T-Mobile Gives the Samsung Vibrant a Promo Clip [Video]


The Samsung Vibrant is officially bumped up to a July 15th release (that’s this Thursday), so what better what then to whet your appetite then with a new promotional video showing yet another spin on the Galaxy S line. With all the news rolling in about Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone there isn’t much to add that hasn’t already been said, so go ahead and enjoy the video as the day draws nearer for T-Mobile customers to get their hands on the device.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. If only sprint would give a date for the epic :(

  2. There’s still a problem, it’s Tmobile. Sorry putting Avatar and The Sims 3 does not make up for you being in last place in the carrier 3G race and removing features from the stock phone. I can’t wait to switch off this carrier who doesn’t realize there are more than teenagers and soccer moms on their carrier. There is barely a point to have a smartphone with them if you ever plan on leaving home or don’t live in a decent sized city. I swear soon as I leave the city or go inside a building I drop from 3G to G. Even then my 3G speed is more around EDGE speeds. /Rant, sorry had to get that off my chest.

    Come on Epic, that’s the Galaxy S I’m waiting for, plus the plan will cost the same as my Tmobile plan.

  3. i agree tmobile blows enough said

  4. @Nate I’m actually afraid to leave T-Mobile because the service is so good for me. I have 3G everywhere. I’m looking to Sprint for the EVO which I’m convinced I’ll Love the phone but I’m unsure about the service.

  5. Great phone. Have one in hand right now, and most of you will like it. Quick…pretty streamlined, not may glitches. Just waiting to root it and drop CM on it. If you guys havent checked out this phone, hit up a store and get your hands on it. All in all….nice phone.

  6. @Jake I don’t want to leave T-Mobile’s excellent customer service but I have a hard time justifying paying for the internet add-on because whenever I leave a populated place it becomes unusable. Where are you because I’m in southeast Michigan, pretty populated area and whenever I go even town to town I drop from 3G to G, even lose service completely sometimes.

  7. T-Mobile works fine for me in the Chicago area. If I hadn’t bought the Nexus, I would be getting this first thing Thursday morning.

  8. T-Mobile’s pretty damn good in Houston. Speedtest.net almost always comes in at 1.5 – 3 Mbps down. Except in my office on the 16th floor. Terrible reception up here.

  9. My coverage isn’t bad where I am and the surrounding cities. I’ll be getting this first thing Friday morning

  10. I left T-Mobile for the same reasons that Nate stated, its like they are convinced that soccer moms and teens are their only customers. NO real toys for adults or gadget geeks, and you are one pretty much if you are reading this.

  11. I’m getting this phone first thing as well on Thursday. :)

  12. T-Mobile coverage in NYC is great – never have any 3G problems. consistently getting 3 to 4Mb/s on my N1. Not sure the Samsung can compete with the N1.

  13. Also the fact that their lack of updates. Both the Hero and Eris have been upgraded to 2.1 and they have the sense overlay that makes it a longer process while us early adopters with the MT3G are stuck here with 1.6. The first cross platform phone isn’t supported by Tmobile, I just don’t have the faith in them that they would update their Galaxy S in the same timely manner as other carriers. It’s just irritating that Tmobile already has developed a track record for not updating either. Don’t mention the Cliq or Behold or you’ll piss off more people.

  14. Verizon is also missing FFC and the keyboard. I would expect more from verizon.

  15. TMO has the largest Android line, what are they at, like 9 or 10 currently, sitting in the store? Not every phone is gonna be the Nexus One, Vibrant, etc. But I say, if you wanna leave, don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Toodles, ladies

  16. I’m done with. T-Mobile ……How about that release date for the Epic 4G already! ! ! ….Every other version of the SGS (In the U.S.) is an *Epic* Fail from a hardware standpoint in my opinion…..Its sad to see T-Mobile constantly screwing up high-end phones for their power users.

  17. Only if Epic 4G didn’t have the keyboard…,
    It could have been really epic.

  18. Great, they have the largest line but they don’t support it or upgrade it compared to the other carriers who have already upgraded the same phone. So what, they have quantity, a little quality would be a welcome addition. You can pump out alot of product but if it isn’t quality no one is going to want to buy it. Look what happened to Dodge and GM, tons of product but their quality was not up to snuff, even loyal customers can only take so much. Other carriers have some premier and exclusive phones, Tmobile will only have this one, which it will be sharing, and downgraded compared to the stock model. I don’t understand the fanboyism that has always surrounded Tmobile. I’ve had them for years but I don’t feel like I owe them anything, to protect them. Their business model is failing, they have been predicted to be one of the top ten likely to fail companies in 2011 by the WSJ for reasons such as this.

