[Update: It’s True] MyTouch 3G Slide Getting OTA (Not FroYo) Upgrade Tomorrow?


[Update]: It’s true, courtesy of T-Mobile themselves. Go ahead and check for it now. Hit this link for more details.

While many are awaiting FroYo on their devices of choice (we can confirm at least two user groups – those on the HTC Desire and on the HTC EVO 4G – have already gotten upgraded), MyTouch 3G Slide users will just have to make do with a quick, non-FroYo OTA that will fix some bugs and bring about several enhancements.


TmoNews is our benefactor as their source tells them:

“Beginning August 4, T-Mobile will send an over-the-air (OTA) update to myTouch 3G Slide customers, which will provide a number of benefits, including increased battery performance and enhancements to software features such as Faves Gallery and Genius Button. The update will be sent to customers in staggered waves beginning August 4 and we anticipate all customers will receive it by August 19.”

The update is being deployed in staggered waves and won’t be over until the 19th. We know some of you are just itching for FroYo (and we know HTC’s committed to bringing it to all phones released in 2010) but you’ll just have a while longer to wait.

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  1. fix my camera!!!

  2. Got my update last night. I haven’t had it long enough to notice a difference yet. I figure that since they just sent out this OTA patch, Froyo must be a ways off, otherwise they would’ve included the patch update with the Froyo OTA. : (

  3. This makes sense since they decided that they would announce an upgrade to Froyo for the My Touch 3G (not slide) back in June and nothing has come out since. The word at the stores is that we will be lucky to see an upgrade, if any, come October for the My Touch 3G.
    … seemed like a good place to vent this seeing that they are giving Froyo to the Slide yet

  4. Froyo is just around the corner according to #Teamdouche :)

  5. It is a race in my little mind. If sprint releases the epic and upgrades it before the slide, I jump to sprint.

  6. You get your FroYo love in time. But think about this the most talked about phones are going always to get there’s first before updating Evo was the smart thing to do since its still selling. Incredible probably getting next to try to increase a selling point for it since the screen hinder it’s success. But look what gets upgraded first the high end then mid end then the low end if possible. But as we see the low end sometimes has to depend on the rom developers. I have the incredible and running 2.2 its worth the wait.

  7. The constant delays and half-baked promises of Froyo to the myTouch are getting tiresome. Put up or shut up, T-mobile.

    The Droid X is looking better and better all the time. As I see more and more retailers offering buyouts to cover early termination fees, I gotta tell ya the notion is looking more and more attractive while T-Mobile persists with its thumb in its ear.

  8. @plainbrad i’m in the same boat as you! t-mo better act fast because that epic 4g looks better and better everyday. 4.0″ super amoled display plus a 5 row qwerty?? i’m pretty much sold.

  9. i’m also with tmobile, i have to say im glad i stop playing with my mytouch 3G and bought the last shipment of nexus one’s that was out. as soon as i put my chip in the phone and powered up the update was waiting for me to install. :) do say ur going to leave just do it why coontinue to wait when u know tmobile is going to take years to release the update while others reep the benefits of 2.2. that mytouch slide is going to get this 1 update then to the trash it shall go trust me. the rom and internal memory will not be able to hold no more than 2 updates the most on that mytouch slide device. tmobile sucks when it comes to updating there devices and getting something worth investing in. im tired of continusly purchasing phones at 500 dollar prices and get just a baby step away from the last device i previously owned. they once say that the processor and internal memory dont really matter but when it comes to updates it sure does doesnt it.

