[Update] E-Noa Binging a 10-inch Tegra 2-based Tablet – the Interpad


As we wait for the first round of Tegra 2-based Android tablets to make their way to store shelves, another has been introduced today. E-Noa’s bringing us a 10-inch device – dubbed the Interpad – that’s packing some impressive specs in hopes to get people to open their wallets up at the end of the year (because you’ll definitely have to open them – more on that later).


The device will launch with Android 2.1 with a capacitive multitouch-enabled display. Pricing? 399 euros (which comes out to around $518) but this thing comes packed with enough of a punch to justify it. 1GB of RAM, 1GHz Tegra 2 T20 processor, 16GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB, HDMI out, and a 3900mAh battery giving it 8-12 hours of life on a single charge.

They’re also reportedly bringing out an upgraded version which will ship with Android 2.2, will add a GPS and camera, and should see itself adopting some 3G radios for 100 euros more ($649). We can’t wait to see this thing in action pretty soon, but for now you’ll just have to make do with the images above.

[Update]: It appears that this could be the same 10-inch tablet we saw last month by Malata. You can find more videos of that here.

[via Engadget]

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  1. need s to be $300

  2. Also there needs to be a 720p standard sodevs can make apps.

  3. Start saving indeed…

  4. ipad…….haha

  5. “E-Noa Binging a 10-inch Tegra 2-based Tablet – the Interpad”


  6. By the way. ADW launcher will be perfect for these as you can create as many homescreen/app drawer icon rows and columns as you want to take advantage of the extra screen room.

  7. Why are companies calling these pads?! What happened to tablet? Sorry, but I will not buy any electronic device with ‘pad’ in the name.

  8. Microsoft is putting Bing on Android now?

  9. No “pad” suffix please!!

  10. they could call it maxipad or MyTush for all I care…I want to see this tegra 2 in action!

  11. Looks Coolish and I’m glad I didn’t buy the ipad…good to wait always well mostways anyhey thing looks pretty coooolish y0

  12. also there needs to be a cd/dvd drive then it will be legit

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