Jul 30th, 2010

While there really is nothing cool about insurance companies, the money they take from you every chance they get, and the fact that the only time you ever really need them is when something really bad happens, for whatever reason I do find mobile apps that allow you to file claims, take scene-of-the-accident pictures of damage, and locate or contact a nearby agent cool in a geeky way. Most of your major providers have mobile apps out on at least the iPhone platform, but more are starting to find their way to the Android Market. We saw State Farm a few months back, and now Allstate has released their mobile app for Android.


The app will be useful for all the things mentions above, but you’ll need a phone running Android 2.1 or higher (which as of now is a majority of Android handsets). Grab it in the market by following the QR or link below.

[via TalkAndroid]