Korean Galaxy S Getting Froyo Early August, Other Markets Still in the Air


We know that all of the Galaxy S phones are bound to receive Android 2.2 at one point or another: this launch is too big for Samsung to leave even one crowd out of the picture. At least for one market, however, we can extract a broad-sounding window for its release. The Samsung Galaxy M110S (aka the Korean Galaxy S) will apparently be seeing Froyo in the earlier days of August.


Samsung Hub learned this from their contact within the company who states that all of the custom UI features (TouchWiz 3 and all that comes with it) will remain intact. Given that time frame, we can only hope that other markets and carriers will follow suit around the same time.

[via SamsungHub]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

G1 and MyTouch Still Moving Along With Froyo Thanks to Cyanogen and Friends

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  1. it is expected, galaxy S has been a big hit in South Korea, so they cannot afford to mess up with updates there.

  2. screen looks pretty good.

  3. Wish verizon would come out with a galaxy s pro :(

  4. is the tmobile samsung vibrant guetting it too at the same time?

  5. touchwiz looks pretty bad :(

  6. If this happens beginning of August, I can not see them taking longer than 2-3 weeks to get it to other Galaxy S’ in other markets, the same phone, same hardware. Probably not too many changes to make to alter the language.

  7. This phone will be so fast with 2.2, I’d love to see the Linpack scores…

  8. FroYo on the Vibrant within 2 months of release would be just awsome. And I still don’t see why so many people S#!t on TW3.0. I mean really.

  9. That wall paper is simply stunning!

  10. Let’s see how fast the Korean update translates to a US update on all of the regional and local carriers. Not to mention all of the other worldwide updates. I wouldn’t hold my breath though because Samsung has a pathetic track record with updates so far but one can hope.

  11. @ Darkseider – Think of how much Samsung has put into this device. First Android device to ever reach so many markets. There’s a lot riding on this to continue their lack of support record like with the behold 2. I for one am going to take a chance on this device.

  12. Samsung has bet the farm on this one, their whole handset business future depends on the success of the Galaxy Asss

  13. I can’t believe people are still telling the same sad story of Samsung’s “track record” and even bringing up the “Behold 2 debacle”. You have to be ignorant not to see what is riding on this phone. Once FroYo is on the phone I will be perfectly happy with it. If Gingerbread comes out and they announce that they have zero plans on update it to that OS then so be it. Get over it and move on if you must have Gingerbread. Thus far there has been no announcement from Samsung that it will see anything past 2.2 but I know everybody is going to demand it anyway and bi#@h and moan if they dont get it.

  14. looks like their new custom UI won’t bog them down as much as the other ones

  15. I’ve had this device for a couple of weeks and really looking to see if the 2.2 will be as nice as it was for the N1

  16. @BR, What do you mean you will see if 2.2 on the Galaxy S is as nice as it was on the Nexus One. Why wouldn’t it be? Galaxy S blew the Nexus away on 2.1 and will blow it away again when they are both on 2.2….The out-dated Snapdragon just can’t keep up with the Hummingbird/PowerVR SGX540 combo. Dis you happen to see the demo of the Galaxy S and HTC Desire running Quake? The Galaxy S was shitting all over the Desire which has the same internals as the Nexus One. Bottom Line…Galaxy S on Froyo will own the Nexus on Froyo.

  17. Pimpstrong save your finger’s energy people don’t get it. They are too high strung on htc and motorola devices that they won’t allow anything else to compete no matter how much it as been proven to be better at many devices the htc and motorola fanboys praise. They are just like iPhone folk.

  18. Looks like all the US versions will be getting Froyo Early August Too! Froyo FTW!


  19. For all you touchwiz haters: just download launcher pro and the problem is solved! I don´t like the home-app that comes with touchwiz, but the rest is awesome! phonebook, dialer etc =)

    Galaxy S rocks!

  20. @Thomas, Thats all I was going to do if I didn’t like the TW3.o ADW! Have it for my Mytouch 3G, love the UI on for Donut. I can’t wait for this PHONE!!

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