Samsung Shows Off the Full Line of Galaxy S Phones [Video]


Samsung’s uploaded a new video to their USA YouTube account showing off all of the Galaxy S phones headed to (or already launched on) each of the nation’s four biggest carriers. The Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) and Samsung Captivate (AT&T) are paraded around as their yet-to-be-released brethren Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) and Samsung Fascinate (Verizon) looks on with jealousy.

Watch on as they take you through the hardware and software that makes the Galaxy S the dreamy device that it is. While there may not be much difference between them on the software and hardware side of things (form factors only differ slightly and preinstalled software is carrier-determined), Sprint’s Epic 4G has just a bit more to flaunt. You can enjoy that video above.

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  1. Any news on the Samsung Tab/Tape P1000 … it was supposed to be released in Q3

  2. Hmmm, didn’t mention GPS in that commercial. I wonder why?

    I’m going to try really hard not to grumble about how carriers cap and throttle data and how that makes downloading movies a once a month type of thing.

  3. Any news on when the Fascinate will be coming to verizon?

  4. I currently have the EVO…but this Epic is making me wish I had waited a bit longer. Oh, well!

  5. It says powered by the latest Android operating system, but then it says 2.1. Umm, guys…
    #2-that was my first thought too. Until the fact the GPS and compass basically don’t work on these is addressed, I won’t be buying one. Apparently it’s some kind of new chipset from Broadcomm. If it’s hardware, there’s not a lot a firmware can do-it will require a different chip set. I know, I’m holding it wrong. Then don’t hold it that way.

  6. 4 mediocre phones on 4 mediocre carriers

    Brought to you by Samsung

  7. Awesome phones.. nuf said.

  8. Amazing phones! Anyone hating on these phones is just mad cuz they’re better than the crap they got. The hummingbird processor and super amoled screen are in leagues of their own. Galaxy s > Evo > Nexus one

  9. Love my Vibrant. That’s all to be said.

  10. @Jonathan Drake How is every major US carrier mediocre?

  11. 4 mediocre carriers? what carrier do you think is better? because as far as I know, those are the 4 biggest in this country…

  12. Great phones! But there were many incorrect or misleading facts in the video. 2.1 is the latest operating system? High resolution screen? Compared to what? The brightest and fastes screen EVER created?

  13. Again, the fascinate gets the least attention. Step up verizon! Cmon i passed on the droid x for a reason!

  14. What I would really like to see is a breakdown of exactly what the feature differences are between these four models. Obviously they’re not all the same, since the Sprint version is a 4G phone with slider keyboard, and some of the differences can be subtle. Oh, and the GPS issue is a non-issue, as a simple settings change in the phone fixes it. Check out http://www.intomobile.com/2010/07/21/t-mobile-samsung-vibrant-galaxy-s-gps-issues-fix-tutorial/ for the T-Mobile Vibrant version of the fix. I’m willing to bet the Fascinate version on Verizon will have this working out of the box. Oh, and since Verizon is taking so long to release it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came with Froyo 2.2 out of the box. After all, they delayed their version of the Samsung Omnia 2 for roughly 6 months so that they could pre-load it with WinMo 6.5. It would make sense to do the same thing here, rather than release a device with 2.1 after all their other devices have received OTA upgrades to 2.2.

  15. They need to address the GPS issue, the phone (Vibrant) remains a crap! I have one and am returning it today.

  16. Let me explain. The Samsung Galaxy S phones are mediocre because they lack decent cameras (they don’t have LED flash) and they don’t have FFCs like the EVO. So how are they great phones when you have to pay the same price for them as a phone with more feature.

    4 mediocre carriers because the bills are among the highest in the world and the service is average for that price. For instance we have to pay $30/month for a data plan that is the price of an entire plan in another country. We on average are paying 300% higher then people in Europe. What’s awesome about that?

  17. epic has flash and ffc

  18. I’m with ULY… I’ve held out on all the other droid phones for a reason… release the Fascinate already VZ!

  19. @Jonathan Drake 2 of them have flash, 2 of them have ffc. Know your facts before you make a fool out of yourself. oh, too late.

  20. So then they just rip off half their customers. Great work and I’m the fool asking for features that should be standard on all models… By the way tommy since you laid the first insult. Go fuck yourself.

    P.S.Suck my balls bitch

  21. What is this about 3D audio?

  22. You guys are getting trolled by Jonathan Drake.

    You guys are feeding the troll

  23. @Jonathan Drake – If you start paying full price for your phone, than you can maybe start getting your plans cheaper. Oh wait. You can with T-mobile. Different countries pays on average lots more for their phones straight up, while here in the USA we pay for it through the plan. T-mobile is the only company that takes money off if you either buy the phone straight up or if you bring your own phone to the carrier.

  24. ok ok ….what the hell is dnla output?????? someone explain ?

  25. @revs
    It’s wireless video out for the newer HDTV’s. You have to see if your TV supports dlna.

  26. GPS issue is a thing of the past. There’s already a quick and easy fix for it.



  27. @revs You can wirelessly stream video from your phone to a DLNA certified device (newish tv’s,ps3,xbox360,certain media centers).

