Vodafone Nexus One Upgrade to Android 2.2 FroYo Coming This Week, Hotspot and Tethering Intact


Vodafone’s just about set to release Android 2.2 for their Nexus One-toting customers and they’ve detailed what took them so long to bring it out (while those in other regions and on other carriers have been upgraded to the latest version of the OS for some time). Apparently,  Google removed Google Goggles and Amazon MP3 from the OS, but users can go ahead and grab those two apps from the Android market if they want them.


We can confirm that Google will start to roll out the latest Android software version (2.2) for Vodafone Nexus One users over the course of the next week as an over-the-air update. The roll out will be phased and will be available to all Vodafone customers who have purchased the handset from us.

If customers ask about any changes, please advise:

“Google has removed two applications from the Vodafone version of the 2.2 software build. These are Amazon MP3 and Google Goggle. Both can be downloaded free of charge from the Android Marketplace

Android 2.2 will be installed with the Wireless Hotspot functionality set to ‘Open’. To make sure that no-one else is able to use your device for WiFi internet access, we recommend that customers change that default setting.

To do this, customers need to access Settings/Wireless and Network/Tethering & Portable Hotspot/Portable Wifi Hotspot, then toggle from ‘Open’ to ‘WPA2PSK’ and Save.”

Vodafone’s also stressing that the WiFi hotspot and tethering capabilities that come native with Android 2.2 are untouched. This was a major cause of concern for many who believed Vodafone’s “customizations” and “tweaks” were to get rid of the functionality. After a few weeks of complaints, we expect most Vodafone users to quietly retire to their quarters as they await their OTA upgrade to Android 2.2, tethering and all.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Oh, if they had to remove two apps … that fully explains the delay ^^

  2. one month for two apps are.you.kidding.me?

  3. Finally this took way to long and I’m on T-mobile.

  4. I’m on Orange and got it weeks ago. The handset was sent to me as part of the developer seeding programme though.

    2.2 is FAST!

  5. I got mine this morning, very happy.

    One question though the build no is still FRF91, which is the same as the original update to USA nexus ones.

    Can anyone confirm that their uk vodafone n1 has the same build number after the update?

  6. Android 2.2 is great.

    MS Outlook works!!

    Battery life has increased.

    Phone is faster.

    WIFI hotspot is great.


    Last N1 is great.

  7. @James yep did that this afternoon. Couldn’t be fecked waiting another few days. Everythings all there, the tethering, portable hotspot and the huge speed boost. No apps or data was missing. I did have a problem with the battery but that went away after a few hours. The build number is indeed FRF91 so hopefully that means no waiting after gingerbread is released.

  8. @james, cool no waiting for gingerbread later on in the year. it’s all looking good

  9. Mart, I am on vodafone uk and received froyo this morning. Build is the same as You said. :-)

  10. Confirmed, OTA has landed on our shores.

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