Cincinnati Bell: Milestone XT720 to Launch Mid-August


We already figured Cincinnati Bell would be bringing the Motorola Milestone XT720 for their customers at one point or another: an entry for the device on their support page and the device being listed on one of their rebate forms tipped us off to that fact. They’re finally acknowledging that the device is – in fact – coming out and have given a broad window to look forward to: mid-August.


The news was dropped when one of their eager customers pressed them to ‘fess up and release some information regarding when customers should expect to get their hands on it. Here’s the full quote:

The Motorola XT720 Milestone is due to launch in Mid-August. All CBW internal testing is complete. Both CBW and Motorola anxiously await Google approval which is the last step in the launch process for this device. We’ll keep you posted when we have more information to share.

The phone is just in the pipeline waiting for the politics to play out, now. We’ll bring more information to you guys regarding its availability and pricing whenever Cincinnati Bell is ready to deliver it.

[via CBW Facebook]

[Thanks Nate!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. motorola should release their phones on AT*T too.

  2. AT&T sucks

  3. If you like this phone, and want AT&T. Check out the XT701 on NewEgg. It supposedly has 3G bands for AT&T, and is cheaper than the XT720. $450 unlocked.

    I’d get that, if I was all up in AT&T’s crotch… but I’m not. I use T-Mobile, since they offer me a discount on service for bringing my own phones, or buying them outright.

  4. I think this is great. Cininnati Bell is doing great things. I am sure that this in conjunction with their other forward thinking management maneuvers will increase the value of their stock NYSC:CBB

  5. @Chris – lol, do you own a bunch of their stock? Trying to get others to purchase it?

  6. Android gives opportunities to any carrier. Even small ones can say they have some kind of smartphone.

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