Orange: HTC Desire’s Upgrade Process for Android 2.2 Might Take a Few Weeks


Orange HTC Desire users wondering where their FroYo’s been hiding will have to simmer down for just a bit: the carrier’s stated on Twitter that the process of bringing a software upgrade normally takes about four weeks after HTC’s done cooking up the general release. This doesn’t mean it’ll be here in exactly 4 weeks, but it also doesn’t mean it’s going to take all of August to get to you.


Take that for what you will, then, because Orange isn’t ready to promise anything at this time (and with good reason: we all know how irritable us Android faithful can get when a promise isn’t kept.) [via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I HATE Orange

  2. Jesus. Glad I reflashed and rooted, although I’m on O2 so not sure if the updates would have come anyway.

  3. ROTFL, or rather FFS.

    Guys, get yer UNBRANDED upgrades from Carphone Warehouse and screw Orange branded crap!

  4. Ok orange I can live with the wait if they take all their crap off the rom!
    Next time I will get an unbranded phone!

  5. Lmao :)

  6. Unbranded ftw! Froyo working fine on my handset sourced from Orange.

    Working with HTC = getting them to install our software demos into our custom ROM.

  7. Agree with all – I’m on orange, non-rooted phone. Can’t believe the crap they include with it – an UNO demo which can’t be uninstalled? Really, really poor.

  8. I knew this would happen (I’m on O2) but I accepted it anyway, as it cost about £130 less to get a SIM free Desire from O2 than CPW. For £130 I can wait a few weeks.

  9. Would Orange just get the darn update out without sticking all their unwanted junk into it? Nobody is interested in the Orange logo when starting up, and especially not interested in the Orange Store or Orange Maps, and don’t even get me started on the 3 rubbish demos that can’t be uninstalled!

  10. Sorry guys, unbranded and on 2.2 as from today, faster than the roms I’ve tried

  11. Weird, im with orange, but don’t get the orange logo or shop when i got my phone. I must have got an unlocked phone but just the orange sim… actually that’s exactly what. so where the hell is my update!

  12. i take that back, im able to update… had to do it manually…get in!

  13. Anyone know if I get my phone through Carphone Warehouse via e2save on Orange, will it be branded or unbranded?

  14. hey aaron, i’m on virgin mobile and after emailing me they told me mine was unlocked too! still no sign of the update though :| how did you get it on manually or was it an unofficial rom?

  15. Hey Fred, im really sorry i got back to you late. The site was down. If you are not sure if it is unlocked go to your Apps screen > Settings > About Phone> System software updates > Check now :)

  16. I can say Space invader that it sounds like my phone. I was going to buy from e2save i believe. But didn’t because it wouldn’t let me :)

    Best way to tell is your start up screen. Mine doesn’t have all the crap such as logo’s or any traffif stores. It was just included with a Sim, so its obviously unlocked. But just above use my process to just try.

  17. I got a contract with Orange, never seen any of these demos or logos that people are speaking of.

    Wanting this update tho.. going through manually as suggested didn’t find any updates available.

  18. I am getting my Desire unlocked so that I can leave Orange they are crap.

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