  19. You would think at a point Tmobile would realize they are missing out/losing a whole, and increasingly large market segment with power users, whether it be corporate or people who love gadgets.

  20. sadly this is the only high end phone from t-mobile. the hd2 would’ve been good but it’s windows os.

    however i believe they’ll be getting much better phones. just need to have patience…

  21. It’s already started to change. Nexus One, Vibrant & the mega Android coming in Oct. It’s really not bad.

  22. No flash for the camera?

  23. T-mobile’s been great for me. I’ve used AT&T, Sprint and Verizon in San Diego and T-Mobile has been just as good as the first two. Verizon of course rules in coverage, but the speed is SLOOOOW.

  24. I will be getting this on Thursday for sure. I have great coverage for 3g here in Las Vegas and I live on the outskirts.

  25. @Androidess Can we qualify the Nexus as a Tmobile phone though? You can’t exactly go pick it up from an authorized dealer or branded store and the updates aren’t handled by Tmobile.

  26. Tmo doesn’t do any of the updates. That’s left up to the manufacturers on every carrier.

  27. @nate

    Southeast Michigan? You mean like Detroit? Why am I not surprised a company wouldn’t put much effort into such a run down part of the country. I’m in Dallas. T-Mobile is pretty much 2nd only to Verizon around here. Time that I’ve spent in Seattle over the last year showed me it was even better there…

    Sprint and AT&T are better than they used to be, but their reputations around here has been pretty horrible for the last 15 years or so.

    The lesson for you is that Verizon is the only company with coverage that’s universally awesome throughout most of the country. Everyone else has the strong and weak spots.

  28. @nate.. well put!! I’ve been saying the same thing for years.tmobile only cares about pleasing the soccer moms and teeny boppers.tmobile doesn’t have a Evo,ip4 ect of its OWN!! What’s tmobiles flagship phone. The mytouch slide! Lmfao. LAME! I won’t leave tmobile simply because I don’t FEEL like paying the deficit of a small country to use the phone. Tmboile has great customer serivce,ok service but the PHONES are the WoRST! Tightn up Tmobile! The people that read this and other blogs are ANGRY and tired of the LAME phone. WE want a SUPERPHONE that has everything like the EVO. STOP removing the VITAL organs to an otherwise great device!1

  29. if this phone had hspa+ capabilities id get it asap. but now im gonna have to wait for project emerald

  30. Is this better or Nexus 1? I’m saving up for my new phone

  31. Again, It’s already begun & more is coming-bigger & better..October is the mammajamma, I’m waiting for. Ive considered buying a rocking Android phone from the UK but they keep producing something even better within a month or so from the last greatest-gotta love GSM. Soo many options.& Nate, TMO would sell the Nexus One if Google would allow it. Instead, Google decided that their done & proved their point with that phone. TMO will probably get the iPhone before the Nexus, at this point. LOL.

  32. T-Mobile is actually my #1 choice after using AT&T and Verizon. I live in the Baltimore/D.C. Metro area and T-Mobiles HSPA+ blows away every other carriers speeds. Even Sprint’s wanna be 4G WiMax. I don’t travel and can’t remember the last time I dropped a call. If I traveled, I would likely switch to Verizon and just deal with there shitty 3G speeds. Verizon still have the best coverage.

    Lastly, some of you are saying that T-Mobile thinks only teens and soccer-moms used there service. Well, I promise you T-Mobile did not design this device for teens and soccer-moms. This device is a pure power user device being it has a top notch processor that makes the Snapdragon look like the out-dated, over-hyped piece of CHIP it is. Not to mention, the CPU is coupled with the best mobile GPU in the market (PowerVR SGX540). Only thing so far that comes close is the Droid X which packs a PowerVR SGX535.

    Bottom line…If your going for raw power, this device is at the top of the Android food-chain.

