity. I should not have to pay an additional fee to get my emails after paying almost $200 for the Droid 2.

  28. I have a problem with my corporate email, it is not working? Please contact me.

  29. Looks like this has been discontinued.. They came back with the issue is fixed in 2.2 and to upgrade your phone.

  30. Well it seems the folks that have no problems with droids and exchange simply have the answer that it can be because mine worked. Read the blogs man droid x does not support exchange very well. I have one and it has horrible problems with exchange at least for me and half the other people on this blog. It is a sin to have to buy an app to fix one of the main features of the phone as I like the phone otherwise.

  31. I have a Droid X. Using touchdown, demo version. I can not seem to sync my Calander. Is this because I have the demo version right now or have I set something up wrong?

  32. Eddie – I’m using touchdown demo version as well and my calendar is sycning. Perhaps check your settings to ensure that your calendar folder is set to sync.

  33. Does the Droid X have the ability to use the meetings request features using Microsoft Exchange servers like Blackberry. I know about the Android Pro – which is where I am leaning towards. I do like the large screen of the Droid X. What Exchange features does it not provide?

  34. I also am trying to evaluate a Droid X after using a BB Tour for a long time with Exchange 2003 SP2. Today I did download the Touchdown demo and yes, with some fiddling, it does sync my e-mail, contacts and calendar. Am I missing something or doesn’t this still kind of stink in that I have to launch Touchdown and then search Contacts to make a call?…Also, caller ID is not displayed on incoming calls since the Droid uses the native Contact list (not the one in Touchdown) to search for matches. I am surprised at the praises that some people here are giving Touchdown…it is cool that it works at least but the interface seems to have a lot of drawbacks.

  35. Doung – you will need to sync the contacts from touchdown to the phone. You can do this from the touchdown contacts. Once the sync completes, you can open touchdown settings and have it sync any changes moving forward.

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