Qik Offers Premium Services for Free Through September


Qik was supposed to be ending this today, but they’re announcing  that all users can use their premium features for free through September. Citing the platform’s shaky start on the HTC EVO 4G, Qik’s looking to make it up to folks now that they can actually use the service without much of an issue.


Heya Android Qikkers – with the launch of the new Android client and video chat capability on HTC EVO 4G, we announced premium services for Qik that will enable you to get much more from your everyday Qikking. With the announcement we had an offer to provide the premium services for free till July 15, 2010. We understand that we had a bit of a rocky start with the new and improved Qik and so as a small token of appreciation we are now extending the offer to enjoy Qik’s premium services for free till end of September.

Happy Qikking!

Some people have already left for higher pastures (Fring), but after a recent tug-of-war battle between them and Skype, those users might have a new reason to look back into Qik for their video calling needs.

[via Qik]

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  1. Qik still doesn’t work at all for me for more than 20 seconds before freezing, even on wifi.

  2. Apple (I have an EVO) says… “You’re Welcome!”

  3. This is not a call. This is stupid “push to talk” video. Useless!

  4. OMG!!! This push to talk is absolutely ridiculous! Almost tempted to dump the phone. No proprietary video chat program makes it the worse!!!!!!!!!!!! QIK fix this QIKly or perish! Can’t believe that I am considering the “i” word, this sucks!!

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