Jul 15th, 2010

If there is one thing I love, it’s technological advancements that provide a mean to an end with the least amount of physical work possible. Call it efficient, call it amazing…I often like to just call it lazy. But if your tired fingers just can’t muster the strength to use your phone the old-fashioned way, thank heaven there is Vlingo. Ok, there are certain instances where a voice search application like Vlingo equates to a seamless and easy user experience for situations where typing might not be ideal (driving come to mind), and the new addition of SuperDialer eliminates 90 percent of the steps you would traditionally take to search for a restaurant or business, find their phone number, and place a call.


With SuperDialer simply state what sort of restaurant you’d like to call and Vlingo takes care of the rest. For instance, asking SuperDialer to call a Chinese take-out place in the area would be the only step necessary to ring up and order some General Tso’s chicken. If there are multiple results you do have the option to review and choose the one you want.

Vlingo is already available in the Android Market, and though voice search is already functional on most Android phones as a part of the OS, it is a nice alternative that offers a more robust experience.

[via TalkAndroid]