The Onion is on the Android Market Now


The Onion has finally released their Onion News Network app for Android. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a satirical take on news of all sorts including political, world, technology, and more. The Onion provides that break in the day that you can’t get anywhere else while still sometimes managing to keep you up to date on all the world’s issues (albeit in a very skewered perspective).


The app offers the latest clips coming out of the Onion camp, but you’ll need to gallop over to their website if you want to access more than that. You can find the app in the Android market now.


[via TalkAndroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Nice app, the look and video quality is superb

  2. I can’t dl it to my Backflip. The motor marketplace I have seems never to have heard of it. Can’t dl it from the Onion’s store either. This rots!

  3. Terrific app! Nice interface, super fast loading (on an Eris!), lots of clips to view within the app… My lunches just got a whole lot funnier. This might even bump something from my home screen.

  4. I get an error saying that the package file was not signed correctly when trying to install on xperia x10.

  5. On MyTouch3G, I also get the “package file not signed correctly” error.

  6. not on 1.5

  7. works perfectly on my incredible, so good in fact, it brings me to tears

  8. Yet another application that won’t run on the Motorola Cliq.

  9. If you can’t find it in the marked, give an email adress or facebook thingie, and someone with the program should be able to send it your way, it har a share function :-)

  10. Oh I have been waiting on this! That is just another reason to remove my doubletwist podcast subcription!

  11. I have a MyTouch 3g running Android 1.6, and The Onion app is giving me a “not signed correctly” error as well. This sucks, cause I’m a HUGE Onion fan!

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