The Motorola Devour Has Been Rooted


It’s been a long time coming (the device has been out since March) but Motorola Devour users can now finally say they’ve gotten the ability to root their phones. The exploit was found when some eagle-eyed hackers took what they learned from the Droid X’s root method and set out to finally crack the now-dated Devour.


Thankfully, it isn’t all that hard or risky to pull off (assuming you know your way around a command prompt and ADB) so be sure to check out the full instructions posted over at Android Central’s forums.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Apparently the root method is also applicable for rooting the milestone xt720, perhaps for other motorola android phones as well?

  2. All the more reason it’s pretty much guaranteed that hole will be closed in the next OTA, meaning that the Froyo updates we have been waiting on may get delayed for weeks? Months? I guess the vast majority of the users (non-rooters) get screwed because a handful of people just had to have their phones hacked. Thanks a lot.

  3. @sabo it should work. Exploid should work on pretty much all handsets.
    @Arthur you blame abused women for being beaten too don’t you?

  4. @Steve equating people who have to use the phones they buy as they bought them to abused women is distasteful in the extreme. If you think what you have to endure by not being allowed to root is anything close to physical abuse of that type, you have a serious lack of perspective and an excess of self-importance. Bad form.

  5. @Arthur reading more into a metaphor to avoiding having to answer a question is rather bad form as well. You also misunderstood it. The issue is that the phone makers do not have to patch around it, they can ignore it. They decide to be “abusive”, it is not a fault of the victim who was just using his device in a way that even our government has decided is 100% legal.

  6. @Steve, you’re WAY out of line with that comment. Relating this to battered women is disgusting. And protecting users from the kinds of malicious things apps can do if they get root access is anything but abusive. You got some serious issues, dude.

  7. Wow Thats Fucking Awsome XD

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