One More Way to School the iPhone: Skies of Glory Brings Live Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming to Android


What better way to take out all of your fan-boy hatred than by strapping into a World War II era plane and strafing some iPhone nerds into fiery oblivion. While doing this in real life is a) not advisable, b) completely illegal, and c) a caper the likes of which would take almost too much planning, doing so on your Android phone is simpler than ever.Social Gaming Network has ported their WWII dogfight title (note: not Michael Vick in a Hitler suit throwing money at pit bulls) to Android, and unlike most games that come out for various consoles, the live multiplayer element remains cross-platform.


You can tail your iPhone loving buddies while unloading fierce machine gun fire via WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G data connections. We’re not saying Apple is like the Third Reich or anything, but we’re not asking you not to.

[via Engadget]

Kevin Krause
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  1. While this game seems pretty fun, I’d like to point out that doing this for real is neither illegal, inadvisable, nor will it take a lot of difficult planning. is just one example of many companies that will let you do it for real.

    I know, that’s not the point of the article, but still…

  2. Slowly but surely the games are coming along. I think I may buy this one.

  3. 23.73MB, I’ll definitely try it once you can load it on the SD card.

  4. @Aeires Pretty much any app can be installed on the SD card if you have Froyo, it just takes a terminal emulator and a little faffing around to change the default installation target:

  5. I just scanned the QR code and it couldn’t find it. I’m on android 2.2 on nexus one.

  6. Have you tried using Barcode Scanner? That app never fails me!

  7. Just downloaded it on my Evo and love it! Anyone know of a cool racing car game in the market?

  8. @Kwaping are you really that dumb or just 12?

  9. That was a better game than I anticipated. Killed 10% of my battery in just a few minutes… but definitely interesting.
    HTC EVO.

  10. @droidatx, i like raging thunder II

    @ross, sounds like the evo battery sux. I play some really memory intensive games on my slide and it takes about 20 min or so to use 10%

  11. “We’re not saying Apple is like the Third Reich or anything, but we’re not asking you not to.”

    Okay, I’m not a fanboy of any company, but you seriously need to think about what you just wrote there. If you mean it, you have NO understanding of history, WWII or the REAL Third Reich, and dishonor the tens of millions of people killed in WWII.

  12. I bet Mike C is a blast at parties.

  13. Had a 3 player local match with two iphones last night – works perfectly!

  14. Wow this takes up a huge amount of the memory :-/ Having to remove lots of other stuff to make space!

    Game looks great though.

  15. Great game, got it 3rd party and it’s a lot of fun. Turn the sensitivity up for nasty quick turns… like the G’s would kill you/rip the plane apart type turns. Fun in multiplayer. I definitly target those named “Iphone” ;-)

    HTC EVO, beautiful on my big screen :)

    @mike NOWAI!!!! *rolleyes* Are we going to start splitting off into android tribes and shoot little arrows at each other now? lol

  16. @JAA Yes, I used barcode scanner. In market, it comes up with “There are no matches in Android Market for the search: pname:com.revo.sog”

  17. Way to go Google Market…

    Stuck on Authorizing Purchase :-(

  18. @Nick

  19. Wow, your Third Reich comment remains, I suggest a History Course at your local college.

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