And Just Like That, the Nexus One is No Longer Available


It hasn’t been more than an hour since we reported Google expected their last shipment of Nexus One devices to last for no more than 10 days, and the phone’s already gone. Looks like the pressure cooker got a bunch of would-be buyers impulsive in opening their wallets to nab one before the device was no longer available from Google.

nexus one gone

As a few of our commenters pointed out in that post, the web store is no longer showing the Nexus One available for purchase. Instead, we get this tear-jerking message:

Sorry, folks…

The Nexus One is no longer available for purchase directly from Google. For more information on how to purchase the Nexus One, check out our help center.


Well that’s that. The Nexus One – while not entirely dead – is now a collector’s item. Those that weren’t able to purchase one might have to turn to outlets such as Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay – or might be able to get one from carriers offering the phones themselves (mainly in Europe) – if they still want a piece of great Google and Android history. Even if you were planning on purchasing accessories for a Nexus One you already own, that is no longer possible unless you find them sitting comfortably in a T-Mobile store or in the third-party user-driven marketplaces we mentioned above.

Long live the dream that was the Nexus One.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. any idea of how many nexus ones were made/sold? i think those numbers would be very interesting

  2. I’m glad I got mine. It’s several months old now, but the only thing out there that makes me even remotely jealous is the Galaxy S because of that gorgeous screen and better processor.
    However, getting updates earlier and having no additional UI crap on the phone makes it worthwhile to me. Also, it means I’ve no interest in rooting it.

    Of course though, I will be replacing it in 6 to 9 months, when something comes out that I can finally say is far better than the official Google phone. Unless they commission another one, of course :)

  3. I assume it’s no longer available VIA GOOGLE. There are operators that still have them available.

  4. Phew! I just got mine 2 days ago after sitting on the fence for 6 months!!!

  5. carriers will still sell it like google did, don’t feed “that troll”

  6. So did anyone get a straight answer about if/how one could still buy the Nexus chargers/car docks/spare batteries?

  7. I read somewhere that developers could still get them at market.google.com, but that page doesn’t work.

  8. I’m with Khalid, except I might hold onto this a lot longer. The Galaxy S is tempting though. I don’t need a front facing camera and don’t plan on taking any videos with it anytime soon. Other than that, the Nexus is an outstanding phone and I don’t care if the EVO, D2, or DX is better in some ways. This phone is a pleasure to use and I don’t see a need to upgrade at the moment.

    I too would like to know how many of them were made/sold. Be interesting to see how big the Nexus family is.

  9. N1 is available at retail through Cincinnati Bell and i wireless in the midwestern US.

  10. @Robert I think you want market.android.com

  11. @Linc Kraker last time it was shown in a graph that it made up 2% of all Android phones so that was 2 months ago and that would mean it was probably at 500,000 at that time so maybe its only at maybe 600,000 now o_0

    Everyone should read these two stories they speak the truth that many Android users try to ignore:



    Long live the Nexus One :'( thanks to Gingerbread ;)

  12. Have had mine since early February. Purchased the Car Dock in April and 2 extra batteries (after I lost one at Lake Compunce, CT doh!!). I’m glad I did. It’s a great phone.

    Sure, I could easily sell it for a few hundred bucks and pick up a Samsung Vibrant, but it’s not compelling enough over the Nexus One to me. Maybe in 3-6 months when a new phone with a front-facing camera, Super AMOLED screen, and dual core snapdragon is released I’ll think about it.

  13. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! :(

  14. @Miguel I’m with you as for your next dream phone the HTC Emerald is rumored to have all that and I have a very good felling its the next version of the Nexus. Also rumors of the Nexus started 5 months before it was released and the Emerald is only 3 months away I think. I lot of Android rumors come true even the HTC Magic(Mytouch) was rumored with the internal HTC name of Sapphire and even had some pictures of it leaked 7 months before it was released.

  15. To those lucky enough to have received a Nexus One, enjoy always receiving the latest Android O.S. updates first.

  16. Love my Nexus One. No regrets here. No contract and a cheaper phone plan that saves me money. Form factor feels almost perfect. Hitting the soft buttons by accident is my only issue ergonomically.

    Would like to revert back a revision is my only complaint. The most recent OTA update for 2.2 seems a bit unstable. The manually loaded early versions seemed more stable.

  17. I hope it won’t affect the android updates for N1, if google will stop selling N1 they might even stop giving out updates for N1 shortly

  18. I’d like to disagree with the accessories bit unless something changed. I was able to get a new neoprene pouch yesterday and new headphones…Someone needs to confirm that bit.

