Android 2.2 Update for Motorola Droid Delayed Until August 12?



What else could Verizon cram onto August 12th? The space on the calendar is filling up with the launch of the Droid 2 and a Droid training day for customers, but if recent rumors are to be believed this could also be the date that the Froyo update for the Motorola Droid picks back up after it was supposedly halted in favor of a newer build version. There is no specific reason known yet for why the update may have been switched to the later version, some speculation is that one of the bugs to be fixed is AAC+ playback support with Pandora, which many Froyo users have experienced trouble with.

Actually, no one is really sure if the update was ever halted, but evidence definitely lends us to believe that the new build FRG22 is indeed replacing the first one pushed — version FRG01B. Will the 12th be the date the update resumes? I guess we’ll know in a few short days.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Man I thought it was ganna be tomarrow

  2. Why assume that the push was halted? Was there ever confirmation that they had a go-ahead for a widespread distribution? They always do a pilot push before they go wide to ensure everything is OK. I’ve read a lot of speculation, and jumping the gun, but I unless I missed it, I don’t recall seeing an official announcement for wide release.

  3. Froyo is Droid 2’s biggest selling point. They want to keep it that way till Droid 2 comes out.

  4. You guys should just manually update to froyo. I did it this morning directly from my phone without connecting to the computer, it took at least 7 minutes, no problems, nd froyo works amazingly. I was even able to install flash straight from my phone, and my droid is living up to its potential :)

  5. I don’t know if the rollout was halted or not, or when it will resume if it was halted, but I’m pretty sure that just like the 2.1 update, it will hit my Droid while I’m on vacation, and if anything goes wrong I’ll be SOL.

    With any luck I’ll receive my third refurb replacement back from TomTom in time for my vacation so I won’t be completely reliant on my Droid.

  6. So am I going to be able to get the frg22 update when it comes out I updated manually to FRG01B

  7. I never touched my droids software before, but had the FRG01 sitting on my SD card for 2 days and finally had to cave and do a manual update…and I’m glad I did!
    All the old software lags and hang ups have disappeared! Its not Droid X levels of performance, but things are smoother all the way around! Active walpapers and launcher pro running at the same time don’t even slow it down now!
    I used a task killer once about 10mins after reboot and haven’t used it again after a day of Heavy Use! Expect slow performance for maybe 10mins after 1st boot, but after that enjoy your Froyo!

  8. this is entirely incorrect. it is already officially being pushed out with an end to the push scheduled for Aug 13

  9. i got my official 2.2 update on the 2nd, oh wait you people have verizon haha :p

  10. After the 2.1 update fiasco…I’ll believe that the Droid is being updated ota when it hits my phone…until Then I still don’t believe the Droid is getting froyo.

  11. I got the initial 2.2 update and it works fine except for the battery life sucks now. I’ve heard it’s because of the Facebook app update, but I don’t know for sure.

  12. I actually was standing in a verizon store yesterday whenn install update came to my droid which was the first froyo update,o.cei installed and the phone rebooted the install update screen popped up again and when it rebooted again and worked its magic i was already on the new frg22 build, so either that was a mistake by motorola or the update is already going out to a small number of people, this occurred yesterday around 1pm est in south jersey.

  13. @johnb where did u go to manually install it and does it have to be rooted

  14. @john b were did u go to manually install froyo and does it have to be rooted

  15. @john b, post your email address so people who have problems after taking your advice can get support, because they won’t be able to get any from Verizon if they’re loading non-official software. One should be willing to stand behind their recommendations. By the way, what kind of replacement warranty do you offer if the user voids theirs and screws up the phone by incorrectly trying to patch it? I hope it’s generous.

  16. I hope the D2 has better battery , the keyboard can slide smotther and quicker too and that it doesn’t get hot when using for like 5minutes hahaha seriusly those were somme perty big isuues right

  17. I manually updated my Droid to the FRG01B build earlier this week. Does any know how I can return to 2.1 in order to get the FRG22B build.

    Note: My Droid is not rooted.

  18. Pandora is my most used app. 2.2 can sit until it is properly baked.

    I am glad they are pushing this out a few days to get this sorted…if that is the case.

  19. Some hints I gathered from Lifehacker’s interview with Android’s Product Manager about Android Gingerbread:


  20. lots of expectation…

  21. So their making everyone wait so that Droid 2 can be claimed as the first to have it? And that’s supposed to boost sales how?

  22. @uprooted: he manually installed the official build. It’s all over the place and it doesn’t void your warranty (as it’s the official build) like rooting will. You will also get the new update patch when it’s made available.

