Motorola Backflip for AT&T Gets Update for Bug and Performance Fixes


Sometimes you just need to take what you can get, and in this case Motorola Backflip owners should at least be happy their phone is receiving some sort of update. Motorola has released a two-part OTA maintenance update for the Backflip that promises to bring certain enhancements and bug fixes to the handset.


Among bug fixes such as stopping the camera app from randomly quitting while in use, improvements bring better color and clarity to the Backflip’s display, improved audio quality and connectivity to a Bluetooth headset, and better network reliability. You can get all the details and instructions on what to do once your phone receives its update notification by heading over to Motorola’s page on the matter.

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  1. Now if someone would be nice enough to root this damned thing so I can get the AT&T crapware off of it I would be delighted! Would also be nice if Moto released the 2.1 OTA for this already.

  2. Yeah would be even better if this was a Android 2.1 Update. The phone is already quickly be rendered useless due to all the latest software only supporting Android 2.1. What a waste. Should have stuck with Windows Mobile sadly.

  3. This phone is discontinued. You know EOL…time to get something worth while.

  4. They don’t need update. THEY NEED TO GET RID OF THIS DAMN PHONE. Now that Flip Out is coming out. It will really be a crappy ANDROID device. I HATE MOTOROLA NOW.

  5. @Darkseider
    Sigh… I agree.

    I’ve setup a Root Bounty for the Backflip, so far received over $400 in donations and pledges. Help support Root for the Backflip, visit here: http://www.scorchgaming.com/bfrootdonate.htm


  6. I’ve been beta testing this and the previous update for a while. It makes a big difference over the original firmware in terms of performance and stability. The phone is quite a bit more usable now while we wait for the 2.1 update.

  7. Wow, seems like the Backflip never gets anything but hate. Just for the record, there are also a lot of us Backflip owners who love our devices too. Sure it is only a mid-range device as far as specs, but the pickings are kind of slim for Androids with a QWERTY, and the form factor of the Backflip is great.

    Sure it only has Android 1.5, but this will be upgraded before long one way or another.

    Sure the AT&T restrictions are annoying, but it’s not hard to get around the worst of them.

  8. Thanks acm. You took the words right out of my mouth. I like my Backflip. Just completed the current update without incident. Now anticipating our bump to 2.1

  9. More bad PR for Motorola, eh? I thought it was just us Cliq/CliqXT users that were peeved. That’s what we get for buying a Motorola phone that is not on the Verizon network. Live and learn.

  10. I agree acm, I love my backflip. I almost traded it in for an iPhone 3g, and the rep, which knows me because I always take my business there, told me I would be crazy to give up my Android now. She said that the new software will be coming out soon, and that as soon as she gets out of contract with her iphone she’s getting a Android because “she” has no doubt that eventually Android is going to blow iPhone right off the map, and that the software update coming will make people really start to appreciate Android. Had I research the backflip online, there’s a good chance at the time I probably wouldn’t have bought it due to exposed keyboard, but I love the phone, it’s an iphone with better software and a better keyboard. I don’t care who calls it ugly, I’m happy with it.

  11. Calling it an iphone is an insult. .

    I love and hate my backflip, I bought it a week or two ago, and have been heavily using it so I get a full feel of the phone while its still possible to return it. The major flaws are the hardware speed and internal memory limitation, and the fact that its already considered and eol. The screen also isn’t as large as I’d like, and at&t are moronic retards loading their phone down with software you have to pay additionally to use, and not even allowing you to remove it. Its like they encourage you to hack your phone just to make it useable.

    Onto some of the good. I’m in love with the form factor, and I require my cell phones to have a full qwerty (and for some reason every retard is in love with the iphone, so qwerty’s are being neglected by everyone but RIM & Palm.)

  12. I pre-ordered my Backflip online and received it shortly after it was released. I have had both the iPhone and the Backflip as well as Palm and a Windows phone. Android is by far my favorite. The Backflip, however, is a fail. It overheats, the keyboard is consistently unresponsive, the internal memory is insufficient,playing games is horrible, and I’m tired of waiting for the Android update.
    What do I like? The flash, the camera (when it works), the multitasking, Android network, and pretty much the broad range of things the phone is able to do (when it’s behaving properly).

    Just like every phone, the Backflip has pros and cons, but a lot more cons than a phone should have.

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