Jul 7th, 2010

More details are coming to light regarding the lucky chaps who were able to order the Motorola Droid X from Verizon’s Customer Care line over the phone and received them more than a week early. Apparently, there’s a warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee chock full of these devices (how does 25,000+ sound to you?) ready to be shipped.


Droid-Life’s tipster tried to order one of the devices through the warehouse’s internal inventory system, but it flat-out denied him until after July 15th (the release date for the Droid X). It seems that – by speaking to the right customer care representative – you might be able to unofficially pre-order one of these devices right through Verizon, and only through customer care specifically. What’s more is that those reps say they will ship the devices when they get them in stock on 7/15/2010 but are able to have them shipped sooner if they get more in.

An unofficial (and unrewarding, unless you’re willing – and literally able – to buy one and get lucky enough to receive it early) bounty is now being chased to see who will be the next to successfully crack this geeky whodunit with a variety of methods (it seems you’ll increase chances of getting Verizon to break if you’re a new customer coming over from a different carrier). Have you tried your luck at it yet?

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