  19. @mudrock, the story is accurate as of today. There’s no way to purchase *anything* on Google’s site related to the Nexus One. You were definitely able to purchase accessories – and the phone – yesterday, explaining why you were able to. You may be able to find accessories at other sites, but not directly from Google.

  20. @Kapil, I doubt the Nexus One will stop getting updates first, seeing as Google Employees were all issued Nexus Ones, so it’s the company official phone, and it’s also still available as a Dev phone.

    Plus Google pushes the updates out to the Nexus One itself, so no carrier interference involved.

    As far as the accessories go, I’m glad I picked up the 2nd battery a couple of weeks ago after I lost the first one I purchased. At $25 with free shipping, they were a steal!

  21. so question.. i have insurance on my phone
    if it breaks… what are they going to replace it with?

    and i am also debating unlocking and rooting my phone..

    what would you guys suggest.im torn because of it voiding warranty, but i want some of the features i can get from custom roms.

  22. I must say specs on these new phones will easily sell to a lot of geeks but the biggest form factor to me is Google!! My G1 and N1 has been far superior because they had that X factor, Google was hands on with these devices.You can have sense,motoblur etc,bigger screen is not a selling point for me but a front facing camera a maybe. Something compeling will have to come out for me to change. If I had it my way the N2 would be almost the same as the N1, only changes would be super amoled for glare purpose,dual core if available and front facing speakers. A front facing attachable camera because I just don’t see myself using it that often. Make it happen Google, the form factor for the N1 is perfect just add on.

  23. Oh!! I would like to keep my color trackball!

  24. No Galaxy in a cheap plastic shell is going to make me discontent with my N1. N1 is their baby and they’ll fire off updates to it.

  25. Six months on, I think the Nexus One is still among the very best smartphones out there. I can’t believe Google just lost interest. I’m sure there’s a story and I can’t wait to hear it.

    My bet is that they tried shopping it around to North American carriers, but no one would touch it unless they could cripple it.

    It boggles the mind that T-Mobile was offering a subsidy against it but not carrying it in stores. It still beats the pants off of every other phone in their lineup.

  26. Google sure screwed the pooch on that one. The phone that was supposed to change everything had a terrible touchscreen for multi-touch, multiple physical and software malfunctions, no support to speak of. Since they have not fixed many existing issues it is really not realistic to think they will continue to support it especially since HTC and the carriers aren’t interested in supporting it. Anyone who thinks Google has treated this phone and its customers well is really not paying attention.

  27. This sucks big time. No other android phone worthy enough to replace my G1 except for N1. Errrrrrr!

  28. It seems the me that Google might be dying, becoming a corporate behemoth. Most unfortunate for the company that was going to revolutionize cell phones.

  29. Still available to Australians via Vodafone


    Damn expensive tho! Desire on Telstra is a better deal

  30. Darwin must be talking about a different Nexus One than I own.

  31. So if something happens to my Nexus One, can i still send it in to HTC for a replacement?

  32. Nexus 2 coming soon.

  33. Had my N1 for months. Running 2.2. Could not be happier with it. If you hesitated. Too bad. No N1 for you! Now you cry!

  34. Darwin is obviously an Apple shill.

    My N1 makes iPhone users green with envy. Especially rocking CM6 RC1!

    The iPhone 4: You’re always holding it wrong!

  35. Well said Darwin. I couldn’t agree more. The 5 Nexus Ones I’ve had have all been filled with problems. Long live the Nexus NONE!(please proceed with the flaming and telling me how wrong I am and how no one has had any problems with the N1)

  36. Picture = WIN :)

  37. I’ve had my nexus one since it came out early this year and I’ve had not one single problem with it. Not to mention I’ve dropped it many times already. I’ve only had to call support once and I got all the help I needed very promptly. Lets not forget adobe 10.1 on this bad boy. At first I didn’t think it’d really make a difference but I was mistaken. Best browsing experience ever and all on a mobile device. For those of you who have had some problems I don’t know what to say. Take care of your phones I guess. Nexus 1 gets 5 stars from me.

  38. Well MrBill I’m happy to oblige. I have had the N1 since January. For me it is (and remains) a fantastic phone.

    And yes, Darwin, I’m very happy with the experience I have had with Google … now on Android 2.2, Flash, Navigation. All since I got it just a few months ago.

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