HDBlog.it Goes In-Depth With Android 2.2 on the Samsung Galaxy S


We all know what TouchWiz is like by itself, and we all know what FroYo is like by itself. What about how the two entities combine? After the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the international Samsung Galaxy S leaked early this morning many owners scrambled for the file and applied it to their phones without delay. Italian tech blog HDBlog.it got their hands on it as well and were nice enough to take us deep within the firmware on video.

The version they’re showing off doesn’t have all of the software that comes with a stock TouchWiz 3.0 installation, but it’s largely the same. Take a gander at the video above if you want a sneak peak at what to expect when your Galaxy S device is inevitably bound to receive Android 2.2.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Suck it samsung haters and complainers.

  2. Is it the Galaxy S or Froyo thats making this thing fly like that. For some reason I have not sat and watched one Galaxy S review yet to compare lol. And I’m hoping my Inc will fly too…not that its slow but I’d love to see it faster.

  3. Eye candy…. I still wont get another samsuck product ever again.

  4. Hey dumbass it won’t work on your vibrant enjoy your wait! Lmao

  5. Ones question when your on the home screen if you turn the phone sideways does the screen change to landscape. This has been a big pet peeve of mine and can’t figure out why they have not added it to android UI. Also be nice if it changes if you turn the phone any way and it changes to meet you needs.

  6. Samsung FTW!!!!!!

  7. Samsung is obviously stepping it up & supporting their Galaxy S line. Forget the Behold II debacle. It was their dry run at Android & is a “legacy ” phone/not much on updates. Regardless, the Vibrant, etc. Is an amazing phone. Really, does anyone honestly, believe Garminphone or other newbies to the game will push anything higher than 2.1? They’re here to manufacture the next best thing for consumers to buy. The G1 officially only went to 1.6, without root. It’s business.

  8. Damn… It’s flying…

  9. I just hope we get it with no problems…

  10. the phone is fast, as i have a vibe, but froyo makes it even faster! can’t wait, but while i do, i’ll take cm6…

  11. For the eager beta types out there, ms_guru almost has it working for vibrant on xda dev website.

  12. Wow! that thing flies

  13. Fast is right will probably take a dip into EPIC 4G Samsung dont fail me now.

  14. Once I get this on my vibrant I will officially own the best phone on the market until the epic comes out

  15. @Behold_This

    Ultimately you are the dumbass seeing as you missed the point haha you sir or mam are an epic fail.

  16. Orientation lock?! Thank god! It’s one of my favorite features on my iPad and I’ve bee nwanting it for my Vibrant.

  17. BIG NEWS FLASH is working !!!!

    Hi i found a test with benchmarks and the new stuffs of this firmare, here it is : http://www.android-pour-les-nuls.fr/constructeurs/samsung/457-test-de-froyo-sur-le-samsung-galaxy-s-nouveautes-et-bench

    it s in french but with all the screen pic we understand.

  18. If you enter the link into a Google search you can go to a translated version of it.

  19. Oau….That is moving very very fast!!!

  20. anyone go to the above link and see that it still doesn’t outperform the nexus one with 2.2 or the Droid X with 2.1. wtf???

  21. This one had a front facing camera ( video calling) – which version of Galaxy S is it? Not the vibrant or Captivate.

  22. that’s because this is a test build and does not have the JIT compiler included amongst other features.

  23. I used to be a Samsung phone hater. I had the Gravity for all of about 5 days and then took that piece of crap back to the store and got myself the G1. But I took a risk and bought the new Vibrant about a week ago. I have to say, so far I am very impressed.

  24. The video is sped up. watch the reflections, the voice was added after the record. The phone is NOT that fast

  25. @ orangearrows that’s the international version of the galaxy s, its not available here in the Usa. The only one of the four u.s. versions with an ffc will be the epic on sprint

  26. Isn’t this pure cheating?
    The video is played at a faster rate than reality.
    Check the motion of his hand…
    Its evident.

  27. The video isn’t sped up. The animations are running at normal speed. This is just seriously fast hardware.

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