  33. @ Nate wtf is your deal quit your bitching, i live in a small country suburb of Oklahoma city and i’m knocking 5-7.13 all the effin time. we get it you don’t like t-mobile so fuck off and comment on a Verizon, Sprint, or At&t article if you’re so unpleased with t-mobile… Fucks sake Nate!!! Hows about this when Steve Kondik leaves t-mobile then i will too, go ahead and Google who he is and then SHUT THE FUCK UP

  34. go to 1:39 on the video and look at the dates in the bottom right corner just for shits and googles lol and also nate stfu!

  35. I’m passing on the X to get the fascinate.

    Any day verizon…any day

  36. @zac – That would be 9th of February 2010

  37. Settle down Zac, I believe I’ve been discussing I thought with people who wanted to discuss, not bitching and throwing out obscenities, let’s keep this civil. If you want to hear real bitching go read tmonews.com there are people who are 10 year subscribers and flat out pissed and angry at Tmo. Even the WSJ is saying they are behind and on the walking dead list.

    But I’m in the Ann Arbor area and the best I have managed with Tmo on 3G was 500k, and I do drive around the country a fair amount. I don’t need Verizon type coverage but I would like to not have to roam on regional carriers all the time when I leave densely populated areas on just G. I’ve had Sprint in the past and they had more coverage but their customer service was atrocious to say the least. They gave me problems when attempting to cancel even with military deployment orders, terrible.

    I agree with snapdragon not being the best 1Ghz processor out there but it would be nice to have a better than 600Mhz processor to choose from, also more than one phone on 2.1. Them follow or even attempt to keep up with upgrade cycles like other carriers, especially since they were running sense on their phones.

    I don’t really want to leave Tmo because of their cost and customer service but I really wish they would keep up with the other carriers phone and network wise. Their HSPA+ and 3G is great if you live in the small footprints where they exist. The other carriers 3G networks cover almost all interstates, major highways and majority of cities, Verizon covers everything. These other networks already have their superphones out now, EVO, Incredible, Droid X, iPhone4. It just feels like Tmo is constantly behind the curve by about 6 months. I would even be led to believe the Vibrant is more of a push by Samsung than Tmo. They need their own flagship phone instead of crippling things out the door like they did with the HD2(would have been incredible if they said they were going to upgrade it to W7) and taking features of the Galaxy S.

    Androidess I hope you’re right. I’m going to continue to read the blogs and reviews for announcements of upcoming phones and hope there is more solid news than just projects soon, as of now it’s just rumors. The ip4 on Tmo seems more realistic than a flagship unique android. Until then I’m waiting for the review of the Epic.

  38. “These other networks already have their superphones out now, EVO, Incredible, Droid X, iPhone4.”

    and their screens will look like crap next to the Vibrant’s s-amoled.

  39. @CarltonD – what do you mean they have the largest line? Oh, right, they have the mytouch3g, the mytouch3g with 3.5mm headphone jack, the mytouch fender edition and the mytouch slide?
    Let’s not forget the G1 because that’s worth mentioning and the newest debacle – the Garminphone which is pure garbage. These phones are all junk. T-Mobile is seriously falling behind the curve here!

    The Vibrant blows them all away, but I agree with other posters – T-Mobile needs to wake up! Nerfing the phone by taking off the front facing camera is bs. This is not how you compete with the iphone!

  40. @swehes – that would make sense, i checked the other videos for the galaxy and they have it too lol. Nate you’re flat ignorant you haven’t been discussing anything you been ranting about the flaws of t-mobile… Samung has declared the behold 2 to be dead, Motorola has changed the update stutus of the cliq, xt updates to testing in progress so there is an update out there… those are phones for soccer moms and teens, there is a reason t-mobile is in business, they actually lead the pack on android, i’m glad i own every android they have ever sold, i dont care if t-mobile doesn’t have the droid phones that freeze multiple times on a daily basis, that would give you something more to bitch about… Mind you i know for a fact that the Cliq saved moto’s ass(it was released before the droid) and if it failed the droid would have been pulled and moto would have declared bankrupcy. Please please don’t ever mention an apple product in an andorid forum again it makes you laughable especially since you ranked it in the superphone category… yes t-mobile shit a brick when they released the hd2 and only because it had windows mobile on it.. no matter the software windows mobile is shittier than iOS. What really pisses me off is that as an android owner i have to convince you of something, consider yourself lucky you are on t-mobile the company that doesn’t cap your data or shut you down when you tether has great customer service and a constant signal, no dropped calls and released the greatest android to ever grace this planet the T-Mobile G1 with 3g!!! there will never ever be a phone with its superiority again