  10. i saw this in a tmobile text and clicked the link to find out what the update was for. while it was loading i was telling myself, “i know this isnt froyo, that would be just too good” i was right ofcourse. even before tmobile listed the changes with the update, right there in bold letters “THIS IS NOT FROYO”
    what a drag tmobile is being

  11. If t-mobile didn’t have hspa+ to hang their hats on, they’d be really screwed. Before the galaxy their best android was the f-ing mytouch slide!!!! 600mhz its really pathetic. I mean my wife loves the slide but smartphones are becoming really smart and powerful and t-mobile is like child running a company, even with the galaxy they are so far behind that its shocking. There literally HAS to be some sort of shady businessbgoing on at that company. Android is blowing up and they are the only major carrier that couldn’t care less. I don’t know what’s going on at t-mobile but scandal, intrigue, blackmail- to make the official decisions that t-mobile makes absolutely proves that they are trying to avoid customers/attention. I do like their prices but I’d rather have a decent android phone and I’d rather have the normal 3g NOT cut out when I walk into stores or drive outside a city’s limits than have hspa+. T-mobile has potential but they have got to get their shit together. Topping the list in customer satisfaction is a start but they are on pace to be forgotten as they watch their competitors introduce powerful android after powerful android. Its very awkward of them to pass on the burgeoning android demand. Something shady is definitely up over their at tmobile

  12. ok i read a lot about the slide and the FroYo. After analising all of the information, it made sense to think that the Slide needs to be ready for the FroYo, they said that Slide will be getting an upgrade before they can launch the FroYo on it, so they are. Hold tight this happened with the Motorola Cliq XT and it is happening over again with the Slide. I love the Slide, will never trade for anything else in the world, to me it is way more user friendly then the HTC HD 2 wich runs a lame windows, there are no lags what so ever with the Slide. Only thing that I dont get is the faves, it just takes up needed memory. T-mobile is indeed a child in the circle with Sprint, AT&T and Verizon…BUT…as long as i’ve owned t-mobile, i never had problems with them… no roaming charges, what else do y’all want, its great if u want to save some money. FroYo will hit Slide!

  13. Can you use the genus button without 3G

  14. I was tired of waiting and finally decided to root my phone and upgrade using a custom ROM (Cyogenmod 5.0.8). Even though it was a somewhat complicated process I’m so glad I did it! If you aren’t a tech person or know what I’m talking about I wouldn’t recommend doing it since it could brick your phone. If you do or say screw it, I’d say go for it! SO many more options and customizations and doesn’t run slow – improvements in camera effects and looks brighter/clearer also. Best idea I’ve had in a while – its like I have a new phone! I might even keep my MyTouch when my contract is up for renewal on Tmobile in a yea, its that good.

  15. I’m tired of waiting for froyo on my mytouch slide they always make it sound as if its around the corner then I here we have to wait months its bs!! I’m thinking about getting the vibrant since I can’t get a nexus one but I might just go to sprint evo tmo ps me off

  16. This is probably going to include a newer, froyo compatible radio.

  17. JesusChrist! A lot of you need a genius button yourselves, like on your body somewhere. This page looks like an english teachers dream! I’m amazed that adults cannot comprehend the proper use of there,their,and they’re… What the hell is analising, is that preparing yourself for some brokeback mountain lovin? I believe there is a “y” and a “z” somewhere in there, analyzing… Let me guess, you guys are politicians….

  18. maybeyourdaddy – Thank you. For the love of all things electronic would you people PLEASE do some sort of grammar checking before you post your senseless babble? Half of these comments I didn’t even read because there were so many errors in the first sentence.

    That venting aside, let me put this into perspective for you people that have a smartphone and don’t understand anything about it: Your carrier has nothing to do when software upgrades are done. That is worked out through the developer (in this case, Google) and the manufacturer (HTC, Motorola, etc). FroYo will hit devices when it hits. If you’re switching companies left and right because of a software update that’s fine – but I’d be willing to put my money that you’re one of those people that constantly has problems with your provider and wants everything for free. Congratulations, you have successfully become a mindless, self-absorbed idiot. Kudos.

    On a side note, it was great to hear that Android has passed iPhone’s OS in the global market share. :)

  19. maybeyourdaddy, it would be teacher’s dream, with the apostrophe. It’s not “teachers dream”. Why are you making teacher plural? If you’re going to talk about everyone’s poor grammar, make sure yours is accurate too!