  28. I love my Vibrant. It takes pretty good pictures for a phone and waaaaay better pictures than my dedicated (but old) digital camera, and it’s the best Android phone for gaming right now, and mobile gaming is a big factor for me since I have the attention span of squirrel and I can’t fit my DSi into my pockets comfortably.

  29. @Jonathan Drake

    WTF lol. The Galaxy S is the best phone out in the history of Android. Fuggin iphone fanboy.

  30. INFO I found online –

    There is no doubt they far outrank every single phone out there in so many ways!

    #1 – Screen; 100,000:1 compared to iPhone4’s 800:1 Real World contrast ratio. But it’s the response time that kicks every phone on the planet to the curb being 0.01ms. Which is as close to instantaneous as you can get. Especially compared to iPhone4’s snail response time of 25ms. Why is this so important? Because these phones are NOT eReaders!

    If you want a over rated ereader, then iP4 is your best choice. If what you want is a Multimedia Phone then Samsung’s Super AMOLED is your BEST CHOICE. Play games or watch action movies? Super AMOLEAD!

    (note: the original page this graph is from destroys the myth of higher pixel density. It explains that in the fall when 2.2 Android is available for Galaxy Series phones SVG vectored fonts (resolution free 300dpi) and higher dpi icons will shed a new light on the subject. Also it relates to the sweet spot view distance for the screen size)

    #2 – Samsung makes 50% of the cost of all parts in iPhone4. In so doing, they’ve strived to put better parts into their own phones while Apple went CHEAP. Hummingbird blows Apple A4 away merely by having the full Arm Neon Multimedia Engine and OS support programed into Android. But not fully deployed until Android 2.2. On top of that you have the first time the SGX540 GPU has been put in a device. It can display 3x what the iP4 or any other phone out can at 90million Triangles/p/sec and with that Super AMOLED screen, when 2.2 comes out it’ll get all phones to the curb.

    #3 – Samsung has the newest and best radios out. Compared to any other device. First phone to have WiFi Direct b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 (10x speed of iP4’s BT2.1), DLNA Media Server and w/ Android 2.2 full OS support for all these. 3G/4G Baseband Radio w/ Full VOIP (Voice/Video) supported radio. Meaning when Google/GIPS HD Video Conferencing is released for Galaxy, they will have Facetime’s Engine running on hardware capable of using it over 3G/4G (btw Facetime is running GIPS Engine). Galaxy has TV-Video Out via it’s headphone jack. Cameras both have Smile and Face detection. 5mp camera has outstanding low light capability and again when 2.2 comes out dramatic changes will come into use with it’s ambient light sensing abilities and auto backside lighting effects. Adobe is expanding the features of it’s Photoshop Mobile for Android. Of course there is more on the way in features that are hidden at this time, but you’ve made a great choice if you own one of these Galaxy Series Phones!!!

    @i2fun@… It’s in the combo radio, but I’m not sure that it’s active until Android 2.2 update for support. If not then it’ll get the update in the fall. That’s what I gathered from a Korean site. That support was coming and that some surprises having to do with high res fonts and icon in an update soon. That would show off the Super AMOLED’s Resolution (a swipe at Retina, because it’s the 300dpi fonts Apple’s using that are making it look sharper for reading along w/ extremely high dpi icons. Compared to Android’s low res icons and low dpi non SVG converted to SVG fonts (for vectored Resolution Free fonts).

    I’ve seen other mentions of the radio referred to as FM RDS so that would mean something about it being capable of receiving road construction bulletins, etc.

    This is Broadcom page on the part number from the tear down:

    Samsung Galaxy Series phones are the first to receive this WiFi Direct capable SoC and some interesting things are coming from other features in it too.

    FM Radio w/RDS and FM Recording as well in Wave. So Bada supports more features than Android does as yet. Same chis in both though!

    Note: All Action Graphics, Games, etc in the future are going to look far better on Super AMOLED Galaxy than iPhone or any other LCD or AMOLED Screen. Because of the super fast response time and contrast ratio and the fact NO IPS LCD has a chance in hell of competing with it. iPhone’s abysmal 25ms is more like the first desktop LCD screens in speed. Fast action Games & Video will ghost and display irregularly. Especially since the Galaxy has been designed for the future w/ that 3x the display capability of iPhones SGX535 GPU at 90million Triangles/per/sec rendering speeds. Which is the reason it can put up HD 720p graphics over WiFi Direct DLNA or BlueTooth 3.0 DLNA to your HDTV. This is the reason they did not bother putting in an HDMI out port. Also because HDMI restricts graphics w/ HDCP. DLNA doesn’t restrict anything being a wireless broadcast in the first place and being both Wifi 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz (unlike iPhone4, etc’s 2.4ghz ONLY)!

    My plan is to buy either the DirectTV Google Box or the Logitech GoogleTV Box. They are going to be WiFi Direct (I believe dual band as well). Along with Bluetooth 3.0 DLNA capable. This feature can auto Sync and because of it’s extremely fast speed (faster than Wifi G or N) and low 6 to 30ft range it will not conflict with any other signals. Bluetooth 3.0 DLNA is the FUTURE!

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