    Populated place? i live in a town 15 miles away from a large yet small city(OKC) with 3300 people in it, its a 15 minute drive to the local walmarts

    I’m also curious to know which devices you actually own with your “lack of updates”

    and that bring me to my next point… do you know why the vibrant and other galaxy s phones done have a FFC or flash? memory!!! have you played with your famed ip4 and it’s FFC… It blows unless youre on WiFi, american bandwith isn’t ready for it so why release it, or how about lets meet some of the customers requests by having more memory in our newest android which all others are lacking

    yes the NEXUS is a t-mobile phone were you around on the bandwagon when it was released exclusively with tmo us? and every update is dependent upon each carrier, google the carrier and the manufacturer all cooridinate no matter the phone, KEY point on that is it takes data to push it it, therefore if the carrier is predicting an outage or extremem use in a certain area they will schedule tthe update for a seperate date, and also the carriers themselves want to review the software update to for a lack of better words meets their standard and doesn’t violate any of there terms and conditions

    If the ip4 makes it to t-mobile… i’ll blow my GD brains out and switch to cricket

  41. and nate if feel like it leave your gmail on here and us all of us will gladly keep you “updated” with the glory known as android… the last thing any of us is want some innocent fool to fuck a sheep in the ass and buy an apple product

  42. @zac – will you marry me!!!

  43. @Nate, If another carrier offered better service for my needs then I wouldn’t mind paying the extra $30 for better service. If T-Mobile is not meeting your needs than stop being a cheap fuck and pay for service that works for you. If you don’t need Verizon coverage then let me ask you. What kind of coverage do you need? You want ATT coverage? Because I see a a lot more horror story’s about there coverage than I do T-Mobile’s. On to the next subject. I don’t quite understand when you talk about needing more than a 600mhz processor to choose from. Last time I checked, T-Mobile was the first provider to have a 1ghz processor available for use on it’s network. Yea, yea, yea…The Nexus One wasn’t available in the T-Mobile stores so it doesn’t count. Do you know why Google chose T-Mobile to carry it’s phone? It’s because they knew, out of all the US carriers, T-Mobile would be the only one to leave it as is and not try to fuck around with it. Verizon and ATT are control freaks when it comes to phones. ATT don’t want you side-loading apps and Verizon locks down the boot-loader like Area 51.

    In the end, your the MORON for sticking with a carrier that only gave you 500mhz data speeds where you live. Stop being cheap and go pay for service that works for you and let everyone else pay for service that works for them!

  44. @zac & Nate, I think I’m in love with you both-you’ve said it all, I’m speechless. Thank you. Gonna take a cold shower now..

  45. Oops! My apologies, ObsceneJesster-became soo flustered by you & zac’s responses, i mistakenly referred to you, as Nate (sorry Nate, but zac & ObsceneJesster are right.)

  46. I’ll happily wait for this falls new phones and enjoy my N1 while I do. This isn’t a worthy upgrade given what’s on the horizon. Been with TMO 7 years and no problems. The others are too expensive.

  47. Consumer Reports confirms the iP4’s antenna is a poor design. if they redesign it to work as it should, it might be something to look at if TMO carries it. (yeah right)

  48. @ObsceneJesster Um, hate to break it to you, but the Nexus One is not a 1GHz phone. If I’m not mistaken, the Snapdragon processor in it was under-clocked to 768MHz. But your point still stands. It was the most powerful Android phone of its day…..until the HTC Incredible came out, and then the EVO, and then the Droid X. Alas, the victory was short-lived.

  49. @molly – yes!!!!
    @ObsceneJesster – THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    @brad – did the N1 get delivered stock to you with a 1Ghz snapdragon processor???? OH I THINK IT FUCKING DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then the droid x?????? read your specs and/or what ObsceneJesster included on post 31! i know it’s hard to believe, harder than a preachers dick in a calves ass… but the galaxy s is a rockin phone, one worth the hype. No matter what carrier you have! Victory is android. Victory is android. Victory is android…. Fuck you steve jobs and your herd too!!!!!!