  23. Droid X please, Big Red. :)

  24. @ comment number 9 ahhhhhhhh good for you-I take it you have the evo-you know I heard the update has slowed down the Evo much-much and so maybe HTC rushed it out to fast? I dont know but I know Im happier on the big V then I would br on little old sprint there-but its good you got your update even if it has gave you a slower device-lol And if all is well then good for you buddy boy-didnt really need to hear about your little sprint love on this topic but-goooood for you y0

  25. New official update release date for motorola droid. When HELL freezes over Verizon will push out FRG22 for all moto droids. Until then have fun with same old tired out 2.1 :|

  26. I got my 2.2 update this a.m. I am wondering where I can get or how I can get Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

  27. August 11! Just got the option to upgrade to 2.2! But my phone is frozen on the Motorola logo…

  28. wife got the update to 2.2 this morning but I didn’t :( i heard verizon is sending it out to a few lucky people. well it confirms my suspisions…I’m not LUCKY.

  29. 2.2 killed my video player. Bye Bye You Tube.

  30. I updated to 2.2 and my phone died quickly, and now it will not turn back on. fml

  31. Got the 2.2 update request on my droid this morning around 4am. It is now 3 1/2 hours later and phone is frozen on Motorola logo. Battery pulls have done nothing. Making trip to Verizon store this morning. . .

  32. VERIZON is still releasing the 2.2 update over a week after it is known that it kills the moto droid! I have 2 droids that are basically useless. I went to the store, and they are sending out new ones, but now I am 2 days (at least) without phones for my son and myself. I am a single father, and both of us are now droid/phoneless! I asked verizon why they continued to release the update if it is killing phones, and they stated they stopped–it has been a week! They do not have replacement phones at their stores, and they will not replace the phone with the one it is being phazed out for. Customer service on this known issue is horrid! Their only offer was bonus minutes–I have no use for bonus minutes, especially when I do not have a working phone. I love my droid, but I want out of my contract if this is the way you fix your mistakes. I had a similar issue with Sprint back in 2000, and I went to the store and they gave me the phone that was replacing the one I had–they took care of the customer. BAD SHOW verizon.

  33. Got the 2.2 update notification on Moto Droid Monday morning 8/16, the phone went to restart and froze on the “M” logo. Waited 45 minutes and nothing. Pulled the battery, tried again, and it still stayed frozen on the “M” when booting. Finally did a hard reset (5-6 times) and still the same result. Went to the store immediately a few hours later and they did the hard reset even though I told them I had already done it. Told me to call Tech Support at their store, which I did, and they could not help me other than to send a replacement. To make matters worse, they told they would overnight it since it was still morning, but instead sent it 2-day FedEx. I finally received my Droid refurb phone Wednesday afternoon. This phone updated to 2.2 just fine, but then after charging the entire day and last night, I found out that it cannot hold a charge. On the charger, it charges but remains at 5% fully charged! The refurb they sent didn’t even include a battery, so I do not know if the 2.2 update from my original Droid damaged the battery, or if the refurb is the one that has problem (battery sensors, who knows?). Called Tech Support and they are sending another replacement and I demanded overnight shipping! So as of Friday afternoon 8/19, I will have my original that is frozen, refurb 1, and refurb 2 that is coming…who knows what problems that one will have. They obviously aren’t testing/checking the replacement phones they send out! I requested they send a battery also (they said they don’t normally do that) so I know whether it’s the battery or the replacement phone. I was also told by 2 different tech supports that as of 8/17, some of the Verizon stores have computers that can flash and “unfreeze” the phones from the 2.2 update. I have called 3 corporate stores in the Los Angeles area and none have it, so I’m wondering if Verizon is just bullshitting people who are angry with this! I have been without a smartphone for 4 days now, soon to be without one for 5. Considering I drive quite a bit and am without a working phone, this is unacceptable.

    If you have 2.1, don’t do the update. Google it and you’ll see that this is a widespread problem with the Droid freezing on 2.2 updates and Verizon is aware of it!

  34. Just got my 2.2 update at 5:45 today. Took 5 min to update. Everythings working great. Browser is twice as fast. Benchmark score jumped from 378 to 786. No problems whatsoever. And for the battery drain it turns some phones brightness and timeout settings all the way up so turn em back to normal and it will fix your problems

  35. Sorry bench was 876 posted wrong

  36. -Got the 2.2 update on Monday, 8/16. After updating, went to restart and froze on “M” logo. Stayed frozen for 45 minutes. Multiple battery pulls and finally did a hard reset (a few times!). Went to Verizon store, they did the same thing and had me call Tech Support while in the store. TS said they would overnight one. It wound up being sent TWO-DAY FedEx!