  20. @will if your camera is having the “please insert sd card before using the camera” error
    you have 1 of 2 options, you can upgrade from the stock class 2 sd card or root your phone. Rooting my phone has since stopped the said sd card issue.

  21. *note* upgrade to class 4 or better sd card forgot to include that bit sorry.

  22. I haven’t got the updata do I need it? And how can I get it sent to me?

  23. Your all cry babies. Grow up and be patient or go to another carrier. you all sound like nerds so just go root your phone anyways

  24. People that have the mytouch 3g slide like myself been waiting long enough the froyo update was suppose to be released when the phone came out n now look september n still nothing. How is it that newer phones are getting froyo before us. Even the G2 which is abt to come out is gonna get froyo before us. How much sence does that make? Why is the mytouch 3g slide being skipped over?….smh

  25. i dont know if i got it already the battery is still dieing so it didnt work? when im i getting it????????

  26. In reference to the HD2 comment on here:

    I have the HD2, my wife has the MT3GS. I wouldn’t trade my HD2 for anything right now. This phone is so customizable and awesome. For example, I just found out that all I have to do is create 3 separate registry entries, and voila! Now I have 2-way in call recording. I can record every phone call I make or receive.
    The HD2 is a very good phone, but only if you’re willing to get your hands familiarizing yourself with WinMo 6.5. And please quit crying about Windows Mobile’s UI…the HTC Sense UI more than makes up for it.
    that being said, the MT3GS is a perfect mid-level smart phone for those who would enjoy the benefits of a stock ROM, but lack the tech skills or motivation to get really in-depth. My wife loves it.

  27. Sorry for the grammatical errors, it would be nice if this stupid comment script had an editing feature…

  28. The HTC HD2 is the worst phone I’ve ever had the displeasure of using even once. Why I got that phone, I’ll never know. It’s slow, lags ALL THE TIME, has a ridiculously complicated to use system. It’s a pos – nobody at T-Mobile will stand behing it. That being said – the MyTouch Slide is the best phone I’ve ever used. The 600 “pathetic” mhz processor way outdoes the HD2 / Incredible / X’s 1ghz. It runs smoothly, is very easy to use…
    To all you little babies swithcing carriers and buying new phones left and right, stop crying about having to spend all this money so that you can be a little ahead. You look like an idiot doing it, and you’re just hurting yourself. The update is coming – sit tight…

  29. @ Makaloraii – you should see how the HD2 runs Froyo! The one great thing about this phone is that right now I have 2 different OS’s running on it, and it really screams with android. Now just waiting for a nand flash and it’ll be perfect.
    My wife just got the slide and she loves it, but I think she’ll love it better after I do the root and upgrade for her. This is her first smartphone and it’ll do for her what she wants it to.

  30. I am so sick & tired of waiting for Froyo on the (original) MyTouch 3G (purchased less than one year ago)… T-Mobile has promised, and T-Mobile has failed. After about eight years with them, this will be my LAST T-Mobile phone & contract renewal. It’s on to a Droid next time. Warning for those shopping – T-Mobile knowingly and intentionally sells phones that are orphaned right out of the box. Shame on you, T-Mobile.

  31. Froyo is not coming to the mytouch slide and wont be for a long time. The tech support lies and says they are and finally after bout an hour got ahold of a supervisor and she said they dont have an update even made for it except the ota wich was in august. Tmobile needs to take responsibility for its mistakes and stop giving its customers the runaround.

  32. I just got the froyo 2.2 today i only had this phone for 2 weeks and it was running good on 2.1 and my phone died last night and when i turned it back on it looked weird as if it wasnt my phone i knew it had to be the update. trust me its out there keep waiting if you dont want to wait force it but if you screw up you can mess your phone up too.

  33. I havent got my on my mytouch3g slide what do i need to do please emial me at [email protected]

  34. I didn,t get my 2.2 for mytouch3g slide

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