Bing for Android Being Cooked Up?


Microsoft’s reportedly working on a Bing app for Android. Microsoft’s Decision Engine already claims home on many other mobile operating systems (including Microsoft’s own WinMo) so a move to Android would make a lot of sense. The plans were murmured at Microsoft’s Bing Search Summit taking place in San Francisco.


Microsoft isn’t announcing a lot of new things at this event, but it is talking for the first time about plans for a Bing Android client as well as new mapping features and a new TV listings feature that is in testing and about to launch.

That’s what’s been reported by CNET‘s Ina Fried who’s covering the event. Sounds like it could be pretty cool. I’m sure many of you won’t give up the “Google Experience” for what Microsoft has in store, but if it turns out to be anything like their desktop browser offering, Bing won’t be a bad alternative at all.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Bing the website is working from android. Its kinda nifty

  2. Microsoft: don’t just give us bing. Give us Silverlight, MS Office, and IE8 if you really want those apps everywhere.

  3. nice, good move by MSFT

  4. Google all the way. They both do the same thing pretty much. but i cant justify switching to bing

  5. Bing? But Its Not Google?? Ha ha… I had to do it…

  6. Guess the figure. ..we can’t beat Google so we might as well try to joinem…good move

  7. they know that the true microsofties who know every value of the Registry by heart are switching to Android and not interested in WP7.

  8. and btw Apple if you are listening: even you can bring your apps to android and they won’t be censored by Google, either.

  9. Was checking out Android phones here in Japan the other day and noticed that the default search engine was Bing… It seemed integrated into the UI layer that AU put on top of Android.

  10. i tried bing few times and the results were not as good as google’s

  11. what we really need is a good MS native to Android Hotmail email client app thingy. As good as Gmail is I have used Hotmail for years and recieve too much email there to move to Gmail.

  12. zed, I believe there is a way to have gmail grab all your hotmail emails and put them in your gmail inbox. Just a thought.

  13. could I finally get a microsoft communicator for android?? jeez.

  14. @zed , you can set your email to pop into your gmail account then have a label applied telling you where its coming from.

  15. as if this would matter while google is set as the default search?

    MS couldn’t be more desperate for marketshare

  16. It’s funny because when Micro$oft showed off windows mobile 7 and someone asked if they would allow any other search engines besides Bing the guy laughed and said “No”.

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