Droid 2 Dummy Units Land at Best Buy Mobile



This pair of Droid 2 handsets are a couple of real dumb dumbs. Dummy phones, that is, which have made their way to Best Buy Mobile based on the shots. We’d prefer real phones on store shelves being sold for real money, but I suppose the wait can’t be much longer. Is there anything left to say about the Droid 2?

[via Engadget]

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  1. hell of a lot better then the first one, that’s for sure!

  2. I’m kind of wondering what happened to the R2D2 edition.

    Why are they shipping the dummy phones before the actual phones? You’d think you could just put them in the same box.

  3. I doubt there will be an R2RD version imo.

  4. I really hope they reconsider the placement of the Directional arrows on the keyboard to the left hand side. It would do wonders for Gamer’s Hand.

  5. any idea about display resolution ? some of my friends have IPhone 4 and they keep bragging about display, I want one of the android phones to match or come equal to the resolution

  6. @4 it’s going to be the same as the first Droid and the Droid X 480×854 I’m pretty sure.

  7. You know, the more I see pictures of the phone or the dummy version in the wild, the less I’m concerned about the chrome border. It looked too bright and shiny in some of the promo shots, but I think under normal lighting conditions, it will mostly look dark and glossy.

    I still wish the keyboard casing wasn’t blue though.

  8. @ Bob,

    Tell your ipawn friends this.. Would you rather have a 13 inch Crystal clear LED TV that has a slightly higher RES screen or a 46″ LED TV that has almost the same RES?

    The only reason people with iphones brag about the retina display is because that’s all they have to brag about.. look how freaking small their screens are. I think iphones are for girls or guys with girly small hands. My hands/fingers are too big for a freaking iphone, not to mention you have to strain your eyes more because the screens so small

  9. Here is the comparison sheet

    The droid 2 has the same resolution as the DROID X

    854 x 480

  10. Here is the comparison sheet


    The droid 2 has the same resolution as the DROID X

    854 x 480

  11. @5 Bob

    If you want a comparable display (which many have said is on par with the retina deisplay), get a Galaxy S. The Super AMOLED screen can’t be beat when it comes to Android phones and that will impress them. Nothing else on Android comes close.

  12. even people with small hands have the same eyes as everyone else. Bigger screen is always easier to use

  13. I swore that I would never get a phone without a physical keyboard until I saw the Nexus One. Loved the phone so much that I bought it even though it didn’t have a physical keyboard. Best decision I ever made. A keyboard is a waste of space. You don’t need it. Trust me. Once you get used to the on-screen keyboard you will realize what I’m saying.

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