    -Got my replacement/refurb yesterday 8/19 early afternoon. They did not include a battery. Updated fine, but battery has charged for hours and never charges past 20% while on charger. Pulled it from charger, and battery would drain to 5% in less than a few minutes. No major apps were running/installed. Called TS last night, told me to do a battery pull and let it charge overnight. I told them the replacement they sent was as useful as my frozen original since it can’t hold a charge. I don’t know if it’s the handset or the battery! Also told me that some stores have computers that can “flash” and fix the frozen Droids as of 8/17 since it’s a widespread problem. They told me to call the nearest corporate store and see if they can restore my original. They also told me to let it charge overnight to see if the refurb’s battery life improves.

    -Charged overnight for 7 hours, and on the morning of 8/19 I checked and now while on the charger it remains at 5% while charging. Called TS again, and they are sending a second replacement. This time I demanded a battery so I can see what the problem is. TS again stated to call a Verizon store and see if they have machines to fix my original.

    -Called 3 large corporate Verizon stores in Los Angeles, and NONE have these so-called machines. I believe the problem is more widespread than we know of and what’s being reported by Verizon. As of tomorrow, I will be phoneless for 5 days!

    CONTACT ANY KIND OF MEDIA AND HAVE THEM REPORT THIS. START AT A LOCAL LEVEL, THEN WORK OUR WAY UP TO A NATIONAL LEVEL. The more people who report this, the more Verizon will be forced to address the problem and resolve it in a way that meets the customers’ satisfaction.. This makes Antenna-gate from Apple look like peanuts- at least they have a working phone!

  37. Like Swan, my Droid died and will not turn back on. My daughter updated and says her phone is extremely slow.

  38. I did the update last night and it froze my phone on the M-icon also. I removed the battery and replaced it and nothing; pushing the off/on switch still nothing. It fried my phone, this morning I called verizon Tech support, they had me hold down on/off key and the X key at the same time and still nothing! They said they would send a replacement overnight, but would not send a new battery, they said my battery should be OK; We will see tomorrow if they are correct.

  39. Update: Went to the Verizon store again to see if it was the battery (which wouldn’t hold a charge past 5%) or the replacement handset itself. The customer service girl who was helping me (who I will refer to as CS-1) was very nice and agreed to put a new battery in to see if it would make a difference, and we’d let it charge in the store for 30 minutes. Her coworker (who I will refer to as CS-2) then butted into our conversation and told me that I needed a new battery after only owning the phone for 4 months! CS-2 said “I have the original Droid and the Droid X, and I change out the battery every 4 months”. I told him that was awfully expensive to be changing the battery that often, and he then proceeded to tell me that a battery can only be charged so many times, etc. He then asked where I bought the phone, and I told him Best Buy. CS-2 then proceeded to tell me that since I did not buy the phone at the corporate store, that if the battery is the problem that I would have to go back to Best Buy and take up the issue with them or that I can purchase a new battery. He asked why I did not buy it from the Verizon store, and I told him that I had purchased previous phones from the Verizon store before, but there was an $80 difference between Best Buy and the Verizon stores. I also told him I called Customer Service at Verizon to see if they could price match, and they could not. CS-2 then told me “Well that’s why you don’t buy from Best Buy, what do you think you’re paying for when you’re paying more here? You’re paying for the warranty.” CS-2 then told me that had I purchased the phone from the Verizon store, my battery would be covered if it were the issue. It was very obvious he was trying to make me feel guilty for not buying the phone there. I then argued with CS-2 that my phone and battery were just fine on my original phone before the update, so therefore how could it be the battery? Meanwhile, CS-1 noticed it was getting heated, and she told me quietly “It’s the update that’s causing problems”. After charging the phone for 1/2 an hour with the brand new battery, CS-1 checked the phone and the same thing happened- the phone would not hold a charge more than 5%. I told her that I called Verizon Tech Support that morning regarding the problem, and that they were sending another replacement that was being overnighted. She also told me to not update to 2.2 and leave it on 2.1 for now until the problems are fixed.