  50. Fuck i’m drunk…. god bless america

  51. @obscenejesster – thank you
    @phandroid – thank you
    @brad – the N1 came with a 1 ghz snapdragon processor!
    @brad – read post 31.
    victory is google android

  52. @Obscenejesster I guess my horror story is hoping that my nationwide carrier actually had nationwide coverage at least on major highways. When I drive through interstates in Indiana and I-40 though the southwest (granted some of it was nowhere desert) it drops out for miles, then vast portions are covered by regional carriers.
    And talked to a Sprint rep last week and their plan 69.99+4G plan would cost the same as my 600min Tmo plan. But I don’t want to switch because of the customer service nightmare that is sprint.

    @Zac I apologize for mentioning the ip4, I was just trying to mention the big phone on the other carriers. But can the ip4 even be considered a phone with their huge engineering flaws? Cold day in hell before I buy one of those phones and I don’t want it coming to Tmo and killing the network. But thanks for the asshattery but I can keep myself updated. I have a MT3G V1, got when it first came out, bought it off contract because I was wanting android but couldn’t justify paying until my old Behold broke.
    That’s awesome for you living in a suburb of OKC and getting the bleed over HSPDA but the majority of customers will not be seeing it for a long time, just like alot have yet to see 3G. Had my MT3G for almost a year before I saw that 3G symbol while my friend with a Droid was rocking it since day one.

    Guess to sum up what I want is for Tmo to catch back up most of all. Android was their baby with the G1, they were the first adopters, they almost invented cell phone freedom, they should be leading the pack, not verizon or sprint. I don’t want all that crap Sense and TouchWiz interfaces, just vanilla Android. I wish I was made out of money to buy a N1 when they first came out and Tmo had the coverage to match.

  53. Hope they roll out that HSPA+ network as quickly as they say they are.

  54. @nate – switch to an even more plus, 1000 minutes unlimited everything else then make payments on the phone, you’ll have the GS paid for before the new stuff comes out in the fall… and tip for ya since you have the 32b mt3g, you have two options that will best suit you.
    Root and go with CM6 which you can find a http://www.cyanogenmod.com or call up technical support and tell them your mt3g is stuck on the mt3g screen at power on and they’ll send you a refurbished mt3g (they are out of stock on the first one so you will get a 32a mt3g which is the one with the 3.5 hp jack and a free accessory along with the froyo update at the end of the summer… but you’ll get froyo no matter what

  55. Heated convo over – i think we know where everybody stands and others can make decisions based on research form actual experts not just columnist from newspapers and forums, love you phandroid but had to include you to keep it real and biased.
    Nate – goodluck to you
    Brad – thank you
    phandroid thank you once again


  57. @nate i live in a town in New England and I get great coverage. Better than my friend gets on verizon.

  58. look!!! i’m getting this bad boy fuck what the haters have to say.. this phone is the most powerful android device out rite now! so its missing a front facing camera, very gay for t mobile to do. and no flash for such a device is even more gayer. but the pros out way the cons. so stop bitching because a couple of months of ago all we had to look forward to was a fuckin mytouch slide. thursday here i come!! and yes the vibrant is better then the n1!!

  59. @alexandra – we love you too

  60. @brad, dumb ass the nexus is clocked at 998, but you would not know cause im sure you dont have one. and no flash on a cell phone in 2010 in unheard of.

  61. @Nate, just leave T-Mobile.

  62. @ObsceneJesster & THANK YOU. You’ve said it ALL!

  63. I really don’t get the gripes with T-mobile that I am hearing here. I have used every carrier. I travel extensively. At least 4 to 5 cities a week and out of the country once a month. So my job has given me the opportunity to put other carriers to the test and I have to say T-mobile has been the only carrier that survived the test from phone service to customer service. The 9 yrs that I have been with TMO, I have never had a dropped call. The service has been completely reliable. The moment is rare that my 3g doesn’t kick ass. Where as other carriers have been major disappointments from the moment i got their phones until I received the last bill. God forbid I need to call their customer service department. I’d rather have a carrier that gave me a decent all around package than one that had 4G that works occasionally and drops my calls and overcharges me then hires reps that bitch at me when I call for assistance. I think I can live without 4G for a bit. The Vibrant is awesome. T-mobile is making it happen for me. For those who aren’t getting their moneys worth Sprint and AT&T are waiting for you.

