Early Droid X Shipments May Come From Memphis Warehouse, Only Available Through Customer Care


More details are coming to light regarding the lucky chaps who were able to order the Motorola Droid X from Verizon’s Customer Care line over the phone and received them more than a week early. Apparently, there’s a warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee chock full of these devices (how does 25,000+ sound to you?) ready to be shipped.


Droid-Life’s tipster tried to order one of the devices through the warehouse’s internal inventory system, but it flat-out denied him until after July 15th (the release date for the Droid X). It seems that – by speaking to the right customer care representative – you might be able to unofficially pre-order one of these devices right through Verizon, and only through customer care specifically. What’s more is that those reps say they will ship the devices when they get them in stock on 7/15/2010 but are able to have them shipped sooner if they get more in.

An unofficial (and unrewarding, unless you’re willing – and literally able – to buy one and get lucky enough to receive it early) bounty is now being chased to see who will be the next to successfully crack this geeky whodunit with a variety of methods (it seems you’ll increase chances of getting Verizon to break if you’re a new customer coming over from a different carrier). Have you tried your luck at it yet?

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  1. hmm thats odd yesterday it said 25548 :P (seriously did)

  2. ok, I absolutely wanna know where the warehouse. for months I would wear my Diabolik tights and I never found the right opportunity to do.

  3. Yeah, tried yesterday with a customer service rep but he didn’t fall for it. Placed my name on the list for one and he’ll call when they are allowed to ship them out. These things are gonna sell like hotcakes!!

  4. I will be at the verizon store first thing on the 15th

  5. Me too. I plan on being out front at 7am sharp just to make sure.

  6. Hey commenters, I saw someone post on a different article “I’ll be in line for the midnight release!” Is it reasonable to assume that the poster was just hoping that the Verizon online ordering page would go live at 12:00AM on 7/15?

  7. I just got a call (10 minutes ago) from my local VZ Store, asking when I would like to schedule my time for July 15. The store opens at 8am, so I said “how about a 8am” and she “8 it is….you’ll be in the first group.” Pretty exited about it!

  8. I hate typos! :-(

  9. 25,000 is weak. Try again with 250,000 still watch them go on backorder within 5 days.

    Tired of this nonsense.

  10. @Destardi

    What happened to your Incredible. Thought it was a great phone? /sarcasm

  11. @kwest12 – My local rep told me they are doing a midnight sale also… who knows but my name is on the list!!

  12. I have so many phones that the store is going to hold me one til the 17th cause I will be out of town at the beach. I also have the Incredible. Replacing Moto Droid.

  13. @dogsby
    That is just one warehouse im sure other warehouses have alot more then 25,000

  14. You guys don’t understand how that works I guess.. That warehouse is for 1 region Georgia Alabama only mostly. Btw today’s stock shows the inventory level around 9500 which means thousands were sent to Verizon stores to stock up for the July 15th launch..

  15. @chris
    I certainly hope so. I’m just super frustrated because I’ve been waiting for the Incredible since February or so and I’m not the type of person who does pre-orders or orders online.

  16. they are doing preorders at best buy the verizon store does not get the phones till the morning of the 15th

  17. I ordered an Incredible June 13, I called Verizon yesterday about changing my order to a Droid X. They told me I would have to let the Incredible be delivered and refuse to sign for it to send it back. Then I would have to call and order the Droid X. I don’t think I can pick it up at the store, since the online dpt allready has my money, but I’m not sure how that works. Does anyone know?

  18. Yeah. i ordered two of the HTC incredible on june 4th and they told me the same thing…had to wait for them to be delivered even though i called on june 15th to cancel the order. phones were delivered last thurs. i refused they were shipped back and received on the 6th. verizon still hasn’t credited back my credit card but i went to the best buy and pre ordered two of the droid x. only drawback is that best buy said that they wouldn’t be able to give me the 100 off for my main line and would have to pay the 199 for both. but i’ll be getting the phone on the morning of the 15th. :)

  19. Called customer service on July 4, 2010, rep told me he could cancel my order on the Incredible and pre order the Droid X for me. However, he couldn’t go through with it because the department that cancels orders wasn’t open so I had to call the next day. Called the next day and this time the rep told me that she couldn’t pre order the phone for me and that the other rep that told me that could was a “3rd party representative.” So I guess I could of gotten it early but who knows.

  20. I decided to switch to verizon for alltel. I have been with alltel for 15 yrs. I decided to change after poor customer service from them. Our area was not purchased by Verizon. Because of this we decided to switch. I called as a new customer and got great support. Ordered (1) Incredible and (2) Droid’s. The next day I found out the X was going to be available before they could ship out my Incredible. So I called and asked to speak to the representative who helped me with my order. He was not available. So I left a message. Did not get a call back. Then emailed the guy (3) times the next two days. Still have not heard anything back. I then called Verizon and told them the situation. The sales rep did not seem to care and said I had to talk to the guy who sold me the phones and would not help me. Then said to email and leave him a message again. So I did.. Still no call back…… I am giving him the benefit that he might be on vacation. If I don’t get a call back tomorrow… which is now two weeks later… I will be canceling my 3 lines I just switched over. I expected better customer service. Even if they could not pre order the phone. I wanted someone to tell me and what I needed to do to get on a list. The Iphone is looking very tempting now and I know AT&T will enjoy my business.

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