Jul 21st, 2010

It hasn’t been more than an hour since we reported Google expected their last shipment of Nexus One devices to last for no more than 10 days, and the phone’s already gone. Looks like the pressure cooker got a bunch of would-be buyers impulsive in opening their wallets to nab one before the device was no longer available from Google.

nexus one gone

As a few of our commenters pointed out in that post, the web store is no longer showing the Nexus One available for purchase. Instead, we get this tear-jerking message:

Sorry, folks…

The Nexus One is no longer available for purchase directly from Google. For more information on how to purchase the Nexus One, check out our help center.


Well that’s that. The Nexus One – while not entirely dead – is now a collector’s item. Those that weren’t able to purchase one might have to turn to outlets such as Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay – or might be able to get one from carriers offering the phones themselves (mainly in Europe) – if they still want a piece of great Google and Android history. Even if you were planning on purchasing accessories for a Nexus One you already own, that is no longer possible unless you find them sitting comfortably in a T-Mobile store or in the third-party user-driven marketplaces we mentioned above.

Long live the dream that was the Nexus One.

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