  64. I am totally torn between these two phones…the Samsung Vibrant and the Nexus One..

    I had the Nexus One…three times. Each time I had a separate problem. Then I sent it back. The last time I decided to go a different route, not that I didn’t trust it, because I truly think I got 3 lemons and that it is and will be one of the best for awhile. But I went to Sprint and got an EVO. I have to say, the phone rocked. BUT the service is horrific. I got 15 bucks in taxes on a bill that was billed ahead of time, no problem, but then the $4.99 when I have some financial issues and they want me to pay them to NOT have auto bill pay ??? The kicker, when I asked to speak to the boss of a supervisor she said She was escalations and as high as I could go. THAT WAS SCARY. I immediately realized that there are ‘good enough’ phones out there at Tmo, that , and the incredible prices that are perfect for me. Keep in mind, each carrier varies by prices and coverage for everyone HOWEVER I find it hard to believe that Sprint is for anyone with THAT coverage.

    Now I came back, am using a ghetto phone now for a week. I am having the most difficult time deciding on what phone to get. I spoke to Google/Nexus and they helped me. They helped me lay it out and see the best phones avaiable now or coming to Tmo by the end of the year are the Nexus (now), the Samsung Vibrant, some Motorola with a great camera but smaller processor, and the end of they year, some possible dual core prossesor.

    I can’t wait to the end of the year so I have to get a phone now and my choices are between the Samsung Vibrant and the Nexus. The differences are the Vibrant has No flash for the camera and is said to have a plasticy feel and will NOT get updates right away , if at all. Some say that Tmobiile will not do updates. as in Froyo and Gingerbread, and also becasue of Froyo it will not support Flash

    The Vibrant DOES have a terrific camera and also has a 4″ screen, as opposed to a 3.7″ screen of the Nexus. . It is SUPER Amoled also.

    It also supports more movie file types , thus, NO file converting which I’d have to do for the Nexus

    I really like the bigger screen BUT I do not like NO Flash or NO updated OR having a plasticy feel

    I will go feel and see this on Thursday

    The N1 will ALWAYS get updated first, for developers, for updated directly to the phone, and it has a TERRIFIC Amoled screen. As good as SUpER AMoled is and is better, the screen pixel for pixel , just like I read about the camera is fantastic

    Can someone please help me make up my mind
    I hear that Samsung does make great phones
    But I hear they never do updates.
    So, if Tmo waits for the phone makers, then Samsung Vib owners are screwed

    Could someone give an unbiased opinion as to what would be the best overall phone for the average user. Not worrying about any specific business needs
    What do I like?
    Love to surf the net, love to play music, would watch videos, keep up with the Orioles and prolly download and learn about the top 50 droid apps or so

    any opinions are welcomed
    at :
    my name backwards cire at yahoo dot com


  65. Well I had the chance to play with the vibrant today. Stores got their demo unit in today and one of the managers was nice enough to let me check it out in store for a good while. All I can say is the screen is truly amazing, one of those you really have to see in person to understand the richness. Was disappointed in the lack of an LED flash for the camera I have to agree with g1andonly now a days just seem wrong to over look that. I am a proud owner of the NexusOne had it from day one love it and with Froyo imo still best phone out there.

    But the screen on this thing is truly breathtaking and does have me considering a purchase. I will wait for it to hit the market thought and let the real field testing of the phone take place 1st. All I can say is an android fan and supporter from the start I love where we are going and can’t wait to see what is around the next corner.

  66. @froyorocks, you sound like you’re on crack. Smoke another & when you’re awake, appreciate this seismic byatch.

  67. Just came back from the tmobile sore to check out the vibrant. It was cool. The one feature I’m glad they left in was the video out capability. You have to use a 3.5 mm head phone jack as opposed to the hdmi like the evo.the phone is light and does feel a little cheap. The screen is cool. I might get it.who ever gets you will like it a lot. No bashing today.I’ve retired for the moment.

  68. I am sorry but seriously this much anger over someone saying something bad about tmobile?

    Was it that serious?

  69. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and T-Mobile coverage rules here. Actually, pretty much every carrier has amazing coverage in this island except Sprint. T-Mobile has 3G almost everywhere here and I’ll occasionally get bumped down to Edge but very rarely. And Honolulu is gonna be a launch for HSPA+ T-Mobile sometime. I’m actually amazed about how good cell service is in Hawaii. Although on the other islands, the service sucks. Oahu works great though for T-Mobile. No complaints except the lack of Android superphones.

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