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Along with the release of the Motorola Droid X today, Verizon has updated DroidDoes.com, now displaying the full line of Droid phones in 3D viewable amazement. It’s worth checking out, but the real fun comes in the form of the ability to navigate the website through motion tracking via your computer’s webcam. You can’t do much more than bob your head back and forth to rotate the view of the phones, but it will waste at least a few seconds of your time. Get more mileage by pumping up Haddaway’s “What is Love?” and bopping your head Night at the Roxbury style.

[via Droid-Life]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Last sentence, made this total win!


  3. Kevin, this article just made it to the Droid Does website Buzz section when you go to the Droid X phone and then click on Buzz at the bottom…http://www.droiddoes.com/#/droidx/featured/buzz

    You’re World-Droid-Famous!

  4. Now I just went back and it wasn’t there, they appear to be changing their buzz periodically, well anyway, I’m anxiously anticipating my Droid X tomorrow!

  5. I got my X just now and it’s already freezing on me :(

  6. What really gets me is I can’t view the site on my phone cause its flash….an I have a droid x they really need to do some updating

  7. @droid
    Flash will come with Froyo.

  8. This is 3D flash! So I’m not sure that you would want to run in on your phone…but hey, to each his or her own!

  9. Not working for me. Lets me choose the option for camera + mouse, but it just skips past the screen to allow camera access. -_-

    Ubuntu 10.04, Chromium daily.

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