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Could we have another Incredible on our hands? The Droid X ship date from Verizon’s online store has been pushed back to 8/3. That isn’t too far off, but it is still a longer wait than most would like, especially for the many who have been trying to get their hands on this hot piece of Android tail since it’s launch last week. In related news the Droid Incredible will still be shipping on August 3rd. Hopefully with the Droid 2 coming very soon Verizon’s inventory might start to get some relief as the high-powered Android options will be spread out among the three, lessening the strain on any one’s particular stock.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. I hope the D2 doesn’t steal too much of the DX’s thunder. I want VZW to sell a ton of DXs so there will be a lot of software support and third-party accessories. :)

  2. I ordered mine on the release date and didn’t get it until today. I am loving this thing. I think I need to leave work to play more, since I’m not getting any work done!

    Order now!!!

  3. Yeah – I just called my local store and they said that they nobody is telling them anything as far as the date of arrival.

    I’m starting to get pretty irritated. The nice Verizon lady on the phone said that they ordered three times as many X’s as Incredibles at launch and sold out quicker.

  4. @Tad, what she’s saying may be true, but the number she was referring to may have been 3… or 6. Based on the #s that a lot of the stores were reporting when folks were calling in on the 14th, they AGAIN greatly under ordered and underestimated demand.
    Remember when Verizon came out and assured everyone that there would be plenty to go around? Remember when they said that this definitely wouldn’t be like a Droid Incredible situation? Well… they lied.

  5. Perhaps the delay is to fix the screen issue that people are having and Phandroid previously announced. I’d rather wait an extra week and get a phone that works, but that’s just me….

  6. While it’s technically possible that they’re making a hardware fix, it’s also highly unlikely. It would probably take much longer to diagnose the problem, track the batches that had the issue, determine the best way to resolve the issue and then implement.
    This is more than likely a miscalculation or a deliberate underproduction to make demand appear higher than it is, thus (supposedly) interesting more people in the phone.

  7. I’m starting to doubt the deliberate shortage idea now. Ok it may have worked the first time but seriously….people are going to get irritated and they know this. Plus they aren’t selling as many phones as they could be by doing it. But on the other hand I really don’t understand how they can’t produce enough of these phones. Then again we do have to remember that all of these manufacturers are producing other phones as well including other Android devices. At some point one of them will wise up and say hey….maybe we should just stick to doing Android…which won’t be good for WP7.

  8. all coming moto devices are bootlocked
    no custom rom here so you become a hostage of moto
    including bug fixes and phone support
    even if devices look attractive, it’s far away from android’s openness
    if you want a locked device, better go to apple, at least you get decent software
    if you like android’s openness, stay away from moto
    … IMHO …

  9. @dawabz94

    Welcome to last month you troll.

  10. Ordered mine on Sunday. The ship date was 7/27 then. We’ll see what happens. I honestly think people in charge of this are retarded.

  11. Wrote an article about this last night. Check out the contest we’re holding! http://www.breakandmake.com/2010/07/20/droid-x-delayed-again-contest/

  12. I’ll be shocked if Motorola has supply chain issues yet again. Way back, during the Razor era Motorola was the top dog by a wide margin; they had huge supply chain issues during the launch of their next line of phones and fell way behind LG, Samsung and other phone makers and it has taken them a very long time to recover from a business standpoint. I would have really thought they would have learned from almost going out of business back then.

  13. @Kwaping…I don’t think that the DDL will do nearly as good as he X I could be wrong but I think not. Anyhey I just hope that many geeks who have nothing else to do other then bandcamp….wont snatch up the next batch of DXs before I can get one sheesh

  14. Yea, I went to Verizon last Friday… I just knew it was too good to be true. They were fresh out. I ordered the DROID X there, and they said it would arrive 8/3 @ the LATEST. I mean, don’t you think it would come sooner so people would be expecting it that late, but are surprised how fast it came, when it comes early? (lol just a thought.) Anyway, I already got a custom skin for it, so at least I got that to look at before it arrives. Any ideas on what other accessories I should look into? Maybe a transparent case? Idk.

  15. I also went on friday and they told me the same thing,and ive been waiting on this bs to come to the house…i hate the wait,its getting to the point that im close to canceling…and i ordered alot of things for the phone they said they were goin to ship with the phone…idk what to think

  16. Ordered my Droid X on July 25, 2010 from Verizon store and received my Droid X today!!!Thank you Verizon!

  17. Really? Sweet! I ordered mine the 28th. It took yours 6 days (including the day u ordered it.) to arrive. What did they tell you the ship date/arrival date was when you ordered it? I feel like a little kid waiting on it. lol. ^_^

  18. I ordered my Droid X on Saturday July 31st, oh how I hate the wait lol. I already bought the case & everything. I traded in the Lg Ally which was a piece of poo for this phone. Can’t wait till I receive it. I ordered the phone at the Verizon store, does anyone know how to check the order/shipping status on the Verizon website? I tried going under support & order tracking but I put in my order number & last name & nothing…

  19. Is it me or is the ship date being pushed back later into the month?

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