Vodafone Nexus One Getting Android 2.2 FroYo Upgrade in the Next Few Days


Vodafone’s been hard at work on getting FroYo ready for their Nexus One, and that day is finally nearing. For Germans at least, you can put your torches down (make sure they’re extinguished first, though) as they’ve tweeted that it’ll be ready in the next few days (translated).


We’re not sure if the same can be said for the UK version of the device, but the company’s been hit with a massive thread of complaints over at their support forums by that crowd. They’ve been wondering why they have yet to receive the official upgrade to Android 2.2, and the reason that they haven’t sent their rage meter through the roof: Vodafone’s apparently been messing about in the source code to clean some things up, and many feel they have no right to do that.

It’s said that they are making changes to ensure voicemail and data will provision correctly after users install the upgrade, but some skeptics already have their own theory: they fear Vodafone may be customizing FroYo to rid the firmware of its data-draining tether and hotspot features. That story’s already been told, though, so let’s move on and wait for the upgrade to see if Vodafone’s really just looking out for you guys and not trying to snatch away those delicious toppings that FroYo comes sprinkled with.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. i hope, samsung will release upgread froyo

  2. Finally… :)

  3. Vodafone have delayed the release two months and counting by interfering with the code, after many users purchased contracts with Vodafone on the assurance updates would be released immediately without interference from Vodafone.

    Vodafone have since modified all advertising claiming there would not be any interference, and are making it difficult for customers to prove otherwise.

    Furthermore, Vodafone forum moderators only post unhelpful, misleading or conflicting advice which is often edited or removed to cover their tracks as well as deleting genuinely helpful advice from the community.

  4. In my opinion the Google release 2.2 is quite stable, so I am wondering why they felt like “cleaning up” things before getting a 2.2 on Vodafone. I thought the official way would be: first release the official Google version, then fix it and submit the fixes back into the Android source

    … but then they probably were just disabling things and adding Vodfone advertisement/branding.

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