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While there really is nothing cool about insurance companies, the money they take from you every chance they get, and the fact that the only time you ever really need them is when something really bad happens, for whatever reason I do find mobile apps that allow you to file claims, take scene-of-the-accident pictures of damage, and locate or contact a nearby agent cool in a geeky way. Most of your major providers have mobile apps out on at least the iPhone platform, but more are starting to find their way to the Android Market. We saw State Farm a few months back, and now Allstate has released their mobile app for Android.


The app will be useful for all the things mentions above, but you’ll need a phone running Android 2.1 or higher (which as of now is a majority of Android handsets). Grab it in the market by following the QR or link below.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Where’s Nationwide? :(

  2. About time! As an Allstate customer I was beginning to be a little envious of State Farms cool app.

  3. no luck finding this app…hmmmmm

  4. Awesome. Now the worst insurance company in the US has another way to avoid calling you or providing actual customer service. Next they will just outsource work to the apps and the company will be run by robots.

  5. Why would anybody want Allstate? I had them for 23 years… I paid my premiums but they still failed when I needed them!

    It’s like people are saying… “You think that you are in good hands but you really get the finger!”

  6. I forgot to mention… Check out the book titled “From good hands to boxing gloves”… This was the book that Allstate tried to keep from getting published. It shows people what kind of crap that they are pulling behind the scenes.

  7. Can’t find it either.

  8. You people who can’t find it .. should learn to use the QR Code at the bottom of the post….any barcode scanner app will take a snap of the code and then put you at the download site.

    All of you complaining about Allstate’s service…could it be you and your insane expectations? I love Allstate, they treat me very well, and my personal agent keeps in touch, sends me holiday cards etc. Quit whining and fix what you can fix. Yourselves!

  9. @Jeff S, I did use the QR code with a barcode scanner. When I clicked on the link, it still said app not found.

    Any other suggestions since you seem to be the only one that can see it?

    What ROM/version are you using?

  10. Hello –

    I work for Allstate on the team that manages our mobile apps and other digital channels. We’re glad you like the app. Hopefully it makes doing business with us a little easier, that’s the goal.

    The Android app should be searchable in the Market for anyone using Android’s 2.0 OS and newer. (Some of the functionality within the app won’t work on older OS and is therefore limited to the newer OS). You can check your phone’s OS by looking at settings/about phone.

  11. @TJ yeah .. learn how to use the barcode scanner app. You are obviously not doing it right or have a phone that doesn’t support it. ROM doesn’t matter, its the version of the OS that does.

    I’ve scanned it with Barcode Scanner by Zxing several times, and all of them take me right to the Market to download the app.

  12. wheres Liberty Mutual

  13. This app is junk. The payment due dates are a month off. It doesn’t list all of my ‘registered’ policies. It’s constantly throwing up 403 and other weird access errors. and there’s no support. I dumped it.

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