    It’s bad enough being without a phone for 5 days, it’s bad enough I will now have gone through 2 replacement phones, but the last thing a person needs is for a bad customer service rep like CS-2 to blame the customer in some way or make them feel worse. When CS-2 was arguing with me, I almost told him that I have had the original 1st generation iPod Touch since the first week of October 2007 when it first came out and that I had charged that thing multiple times and use it all the time and that the internal battery to this day is STILL going strong. CS-2’s theory on needing a new battery was completely BS and unprofessional, and as someone who works for and represents Verizon I really feel sorry for any person he is helping because he obviously knows nothing about the technology in general and is giving the wrong information, possibly to make a sale or just to make a customer feel bad.

    For any of you that are experiencing problems with the Droid, please do not let any of the customer service reps in the store BS you, especially into buying something you obviously don’t need or make it sound as if the problem is a rarity or if the the problem is your fault in some way. Even CS-1 was aware of how widespread the problem is, so if your customer service rep isn’t helping you to your satisfaction or if they sound like they are BS’ing you, have someone else help you. In addition, report this person to Verizon for their lack of knowledge and customer service skills.

  40. The question was asked just not answered. If you manually install frg01b, can you still get the frg22b ota update? Thanks everyone for the help.

  41. I did the systme update that came to my phone and it was the frg01b. How do I get the latest one?

  42. Got the update about 2 days ago but it doesn’t have adobe flash player like it said it would. Does anyone know when the adobe flash player will be available for the droid? Jw

  43. I also got the update on my moto droid….battery would no longer hold a charge. Verizon service center gave me new battery, but it wouldn’t hold a charge either…Got refurb phone sent to me and once that was updated – same problem…battery can’t fully charge and dies within an hour or so. Verizon is sending me a new charger, but now it seems to make sense that it’s the new update that is frying the battery.

  44. I am also having the same problem with the droid update. My phone will not stay charged for more than 4 hours. I never had a problem before the update. Verizon store did a complete reset, but still not holding a charge.

  45. To all those with the battery problem, it is NOT the battery- don’t let Verizon tell you anything. When I got the 2nd replacement phone, immediately stuck my battery in that came from the 1st replacement (that wouldn’t hold a charge) and the battery said 70%! It only said 5% on the Droid that had 2.2. and that’s how I knew it was the Froyo update causing problems. On the 1st replacement, it had a 50% charge before it asked me to update to Froyo (-I had ZERO Apps installed too!), which I did, and that’s when the battery drain problems started. I recommend all those who are getting a replacement to leave their phone on 2.1 like I did and wait until they have a more stable version on Froyo. What’s annoying is I keep getting messages every 30 minutes asking me to update to 2.2, and I have to hit ignore every time hoping I don’t accidentally hit “Install”. Just called Verizon today to ask about it and the CS even told me “You should update, it’s better for your phone”. That just tells you what dummies Verizon has working for them and how they don’t care…google and look at the Verizon forums and you’ll see how many people have to get a replacement because of this 2.2 update!

  46. After updating my Droid to 2.2 on the 19th, my phone has not been able to hold a charge for more than 3 hours. Prior to the update I was having no problems at all. Having read pretty much every comment in this thread, I am hoping there is some way to fix this since Verizon hasn’t seemed to help anyone as far as I can see. Is there a way to go back to 2.1 or is that technically what a hard reset entails? I will be the first to admit that my knowledge in the area of technology is minimal so here’s to hoping that wasn’t a dumb question! Since I don’t have insurance on my phone I’m fearing a lack of support from Verizon but since the phone itself is not the problem, we’ll see…

  47. I am on my 2nd refurb phone and 2nd battery and still having the drained battery issue. Verizon had me contact Motorola and they, too, will not admit that it’s due to the new update. They claim I have been the only complaint about this so far. Their solution – try another new battery. I’m losing my patience because I am left without a phone when I go out for longer than 2 hours. Verizon did credit me for the days I have been without a phone due to this issue, but noone has an answer. I am waiting for yet another refurb phone and will take Elaine’s advice to not go ahead with update…RIDICULOUS.

  48. An up date hit my Droid (Moto 1) this morning and it’s been stuck on the triangle exclamation point screen with the phone laying in front if it screen… for about 45 minutes now… anyone know about this?

  49. jUst got my update. Not impressed. More BLOATWARE… seriously shy do wee need this.

  50. wow, I updated my intercept to the new android version and it died, gave me the red triangle, restarted and froze on the main screen. I called sprint and they said everyone is having this problem, is there any way to fix this crap? is there any hope for the millions of phones ruined by this? lmao I’m so frustrated. Samsung wants me to send it in to them, I’m reluctant because I’m hoping there is some kind of fix in the short future.

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