Xperia X10 Coming to AT&T Very Soon



In case you forgot this little number from Sony Ericsson might eventually hit the United States, reports are in that the Xperia X10 has finally passed AT&T’s technical acceptance process. What does this mean? The phone should be dropping on the carrier in the coming weeks. Sadly there is no reason to believe we won’t be getting anything other than Android 1.6 at launch and possible WiFi bugs. Don’t even get me started on what AT&T will do to the handset before it gets on the shelf.

[via BGR]

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  1. Just what AT&T needs….another crippled Android device. It almost seems like they purposely release garbage Android phones in an attempt to bolster iPhone sales.

  2. yawn snore bore next

  3. @DroidDev They mostly have only drones on their network so yeah you are right about them trying to make the iPhone look good because for any other network the iPhone looks like a piece of crap now.

  4. Is it just me or is this phone “old news” ?

  5. Sorry, Sony a little late to the game with a 1 GHZ phone. Sony has been talking about this phone for what seems like a year. While Sony was talking about the X10, the Droid, Nexus 1, Galaxy S, Iphone4, Incredibles have all come out and wiped out that market. Now everybody is looking for the 1.5 or 2 GHZ phones with the big high quality screen and front camera.

    Sorry Sony need to wake up.

  6. I don’t believe this is really a Sony phone. This is not the same Sony that gave us the PS3.

  7. @mw.. well said

  8. i remember a long time ago seeing this phone and being excited. now not so much. good try but sony come on, look at your competition. its like the phone jus got so heald up and is now late to the party.

  9. Then why the fuck do you guys out there keep saying SOON sounds like it’s not coming at all. This was the only phone I was hoping to get even though it doesn’t comes with 2.1 I’m still willing to get the X10 but still lost my hopes for this phone again.

  10. I got a chance to play with the X10 mini and mini pro. The 1.6 wasn’t unbearable there. I imagine on the larger X10 it will be even better than the minis. I am still looking forward to the X10. The update to 2.1 should happen this Fall-ish, so it won’t be too long a tenure in 1.6. Think of it this way, all the other countries that have the phone had to endure 1.6 for months. We might only have to wait weeks. Incidentally, the 8.1MP camera makes this phone very relevant today, as it stands above most of the other “better” phones.

  11. @ari-free It sure looks like it these are the same retards that took out the ability to play PS1 and PS2 games off the PS3 and don’t forget no more installing Linux.

  12. Sony and ATT… a day late and another dollar short is really all you can say here. Apple must have some sort of under the table deal with ATT and stipulates they can only bring crippled, underwhelming Android phones to their network, hahaha.

  13. Sony Ericsson and Sony Computer Entertainment are two very different divisions of the Sony pie… This is an example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing and vice-versa… Oh, every blue-moon they’ll collaborate, but whatever they do it doesn’t tend to go very far…. The only place you’ll ever see all of their product lines come together is at a Sony Style store…

  14. This phone has been a disappointment since day one. The ui is still crippled and it’s been almost a year since I heard it was coming to America.
    Wow, Sony failed yet again and now my only hope in T-Mobile for great devices is HTC.
    Sorry Samsung fans but those phones are crap too…

  15. know a guy that has it here in canada (already out)…bitches about it constantly.

    nothing to see here…keep movin’ along.

  16. “everybody is looking for the 1.5 or 2 GHZ phones”

    Are they? What’s wrong with the 1GHZ phones that just came out?

  17. HTC 1 ghz phones are too slow.

  18. 2.2 xperia x10 is damn good, 1.6 is boring.

  19. @ari-free Dude Ps3 sucks balls now.

  20. Christmas will see the greatest technological advancement for phones and pads then you ever seen in your life. Android 3.0 will be out requiring all phones to have 1000Mhz or more to operate and 1.5GHZ 2GHZ phones are slated to come out at the same time. So why would anyone go backwards to a phone that should have came out 1 year ago running 1.6 and maybe, maybe will be upgraded? This was my phone of choice when it came out but had to settle for the HTC Hero which is running 2.2 Froyo OC 710MHZ something this phone will never see, so sad :-(

  21. swampfox, while I agree with you. All PS3s can play PS1 games. Not PS2 however. That’s why they are able to release PS1 Classics on the PSN

  22. I meant jdawg. Sorry

  23. This phone should release with 2.2 but you know At&t can’t get daddy Steve Jobs mad especially since it has Flash and all. I’m surprised they have a phone like the Captivate on their network. Seems like they were after the low end models.

  24. Well while all are qq’ing about this phone, im really enjoying mine. And it just keep gettin better every day, it doesnt need all those updates to android, as it already have most of the 2.1 features. And so far i havent seen any 1.5-2 GHz processors.

  25. 2.2 is the one with all the features

  26. Woo hoo! Welcome back to 2009! Next!

  27. I have this phone on T-mobile, and it’s great.

  28. I was looking forward to this phone about 6 months ago…

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